Bob’s fire station

Just a quick heads up.

Today is the last day for the $9 mega bundle deal.

You get 22 free printable buildings with the Beginner’s Guide – and one of them is the fire station:

“Hi Al,

Had a go at your firestation pleased with the way it came out


And I also got this in from Daniel, which is very timely:

“Just spent a few minutes with crazy John while I had morning coffee on the porch. Big weekend for us Yanks, ya know. Haha. Video was very enjoyable.

The firehouse was certainly well done, but tell John that the tower is not a lookout, but a very important part of the firehouse….it is where they hang the hoses after use so they dry.

Modern hose materials may not require it as much, but that was the real intended use of the tower.

All the best to you.

Mn Dan


That’s all for this one.

You can get the fire station and 21 other buildings all for $9 – but today is the last day.

Thanks to everyone who has or does support the site – you know who you are.



It’s a $216 saving when you grab this $9 deal. And it still comes with my 60 day money back guarantee too.

7 Responses to Bob’s fire station

  1. Richard H Chapple Sr says:

    Whoa!!! That is real craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing that build Bob.
    Did you build it up following John’s super videos?
    And, thanks Dan for explaining the use of the tower too!

  2. Jim kelly says:

    Bob, that’s really good work. I struggle to get precise cuts like yours on Al’s printable buildings. I started on the gray shack yesterday but the trim isn’t precise like yours. Would you tell us what marerials and glue you used any other tips/hints about your work process as well? Thanks, very well done.

  3. David says:

    Nice work .. well done

  4. W, 'Dutch' Leydsman says:

    I would love to make many of those paper buildings. I am an O Gauge person.

  5. Kelvin Bland says:

    Bob, but did you drink as much red wine as John?
    W “Dutch” Leydsman, you should be able to print the buildings off at a larger scale double the size e.g. HO up to O. Ask Al if he knows the exact %.
    Cheers Kelvin.

  6. Dieter Schwarz says:

    What scale.

  7. Dave Karper says:

    Hose towers were normally in the rear Corner. Not necessarily the same corner in all houses. The towers were usually about twenty feet tall, this height being above the roof. These were in Baltimore, Maryland.

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