Bill’s N scale progress

Bill’s been back in touch.

It’s always a pleasure when I see his name in my inbox.

Here’s his last post to refresh your memory.

“Hi Al

I’ve taken some vacation and have been having fun adding more to my N scale layout.

Progress is being made and I’m having a lot of fun bringing it to life 😀 since my last submission I’ve gotten quite a bit more done.

I’ve added more trees and ground cover as well as taking some cheap eBay buildings I purchased and giving them new life with paint and weathering.

Take care and keep doing all the wonderful things you do for our hobby!

In Virginia”..

And Brian has been back in touch too (his last post is here).

“Hi Alaistair.

A follow up on progress on my layout with some photos taken with my old Sony DSC F-707 Camera. Have not used it in about 10 years. If I want excellent night photos with a great depth of field, then this is the camera that I use.

At last, laid all the track for both the harbor and Pelican Bay.

Lots of operation here with six line side industries to fill. Will keep an operator busy for quite a while.

It will be switchman’s nightmare as well as the yard master who has to set up a train in the yard at Cascade Creek for this area. A lot of backwards and forwards to do in the tight space (passing siding). It is limited as well as is the head shunt track.

Next is to add sleepers in the gaps, solder droppers where needed to the buss wires underneath and make some of the points DCC compatible. (Some are already done from my old layout in CT) While under the layout, have to put the Blue point motors in and wire them up as well.

A few pieces of different rolling stock pushed through (O-5-0) made sure that all track and point work is okay before running the locomotives.

For those who always ask where are the trains, two locomotives are busy setting out and picking up cars at the industries.

All in a good days work .

Thank goodness my eyes are one hundred percent now. Saw the Ophthalmologist last Friday, very happy and no more work to be done to the eyes, except for a follow up in five months time. Still need spectacles to do fine work though.

Knysna RSA”

It’s wonderful to see layout like these come to life. I love an update!

That’s all for today.

I’ve had a couple of emails asking about the July 4th sale – the page will be taken down today. But if you are quick you can still grab it.

It’s here for an hour or two longer until I put everything back to how it was.

I know some of you are buying it just for the buildings – $69 worth.

Including the discount on the Beginner’s Guide, it’s an $87 saving.

What’s more, I won’t be having another sale for a long, long time.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.



6 Responses to Bill’s N scale progress

  1. James Marek says:

    Bill, really enjoyed your video. Voice is clear, to the point and very easy to understand…a pleasure to listen to. A great example for all to follow. The video clips were short and to the point as well wasted time watching nothing happening. Thank you for posting your progress…interesting and informative…fun to watch.

  2. Robert Belk says:


    Where are you located in Virginia?

    I live just across the Legion Bridge in Maryland.


  3. NJ Mark says:

    Beautiful scenery and great detail. Thanks to both. Cheers! NJ Mark

  4. Kevin McArdle says:

    Beautiful work. Amazing how pieces of foam are transformed into realistic scenery, an inspiration to us all.

  5. Robert Zimmerman says:

    I really enjoyed see your “N Scale.” Also
    the video. Keep up the good work. Can wait
    to see it when it is Finished.

  6. Gary M from Long Island says:

    To Brian and Bill…… Both your layouts are looking good and when finished ( never ever finished) I am sure they will look STUNNING. I love the work you guys have done with the structures; really impressive buildings and scenes. I’m jealous.

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