Barry’s 6×3 layout

“Hi Al,

Thought you might be interested in my modelling skills, I started on my latest layout after my Daughter left us to go and live in Australia, I already had layout 6’x2’ in a small room upstairs so I moved into her room which was some 18’ longer and decided to add to it.

So I bought two 6’x3’ boards and started to build. The layout of old was called Meadow Falls and is a small end of line station and surrounding countryside, I decide to join it to the larger layout I was building so that it would run to a small station at the other end of the layout with a small station and turntable, the gauge for both being N Gauge.

model railway

model railway turntable

model railway tunnel

Then I when on to my main board which I am still working on but have at present got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my Right hand so it is making the job very difficult

model railway house

model railway canal

model railway house

model railway canal bridge

model railway canal

The Mill is based on the one in Battlesbridge, Essex but the remainder of the layout is form my imagination and with the help of input from my Daughters, hence the riding stables . I still have a lot of work to do as the far end at the left has scenery and a stone etc to build. But until I have had and operation on my wrist it will all have to wait a while. I run mainly Graham Farish and Dapol on a DDC unit by GaugeMaster on the extension , but Meadow Falls is DC. The track and points are all Kato.

Hope you have enjoyed my pics if the want to see more please contact me.

Keep up the good work it really helps us to get so enthusiasm to continue with our work.

Yours Sincerely


And now on to Hall of Fame member, Brian (his last post is here). He’s sent in another fine update:

“Hi Al. First of three eye injections done. My left eye had lost 30% vision due to something growing at the back of the eye giving a blurred vision. Hopefully after the three injections, the problem will be solved.

In the meantime, have been working on the layout, specifically the harbor area on the lower level. Fine eyesight not need for this yet.

model rairoad wharf

The above photo is an approximate layout of the harbor area before deciding where and what depth to cut.

model railroad boat yard

Here above, placing the objects (in this case, a car ferry) to see if there is enough space for all the harbor related buildings/boats and the like.

After cutting the base of the harbor to the correct level, placing the models that I want in the area, discovered that there will not be enough space for the car ferry nor the loading ramp and the rest of its needed bits and pieces as well a storage track for the idler cars needed for loading the ferry. That means that the whole car ferry system will have to find a place elsewhere on the layout (if at all).

model railroaf wharf

As seen above, a workers barge fits better in the scene as there is a lot more detail to be seen on and around it. The cardboard mock up building (still needs to be scratch built) top right was removed and my scratch built (incomplete) boat repair shop put in its place. Looks much better in that area and has a lot more forefront detail in and around it.

Next was how and where to place the harbor masters office (currently next to the ramp).Too close to the ramp as well as not enough clearance around the surrounding buildings.

I built up a wooden extension from the original ground level and now the harbor master has an excellent view of the harbor. I will add safety railings around his office at the final stage of construction.

This is as far as I have got as of today.

I will follow up with photos as I progress.

All the best


A huge thank you to Barry and Brian. It’s so wonderful to see how different each and every layout is – no two layouts are the same.

That’s all for today folks. Please don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you’re tired of everybody else having all the fun.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet here. Still going strong.

15 Responses to Barry’s 6×3 layout

  1. Looks great. Another reason to do some spring cleaning around here.

  2. Cary Buter says:

    Hello Al,

    Two very fine looking layouts. Thanks you and the contributors for sharing.
    Cary B

  3. Eric says:

    Both layouts look to be coming on well, will enjoy seeing them when finished, keep up the good work.
    Eric (Leeds) UK

  4. Michael Ilkenhons says:

    Two great examples of less is more… terrific detail and with a condensed footprint the opportunity to do the fine details is there… why I also did a smaller footprint for the room I have… Thank you for sharing…

  5. Mark says:

    looks Good. I used to live at Battlesbridge! in a caravan on a site with swimming pool?

  6. Sonny Eppes says:

    Very nice indeed. Will be watching for your progress.

  7. Jim says:

    Nicely done. Barry, your background looks great and blends in so naturally. And Brian, your modeling talent is top shelf. Thanks for sharing.

    Jim AZ

  8. Barry,
    Love the roofing detail. It has been many years in the U S since shingles have been applied directly to the nailer boards rather than just stapled down onto sheets of ply or chip board.

  9. Kevin McArdle says:

    I think you outdid yourself on the harbor scene, just the right amount of structures and visual interest. Well done you.

  10. Mal Hodgson says:

    To Barry And Brian

    Really enjoyed your layout pictures and descriptions. Do let us have more.


    North Wales

  11. Wonderful examples of craftsmanship. Barry’s canals and barges might be readily understood for a non-Brit, unless one had been fortunate to travel there or been a fan of Inspector Lewis and Morse. Lots of criminal of activity in the TV canals there, but Barry’s looks all quite legal.

    Thanks for the views!

    MN Dan

  12. bob says:

    Great looking layouts

  13. Andrew Scott says:

    Dear Alastair and Barry
    I have followed your posts for years. Barry’s layout certainly proves that excellence may arrive in small packages. I think his layout is breath-taking.

  14. Danny Marso , New England says:

    Two great layouts in the making. Keep up the fine work,you are both inspirations .

  15. Yale Schiffman says:

    Barry your layout is great. I got several ideas for changes and additions to mine. I best be careful since my wife is adding two new sections. There will be hell to pay if I mess those up.

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