The latest from Dangerous Dave

Hall of Fame member, Dave, been in touch again.

I sometimes worry I post too much of his stuff, but judging by the comments he gets, I think I’m just being paranoid.

Anyhow, even I thought, “I have to publish this”… Dave compares his model with the real thing and it’s great viewing:

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A big thanks to Dave. And here’s a mail that made me smile:

“Hello Alistair,

I’ll admit it was a good lunch, and spurred on by the wine, I thought I’d spoof a confessional. It might strike a chord with some of the community…..

Hello Alistair,

My name is Paul, and I’m an N-Gauge o’holic.

Whenever I see an item for the layout I will probably never build I buy it.

I don’t discriminate. Tracks, engines, coaches, wagons, overhead line equipment, signaling – you name it, I buy it. I could set up a shop with the items I’ve amassed over the years.

I tell myself that this is an investment for the future, but the future is growing shorter, and the collection larger.

I read on a web site years ago that the hardest part of going to the gym was putting on your shorts. Needless to say that as an overweight 5’ 10” chap I identified with that, and decided against it.

I then came across your website where the advice is just to make a start, any start, and see what turns out.

As retirement/dotaget approaches, I can see this is the way to go. The problem is, I’ve now bought several miles of N-Gauge track (mostly from Tomix – a brand that’s not hugely popular here in the UK for some reason) and a fleet that would rival a small train operating company, so to do things justice I’ll have to move into a larger place and live in a shoe box in the kitchen.

Am I alone in this predicament?

Best regards, and thanks a million for the support you provide to us all,


Well, I’m just guessing Paul, but I think you’ll find you are not alone.

And if you fancy ending up like Paul or Dave, it all starts with that first step.

That’s all this time folks because I’m up against the clock.

Please do keep ’em coming.



28 Responses to The latest from Dangerous Dave

  1. Martin Gliddon says:

    Certainly not. My layout is ON30/7mm narrow gauge where 2’6″ is the main line standard gauge, similar to long gone and much missed Sierra Leone Railways. I currently have 42 locomotives, heaven knows how many coaches and wagons all on a layout of 11′ x. 10′. A good example is that I have 8 Bachmann 2-6-0’s…I wouldn’t change it for the world :0)

  2. Eric says:

    I too loved the sound of the Deltics, I used to travel to work by train from Leeds City to Selby, and when a Deltic arrived or left the station you didn’t have to even look to know that sound as it had a whistling sound to the engine that was very distinctive.

    At 68 and retired I can recommend getting started on your layout, I started at 12 or I got the train as a present and dad built a layout, a long long spell without until around 25 years ago, then I just mucked about, but then finding a lot of time on my hands around retirement I got caught up with the hobby and haven’t looked back since, Ok it takes time and patience to get things looking right but, when retired we have plenty of spare time to get to it. So get cracking:-)

    Eric (Leeds)

  3. Mark Jarvis says:

    Hi Alistair, dont worry about to much from Dangerous Dave, he is in the Hall of Fame for a very good reason, the man is compulsive viewing, he is train mad, long may he continue



  4. You are certainly not alone Paul we all think this! I have a layout in the loft which accommodates about 40 engines and a dozen trains 4 on the main line the rest in stations and sidings. I own over 100 locomotives so now I have decided to operate in three different eras that way you do not have to in my case at least, try and cram everything in which is impossible. Whatever you do we all want a bigger layout so best make some compromises even the famous hall of fame people have to make some compromises somewhere! I have found this method a much more rewarding way of operating my layout as a result but everyone will have a different approach and I am not living in a shoe box – yet! good modelling Steve

  5. Great Video Dave and this is a great idea as the digital sounds are so good. Sadly I only have analogue but may be one day…….Digital sound can never demonstrate that deep growl or thrum from the real engines such as a Deltic or Western however, having stood near the demonstrations it is amazingly realistic.
    I too have traveled behind a good many Deltics years ago, the sound from those engines in full cry you never forget!

  6. Shlack says:

    Hang in there, Paul. I too did not start a layout util after retirement (age 66). I
    “gathered” O guage equipment for 40 years and I’m now buried in it. Now 73,
    I’m still plodding along with an extremely messy room (18’X35′) full of layout
    and junk; and selling off excess at train shows in my area (Southeast USA).

  7. Mel says:

    Slow down. Your running your trains toooo fast.

  8. Chris says:

    The way I figure it, the more Loco’s & rolling gear you have, the more you swap stuff around – hence nothing wears out. It lasts a lifetime! Well that’s what I keep telling my misses.

  9. Macbear says:

    Dave – this man is an inspiration. Not only does he show clips of NYMR which is the best preservation setup I know, but he comes up with a gem every time.

    Paul – I retired last summer. It’s like Marmite – and I one of those who love it. Looks as if you have a dream to fulfil. That promises a great experience. I’m wrestling with my accumulated and growing accumulation of models, but I wouldn’t change it even for Luis Suarez’s millions [and work stresses]. My 00 only has a space less than 4 metres by 3 metres, and it’s pretty modest, but slowly developing. I’m living the dream at a very steady pace and recommend it.

