Dave celebrates 10 years of his model train layout

Got something quite special for you today.

Dave’s video’s always go down well. But this one is a bit special too – he’s been running his trains for a decade. And what a way to celebrate it:

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

I think Dangerous Dave was one of the first members in the Hall of Fame. He also gives the Beginner’s Guide a big thumbs up, so if you want to get going on your layout, don’t take my word for it, take Dave’s…

That’s all this time folks because I’m really up against the clock.

Keep ’em coming.



53 Responses to Dave celebrates 10 years of his model train layout

  1. Eric says:

    Ten dangerous years from Dave, well done. Good to see everything is still working 🙂
    Eric (Leeds) UK.

  2. Peeter Fambely`` says:

    Please paass on my thanks to Dave, always a pleasure to watch his videos, especialy when he runs his engins.

  3. Tony P. says:

    I was wondering, is there a track plan of Dangerous Dave’s layout?

  4. Randall Blankenship says:

    Your skill and dedication is appreciated! Great work!

  5. Tom c says:

    That was fantastic

  6. Eddie says:

    Dangerous Dave is an insparation to us all. What a fantasticl layout….

  7. Robert Knight says:

    What gauge train are the buildings size?

  8. Dave G says:

    Well done, Dave!

    Looking forward to the next 10 years. 😉

    Dave G

  9. Kenneth Seegert says:

    Wow! I am always so amazed at what you do. Where do you get the old cars and trucks I can’t find them anywhere. I have started with a few buildings but my skills at making them from scratch with the pictures is very limited.
    Such an enjoyment watching your video’s it keeps me thinking some day I can have just 1/4 of your beautiful work.

  10. Michael Raphael says:

    It is my opinion that your layout is the BEST filmed display of any published model railroad…finally someone has the ability to edit and publish without boring you. CONGRATULATIONS!

  11. Norman Backman says:

    Fantastic layout with so much detail. Is there a track plan available for it? Just how long is that loft space of yours?
    One comment I would say, why are the trains so far away from the platform? When you show them stationary in the video I wondered how the passengers were meant to get across “the gap from the train to the platform”, to coin a famous saying!!! Apart from that criticism you have spent many hours making a super, super layout and may you enjoy it for at least another 10 years.

  12. Laurence Johnston says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Great detailing Dave. Is it finished yet !!!
    Best Regards

  13. Eric Lytra says:

    Wonderful Railway and Video. Great talent.

  14. Terry says:

    Another great video of Dave’s great layout. Many thanks to Dave & Al for sharing it with us.

  15. carl naessig says:

    Dave. I have watched your publication for quite some time and have passed it
    on to a number of friends also enjoy the layout. Just one simple question has
    come up and one you perhaps can not answer. HOW MANY LINIAL FEET OF

  16. Kenneth W. Hall Jr says:

    Dave, keep up the great work and the inspiration. I have been following your work now for about five years and enjoy the presentations and suggestions. While I am at a standstill right now, in my own layout, I still enjoy seeing what you post.

  17. Peter Bury says:

    Dave, What a layout, if only i had the room

  18. Marklin ed says:

    Dave, Dave how can I say thanks for the wonderful video. It was great to see all the rolling stock you have. All the best in the next 10 years looking forward to many wonderful videos.

  19. Gerry says:

    What are the demons ions of Dave’s layout. Also, it looks to me as though he has it set up in an attic space or something of that sort. Don’t know if Dave is married or not, but if he is then obviously his wife is ‘on board’ with all of his train antics. I’ve been married 45 yrs. and there is no way, no how that my wife would give up that much space for my trains, unless they were in an attic space or out on my shed…

  20. Gerry says:

    What are the demonsions of Dave’s layout. Also, it looks to me as though he has it set up in an attic space or something of that sort. Don’t know if Dave is married or not, but if he is then obviously his wife is ‘on board’ with all of his train antics. I’ve been married 45 yrs. and there is no way, no how that my wife would give up that much space for my trains, unless they were in an attic space or out on my shed…

  21. Glen Hirschberg says:

    Wow this was fantastic thank you for letting me see this. I am just getting started and this confirms all my thoughts on the amount of fun this is bringing and will continue to bring. Thank you again

  22. J. M. Pearce says:

    Great job, Dave! One of the finest layout that I have seen!

