Brian’s slideshow of his layout

Hall of fame member, Brian, has been in touch again.

This time he’s put together 5 years of pics together in a slide show. Stunning stuff!

“Hi Al,

This is my magic desk where all my models are built, that will be part of my new layout room.

The layout will be around both sides of this photo as well as behind me in the form of a “U” shape.

The view in front of the desk looks out over the lagoon in the town where I now live. The sea is about a kilometer behind me.

All the best



(Brian’s last post is here).

“Hello my name is Mike.

I’ve been trying to set up my HO trains for a while I have noone to talk to about this, but I’m not sure where to start. I’ve been trying to use the new ez track but it doesn’t seem to look real enough or have the flexibility. I have lots of the copper track. Would the copper track make the layout look more real? The room I have is 8×8 and I put a 2 foot hole in the middle of the table. Any help I can get will be appreciated.



“Hi Al,

Here are 3 photos of a new signal I made.

This one is a 2 aspect signal, however it can show 3 positions, Red stop, Green go, Green over red proceed with caution.

The signal was made out of 2 bezel leds, a black drinking straw, card for the signal head.




“Hi Al I am jim rhodes and this is my layout it is my first go at modeling and it has 1 year this far and still going hope you like it,














A huge thanks to everyone today – especially Brian. Hope you enjoyed his slide show as much as me.

I thought Jim’s layout was fantastic for a first attempt, and I did like the way he’s taken pics along the way.

It just goes to show, it’s all about making a start, so if that’s you, the Beginner’s Guide is here.

That’s all this time folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget to make a comment below!



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

13 Responses to Brian’s slideshow of his layout

  1. Mike: Do NOT use copper track. First, it’s out of production. Second, it oxodizes easily and the oxidation impedes the flow of current to the wheels. Nickle silver rail will oxidize somewhat but the enhances the current flow. DCC, however, requires clean track. I worked in a leading MRR hobby shop for 27 years and watched brass rail drive more hobbyists away than any other reason.

  2. Mike Pettruzzelli says:

    KUDOS TO ALL this edition….especially Jim….Reminds me of me…Great job…Mike

  3. Vic Heffren says:

    BEEEEUTIFUL JOB—-Thank you for sharing Vic

  4. paul Otway says:

    I agree with the above comments.

    Paul otway

  5. Bob Miller says:

    Congratulations to Brian on a super layout. Now I want to do mine all over again. I’m building my 6th layout and I know the work you put into yours,truly splendid. And to Jim,what can be said except that is a wonderful first layout. You are truly talented. With people like these, our hobby will remain viable for a long time.
    From Pelahatchie Mississippi

  6. Ralph Berry says:

    Mike, Before you lay any track please get rid of that access hole and replace it with a walk-in access probably with a lift up bridge or better still make a U shaped layout. The number of times you don’t crack your head, get scenery caught in your clothing and other disasters will be worth it. If you manage to attain any great age, you will find that crawl under access is the worst decision you will make.

  7. Rod Mackay says:

    Paul, nice job with the signal but, assuming that’s meant to be a British layout (as the Charrington’s wagon and Birds Eye container would suggest) I’m afraid we don’t have a green over red aspect here like they do in some other European countries. Caution here is single yellow, on a three-aspect or searchlight signal, or where four-aspect signals are used, there’s also a preliminary caution of double yellows, one above the other. Plenty of signals just show red or green though.

  8. Helmut Eppich says:

    Excellent video and slide show! Always interesting to see how the layouts are developed. Fascinating to see them completed!

  9. Fernando Serra Ubeda says:

    I have recently moved to USA and managed to bring my railroad equipment over from the UK and my wife “the Boss” has allowed me a room in the house to build a layout and would you believe it! I have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful Model Railroaders here so I have decided to attempt to build an American themed one to try and capture some of the wonderful scenery I have seen already! so I am trying to learn as much as I can from them, as well as from everyone in Al’s community and hopefully I might come out with a little bit of American Railroad! so thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge and craft, I take inspiration from all of you! Thank you

  10. Kevin Lambert says:

    Great layout. I like the way you layered it and placed the mountain on the inside.
    Well done!

  11. Ben Shay says:

    Thank you for posting.
    Great stuff.

  12. James says:


  13. David Murray says:

    Very impressive workmanship. You are obviously a very talented chap who can ‘see’ in 3 dimensions. My ‘effort’ suffers from everything being in straight lines i.e. Straight tracks, straight roads, straight lines of buildings. But, I have had 28 years of building it and seeing the pleasure it gives our many visitors who, invariably as “why are there three rails?”

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