Track layout for N gauge

Bill’s been in touch with his track layout for N gauge:

“I started this custom n gauge layout about four months ago.

Eventually it will have a town on top level and on the lower level there is a beach a lake will have piers and fishing boats also there will be a power station and factories below the falls.

In the big open area on main level will have a complete zoo surrounded by high priced homes also will be a drive in theater and amusement park.

(All images are clickable.)

Track layout for N gauge

Beginning of waterfall and river:

N scale L shape

Ground levels at the falls:

Track layout for N gauge waterfall

The falls:

N gauge waterfall

N scale waterfall

Track layout for N gauge

Track layout for N gauge

N gauge bridge

Track layout for N gauge

n scale model train track plan

N scale house printable

Hope you enjoy the pics of my first layout.


A huge thanks to Bill for sharing his Track layout for N gauge. He’s storming along with his layout – loved the waterfall scene.

I do love seeing a layout when it’s still in the early stages. Great to see some of the printable buildings on a layout too.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming – and have you had a look at yet?

It seems most of us have more than one hobby, so I thought it would be interesting to see what else you all get up to.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you are fed up with everyone else having all the fun – take the first step here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

29 Responses to Track layout for N gauge

  1. Robert Brady says:

    For the same size room I would have done HO scale.I’m not a fan of N scale.My brother inlaw sent me a ton of N scale stuff houses,10 turnouts, tracks galore ,including some flex track bunch rolling stock 4/5 diesels and here it sits in my closet while i build on my ho layout.

  2. Jack Bury says:

    Great work on the layout. Please keep us posted as you progress.

  3. Paul F says:

    Nice work Bill. I’ve been considering starting a layout in my 12’x17’ space. Like the idea of longer trains n scale brings to the table – – just finished installation of the new drop cieling with dimmable perimeter LED lighting and the clean out from hell ,last move a year ago left a huge mess.

  4. Kirk Breakey says:

    Thank you , Dave, for the film and pics of a beautiful summer day there. Your love of all things trains is reflected in not only your great model layout, but also in this [and previous] film[s]. Your contributions to this site are a great delight and inspiration to me, and I am sure, many others. Thanks to Alastair for providing this wonderful site.
    Kirk Jax, Fl.

  5. Daniel says:


  6. Ken says:

    Thanks, Dave, for the pics and video of the BEAUTIFUL English countryside!! from Ken in Orlando Fl

  7. David Sprague says:

    Looks great! Just wondering if you might be able to provide a few dimensions. As for the overall in length and width. As well as some elevation specs. Truely inspired and waiting for my land deed from my spouse for trackage rights.

  8. Roger Wendler says:

    Thanks Dave. Wonderful pictures and video of rural England. I’ve never been to the UK and really enjoyed it. Looking at the heather starting to bloom reminded me of the Bluebonnets in my home state of Texas. Thanks again for this one and all the others you have sent.

  9. Carl in Kansas says:


    Beautiful trestle! However, a word of advise. Those long bents supporting your trestle which end in the water should rest on concrete pilings, otherwise the water will quickly rot them away.

    Carl in Kansas

  10. Hemi says:

    Bill that trestle looks GREAT!!!!!! NICE job on EVERYTHING so far!!!!! Keep up the great work and keep on posting updates… This is just the inspiration I NEED for my own layout thats being planned and rebuilt from scratch!


  11. nice layout
    Dave…the video is priceless…
    and so glad to see the British men don’t have those ignorant haircuts the American men think are so fashionable…
    keep em runnin’ fellas
    stjohn in long beach calif

  12. don kadunc says:

    Very nice layout. I really liked the video. Do that still have steam service in the UK or was this a special train. The only steam in the US is excursion trains.

  13. Tom Danza says:

    These are very helpful as I am also using a combination of foam and plaster on my HO “CNW” prototype of which I am in the early stages. Very similar to what you have done.
    Many thanks,

  14. Albert Lyons says:

    Just LOVE that long bridge.


  15. Tim Morlok says:

    Dave: Nice video composition. Did anyone notice the finger prints on the coach window?
    Bill: Good start to your layout. I do have one question – What is the slope of your incline between the levels? It looks very steep even for N scale. The transition at the top is too abrupt and is going to cause you problems with long cars bottoming out and the uncoupling of most cars at that point. If you cut a shallow sloped notch in the flat top foam board, it would smooth the transition and eliminate these problems. Good modeling! Tim

  16. Mal says:

    Nice to see another layout started. Keep us all posted on its progress.


  17. Bill says:

    Yes, that grade was the first thing I noticed! Even if you cut a notch in the foam board to help with car bottoming and uncoupling, the issue of the extreme grade remains. I know of no equipment in N-gauge that can handle that kind of grade, except the Fleischmann rack-and-pinion system. An N-scale model railroad with very short trains and powerful locos can move up a 5% grade. To my eye, this appears to be three times that! It currently looks to rise about 8 inches over maybe a 40 inch run. That would be an 18%+ grade. No way. Big issue right there.

  18. Joe Gennari says:

    I’ll second that …FANTASIC !!!

  19. Dan says:

    Very good start. Keep updating your progress.

  20. Richard Stern says:

    You’ve done a great job. N scale is great. Keep up the good work and it will be something you can show off. You will never be done with.

  21. Paul Selwyn Otway says:

    That is a really wonderful bridge.

  22. Art Bearden says:

    Mr. Dave
    Loved the film and picture of the outdoors, as much that I love your Train films and your train layout those picture of the outdoors are priceless i would rather be in the woods with Mother Nature.
    Thank you for all the work you put into all of your films and picture that you post on this site a BIG thank you to Mr. Al.
    Art from New Port Richey, FL

  23. dangerous daveErmnie has done a nice jhob says:

    Thank you all re comments on my video taken in North Yorkshire , this is a Heritage railway that runs for approximately 10 months of the year , providing a Regular Service and of course for a lot of Railway enthusiast a great day out on there ….we love this part of the Uk with the walk on the older Railway Trail which runs ore or less parallel with the existing Tracks ……Dangerous Dave

  24. Ian McDonald says:

    nice layout and video. thanks for sharing.

  25. JW Snyder says:

    Nice and coming along! I especially liked the ivy growth on the patched roof of the cottage.

  26. Alabama Mike says:

    Hey Bill, you are doing a great job on your first layout. The trestle is really great as is the lake and falls. Look forward to see more pictures.

  27. George Zaky says:

    I am always amazed how you N guys make such tiny stuff so real.
    However 2 modellers commented on your slopes and I am joining in here. Trains hate 2 things- curves & slopes. You MUST level out and make your grades much less, ease the transition from flat to slope & vice versa or you will decouple, and possibly give your curves a look to lengthen the radius. Slopes should never be less than 1″ up for 36″ out. So if you go up 4″ you have to do it with 12 ft of track and ease up the transitions which could make it longer. If that slope includes a curve be very generous with the radius. Because of fixed axles one wheel is slipping and the other grabbing on all curves so you are losing power when you need it the most because of the slope. The tighter the radius means more slippage.
    The worst thing after all your modelling work is to have a poorly functioning RR & then do major surgery to fix it.
    Keep us posted.

  28. Old Taz says:

    Vary nice looks like your having funoldtaz. Need to see more as it comes together.

  29. Old Ben says:

    First time I have seen the the track work being done what looks like LAST on the layout. I see the road bed but NO track. Won’t this make it more difficult when laying the track down?

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