  23. Eric Ressler (USA) says:

    Dave – I truly enjoy your wonderful layout and each and every video you submit. Your layout is absolutely amazing. The reference shot from the beginning gives us all an idea where the dream started. Your skills have developed and honed to a fine edge over the 10 years and I thank you for passing along those gems that help each of us increase our own skills. I am sure that even though you took this moment to give us a reflection on a running session, it will only be a matter of hours until there is a new project in the making to increase the interest and view-ability of your layout. Again – many thanks for all you have given us. Side note – although you do run some freight consists, you seem to favor passenger trains. I totally enjoy this but do you know of anyone that might have a similar layout that favors freight trains? Or do you totally change running equipment at times for a freight favored session of running? By the way – your video editing is superb and only adds to the whole experience.

  24. Rod Mackay says:

    It’s because of the gap that, in the interests of safety, Dave has stuck all his passengers’ little feet to the platforms! Speaking of which, the guard will be having a word or two with Driver Dave about the DMU stopping with only the back doors on the platform, and the signalman will be asking the vital question “Anyone official on the train, Drive?”
    The class 20s, when paired up, if at all possible were coupled cabs outward, as the visibility round the bonnet end was dreadful, I think in later years the driver would have had to be accompanied by a train an to help keep a lookout. With pairs of 37s they would similarly make great efforts to couple them with the cooler groups together, so the drivers weren’t sitting within earshot of the fans all day. Down at Barry we regularly used to send a 37 down to Aberthaw to turn it round the power station loop to avoid it being marshalled fans-out.
    Congratulations on the anniversary Dave!

  25. Ray says:

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this video, as well as the many other videos Al has posted. The best layout I have ever seen!
    Thank you,

  26. Paul Wienold says:

    Dave, I have been enjoying your offerings now for 5+ years. I thank you for your skills and dedication. Beautiful job. Paul, Los Osos, CALIFORNIA

  27. Earl Peters says:

    Very good Dave. Enjoy all your videos. Congrats on 10 years!

  28. Jose Cavassa B. says:

    Beautiful layout thanks for sharing yourvideos

  29. Rob McCrain says:

    10 years! That is quite a milestone. Best of luck for the future Dave.

  30. Ian Mc Donald says:

    just a great video sending us back in time. the pleasure you have given people is greatly appreciated. your video skills are just breath taking I certainly enjoy your videos how tos and just watching the so many different trains running around your loft layout. thank you Dave and AL for sharing.

  31. Keith Willoughby says:

    Fabulous Dave,
    As always…… I live in the UK (near Coventry) and would love to come up country one day for a look if that’s possible?
    I’m modelling ‘Z’ gauge by the way!

  32. Ray Helverson (USA) says:

    I have to agree, absolutely amazing. His videos are as entertaining as his train setup. I have to say that after watching previous videos it got me back into the hobby.


  33. Joe Wright says:

    Thanks Dave. You provide great entertainment for all of us who love this hobby, Happy 10th anniversary.

  34. Wayne says:

    That was great, Dave. Thanks for sharing. I appreciated the short clip of how you started 10 years ago. It gives hope to the rest of us.

  35. Mike Childs says:

    Fantastic layout and presentation. Thanks Dave.

  36. Keith Miller says:

    When Al says he has something from Dangerous Dave I know we have a treat in store. Thanks Dave, and thanks to Al for bringing us such a variety of interesting, informative and inspiring content from so many contributors.

