HO scale boats and ships – Brian’s

Brian’s been backn in touch with his HO scale boats and ships:

“Hi Al

A few photos of the boats that I cast from a master and modified. There are four of the same boat with the different modifications made to them in order for them to look like different boats.

They will be at different harbors on the ‘new’ layout when I get started on it in the new year.

It was just a matter of using my Dremel motor tool to carve out the ‘hold’ and add the cover doors in different places on the other boats.

Two of them still have to be done and will figure out what ‘cargo’ to place in the holds depending on where the boat that is to be loaded/unloaded and at which harbor.

One of the smaller boats in the second photo will be used at my boat repair shop (previously shown on your site) as being repaired as well as having the engine replaced with a new one. It will also get a new coat of paint while there.

That’s all for now and as usual, keep up the excellent work on your blog.

Brian from Knysna South Africa.”

ho scale boats and ships

ho scale boats and ships


model train waterfront

A huge thank you to Brian. I love the stuff he posts – his style is unique. Have a look at some of his posts, his place in the Hall of Fame is very deserved.

Here’s a couple of his posts that are HO scale boats and ships related:

HO scale harbor.

HO scale waterdock

That’s all for today folks. A big thanks to Brian for sharing his HO scale boats and ships.

Please do keep ’em coming – it’s getting a bit thin on the ground this end.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

model train answers

9 Responses to HO scale boats and ships – Brian’s

  1. Glyn says:

    Super work Brian – I love the boats and waterfront scene. I’ve built a smaller static HO scale version of the same tugboat as your large scale model – -from Artitec models-I’ll send some pics when it’s rigged,and I haven’t even started building the waterfront component of my layout yet. Your models have inspired me to get cracking! thanks again for great work.

  2. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Brian your work is outstanding! The port looks like New England or Canadian
    Maritime fishing villages

    Fitz from Philly

  3. wow how excellent
    boats AND trains…two of my favs….!!
    good work Brian nice detail
    stjohn from long beach calif

  4. Jim McQuillen says:

    Scuffy the Tugboat takes me back many, many years to when my siblings, 8 of them, and I read Little Golden Books. Cute story as I recall.
    But this is about your “Scuffy”, isn’t it? Great “model” plus it is seaworthy! You, obviously, have been at this for more than a day or two. Keep up the good work “Mate”. (Nautical term, that.)

  5. Carl in Kansas says:

    Great models. The colors remind me of Greek fishing boats.

    Seeing those pics gave me an idea. What if you placed a boat on wax paper and then added water effects of waves to the boat – the water effects would not stick to the surface. Then you could place the boat on water anywhere on your layout – move it around at different times. What if you added Vasoline to the boat, then added the water effects – then the waves would not stick to the boat or the surface, and the boat could be either under way, or in port by adding or removing the waves.

  6. Thurman Scott says:

    Great! Boats are outstanding He should sell them on the internet I would buy one.

  7. Brian Messenger says:

    I do not have enough time left (age 64) to build boats to either sell or to build for friends. I have in the past built a few buildings and boats for very good model railroad friends but it took too much time away from continuing with my own model railroad. I am in the process of finishing the design stage using a program called Autocad lite (3D) of my new HOn3 multi level layout and hopefully start in March 2016. The size of my new one will be 4m X 3m (13ft X 10ft). Although I have salvaged a few sections from my old layout, I have to build new bench work in modular format. I.e. 4ft X 2ft modules. I will post a plan of the new layout in 3D at a later stage when it is complete. Cheers – Brian

  8. Roly says:

    Excellent workmanship Brian – each vessel seems to have its own personality

  9. Neal Fowler says:

    I like what I see and look forward to seeing more in the near future.

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