  10. Dan Marso says:

    Great layout,of course HALL OF FAME ! Paul, you are not alone, my Dad built a layout when I was a boy with American Flyer. As I grew up, I forgot about my trains and started to get out in the World. Then I got into HO for ten years,when my boys were growing up, and ran the Danville & Western RR. Then in the late
    70’s I boxed it all up , but I never stopped buying stuff for it, I guess I knew someday I would get back into it. So fast forward 30 years or so , still buying stuff,
    I want to bring the D&WRR out of mothballs, have joined NMRA,and a local club,
    I still have my bench work, so I hope to get moving, now that I am retired. So Paul,you are definitely not alone!!! Good luck to both of us.

    Danny Marso, Warwick,Rhode Island

  11. David Rines says:

    I am finally setting up my “retirement” road. In that my space is somewhat narrow, I am interested in how you get to the interior or working space of the layout. I do have a few orthopedic problems but I like the idea of being able to be in the center of the action, so to speak. Because I am working with my father’s American Flyer from the very late 30’s and my Lionel’s from my childhood (later 40’s through mid 50’s), I am committed to “O gauge” which of course does use a bit more space than yours. So I am wondering if you and others out there would be able to give me some thoughts on setting this up.

    By the way, love what you have done, over the years with your railroad. Super Cool !

    Thank you. David in South Carolina.

  12. Don says:

    Out standing you a very lucky guy to have a place that big for your great looking layout.I liked how you went from your Engine to the real one.
    Happy Rails

  13. Cord says:

    I’ve been collecting Märklin equipment for decades and have yet to join the first two sections of track for my layout, Paul. Like you, my problem is space. The layout I’ve planned is BIG, I live in a tiny apartment, and real estate prices here in Jackson are INSANE. All the equipment is there, I’ve just got to find a place to use it – while I’m still around. You are certainly NOT alone!

  14. Benito Diaz says:

    Great layouts like all the stuff on it looks really good I want to send you my layout pictures from my train Club please take a look at it especially the harbor scenes and let me know what you think if you wish to call me my number is 661 area code 202-0476

  15. tom says:

    Good luck Paul you picked a great hobby. You`ll do fine. Dave you run your trains too fast, or try car racing!!

  16. michael brookman says:

    Paul! You are definitely not alone! I’ve been collection all sorts of equipment in N and G scales for 30 years! I retired 2 years ago but have been so busy, I’ve hardly touched anything model railroad related. Sometime soon, sometime soon!

  17. Keith Miller says:

    I always look forward to watching Dave’s videos – almost professional.
    Al – stop worrying – just publish them!

  18. Fernando Serra Ubeda says:

    Brilliant as ever!!!! what a joy to watch! I have been in the USA for a while now and it is wonderful to be able to follow Dave’s work even if it is from afar! the shots of the English countryside really help bringing the layout to life! It brought back lovely memories of my railway journeys back in UK! Thank you, Thank you Dave


  19. Andrew says:

    Paul – Who was it who said a journey starts with a single step? Put a piece of track on a shelf and run one loco up and down. Maybe add a point and a siding and take it from there Good luck and happy modelling

  20. Carl in Kansas says:


    Back around Christmas my wife said, “No more rolling stock until you have a layout to run it on!”. I have started my layout. I have roadbed down on some of it, and am working on turnouts. AND — I have not bought any more rolling stock since — this morning!

    Still in training,
    Carl in Kansas

  21. George SanAntonio Tx says:

    Dave your modeling inspires me I’ve found myself buying British bldg’s and some rolling stock! I am retired so as others posted ( and I appreciate their motivating comments) I just have to get started. I admit I to but what catches my eye as I love to build and detail. I have a load of N scale that’s been packed up since the 70’s, some G scale which in th past never made it to the garden because my love has always beat me and planted flowers in the proposed right of way ,Marx trains and then there’s the vehicles I love to build and collect! So I made myself a pledge to divest of some stuff and start some bench work as to what’s going on it remains too be seen. l’ll try post my progres. Until then then thank you Alastair for this GREAT site !!!

  22. Ralph says:

    I love seeing Dave’s railroad when you make a posting. Over the years, I have thought of him as a friend, neighbor and teacher, even though we’re not even in the same hemisphere. His video submissions always give me ideas for building.

  23. John Reynolds says:

    Excellent work as always from “Dangerous Dave”

  24. Michael Love says:

    Hi Dave,
    I love your work . I’m just wondering if you could post a plan of your layout please?

  25. Rob McCrain says:

    Thank you Al for all the good work that you do. And, thank you Dave for your wonderful layout and excursions to the NYMR. The comments are correct above, just start. Everything will start to fall into place after that. Rob

  26. JERRY BIRKBECK says:

    My Father in Law who is 95 has decided to take up N Gauge modelling! He built my wife and brother in law a TT Gauge railway around 55 years ago! If anything happens then brilliant – we will see! So potentially an inspiration!

    Warwickshire UK

  27. Ross Johnston says:

    Thanks Dave for sharing again. I enjoy watching your videos and I intend to start a layout in a purposeful built shed when I come back froma trip in late July. The shed is 20 x 18 so it is going to be a challenge. Your ideas have helped me a lot. Cheers Rossco, South Australia

  28. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for your Comments you know the NYMR gives me a lot of inspiration for my layout , so just love going there and capturing these beauties which we try to replicate on a layout …. …sorry no track plan of my layout , as i have not made one , it was laid as the ideas came to me going along .
    Dangerous Dave

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