    Great to see Dave’s original layout from 2007 – nice reminder that all great projects have to start with just the basics.
    Dustyk UK

  37. Hans Geerdink says:

    That is a beautiful lay out. Thanks for sharing!

  38. d j howarth says:

    Thank you all for your Generous Comments , its been 10 years of joy with a few heartaches on the way , but a big learning circle , with many mistakes made , and a lot has been learned and mistakes been corrected ,but if some of my videos have been useful to some of the modellers it’s all been worth it , I have been asked a few times re visiting my layout , and I just hope you can appreciate I get asked many times and if I said yes to one I would have to say yes to all …this is our home so I am sorry I have to say no ….
    As for the question re the size of the layout ..its 30 ft. x 8ft. I know it does look longer on video …and Rod yes points taken
    Dangerous Dave

  39. NJ Mark says:

    A decade of fun and enjoyment. A decade and MORE to DD. Cheers! NJ Mark

  40. David Schaffner says:

    You are not only a master model railroader fanatic,you are an excellent video extraordinaire…..Love everything about your loft layout including your expertise at landscaping & layout creations & the way you exercise your never ending track layouts…..Love the old cars and don’t think we have a scource in USA to able to get these wonderful old automobile’s and such.
    I was seriously into model railroading 40 years ago & had to give it up as we kept having kids.I was into Lionel and had a 8 x 8 layout….
    The loft idea is a very cool idea and I can imagine it was some doin’.
    Love the video cars,the track cleaning car & the huge cookie……
    Keep up the great work & Happy Mode Railroading!

  41. Cary B says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed every second of the video. Dave’s posts are by far my favorite.
    Congratulations on the anniversary of this most awesome layout. It gives me a boost to continue my planning for future layout of my own.
    Thank you Dave and Al for sharing.

    Cary B

  42. Frank Goessler says:

    Videos of layouts such as these just reehnforce what an amateur I am at all this. Keep them coming Dave. They are truly an inspiration. Absolutely love the action shots with the camera mounted on the train.

  43. Gordon Barron says:

    Looking great Dave as always,very entertaining you’ve come a long way in 10 years

  44. Steve Porcelius says:

    I have been viewing your work for years now. A few questions if you can answer them. How big is your layout and most of all what is the total number of loco’s, boxcars, etc. that you have in your collection. I am into “G” Series trains running outside as well as in my basement. My kids moved out and the basement area is all trains. I have over 100 assortment of engines, rolling stock, and cabooses inside as well as outdoors. I am truly in awe of your workmanship. Another 10 years my friend….From across the pond. Steve P

  45. Roy Forbes says:

    Always great layout pictures and very inspiring too. I just need more time on mine.

  46. Pete Porett says:

    Wonderful craftmansship. Only 10 years? That’s a real accomplishment. Keep up the great work.

  47. James Maitland says:

    Most impressive! Great video and editing work as well. Keep on Keeping on!

  48. Jim Roe says:

    Dave – thoroughly enjoyed your 10 year celebration video. THANKS SO MUCH! I’m at the 3 year mark with a Lionel O gauge layout which will feature among other engines my first Lionel engine received when I was 7 years old (which was 66 yrs ago).
    I like watching your vids because there is so much in them to get ideas from. Keep them coming Dave.
    Jim in Northern Michigan, USA

  49. Dave Bower says:

    Excellent video Dave, what more can be said. I watch & thoroughly enjoy them all but that was extra special thankyou. Regards, Dave B.

  50. ian impett says:

    Hi .What a SUPERB video the best yet. I’m a bit concerned why the GINGER BREAD man was not at school yet. May I suggest you apply to EATON !!!!!

    Best regards IAN………………

  51. Hi Dave as normal im lost for words your train cam is so good i just love your vids you share with us thanks for shareing Dave and hope another ten years of trains i get to see lol
    all the best anthoney

  52. george mullen says:

    One of the best layouts I have seen. Great video.

  53. Ian says:

    All I can say is Wow. Great layout.

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