Dave fits lights to his coaches

“Hi Al,

Just uploaded this How To video showing a easy way to fit interior lights to coaches , not cheap but very effective and as I show very easy to fit …then also how to make some of the cheaper Railroad stock coaches look a lot better with painting the roofs .



And if you’ve not seen the ebay cheat sheet recently, you’re missing out. It’s here. Have a look.



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  1. Mike Carrington says:

    Hi Dave, I think the lights you have chosen are very expensive and not particularly bright as you had them running in the dark and could hardly notice some of them. Also they are at a fixed distance between them which makes them very difficult to line up with the compartments. Having said that you can buy on ebay enough lights to light up a rake of 9 (nine) coaches with tail lights for £15 and they have 8 led’s per coach fitted where you want them. The ebay shop is called “Coach Lighting”. May I suggest you have a look.

    With regards,

    p.s. They do not flicker going over points or crossings

  2. Howard Thomas says:

    The lighting kits are quite expensive per coach but an alternative selection can be obtained from Layouts4u at a quarter of the costs and are just as easy to fit and also include an on/off switch. But keep them coming Dave.

  3. Rob McCrain says:

    I have 5 coaches equipped with these lighting systems and have been very happy with them. The motion sensors work great so the lights are only “on” when the rake starts to move and shuts off a minute or two after they stop. The battery lasts 9-12 months depending on how much running they get. Unlike Dave, I used a toenail clipper with the blades square. With them I was able to cut a square channel through the coach for the strip. The battery fit nicely at the toilet end. I like them. Fortunately, the manufacturers are starting to install lighting on the newer designs. Good How To Dave.

  4. pretty groovy Dave…
    I have an entire B&O vintage passenger set from the 50’s with factory installed lighting but I have wanted to add lighting to my cabooses, several locos including steamers etc
    this is a nice way to do it

  5. paul Otway says:

    another trick is fit a pickup shoe, which could pick up power from the wheels, providing that the carriage wheels are metal.

  6. Raymond Bove says:

    Congratulations again Dave for this masterful video.

    And thanks a million to Mike for indicating the other product available on Ebay. That is exactly what I was looking for and the price is unbeatable. I prefer a system that takes its power supply through the wheels since I find that having to remove the body (not the roof) on Hornby’s superdetailed coaches is a fiddly mater that can easily lead to brekages. So I’d rather not have to replace batteries. Great!

  7. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great how to on lighting.the paint job came up great. any ideas on what your doing down in that road area.

  8. James D Mehl says:

    Your lighting looked fantastic, I would not feel like they needed brighter ones and the diesel you were using sounded as good as your lighting, love that sound, keep up the good work!

  9. Larry “POTTS” Kettles says:

    Dave. First thing I noticed is your fingers work like mine. Nice job on the lighting of your coaches. Every once in awhile something comes along that not only works but is easy to install. Thanks for keeping us up to date

  10. Robert Brady says:

    Great job Dave,You’ve done it again,And commercial free too.
    I am considering lighting up my amtrak coaches now.got me thinking.
    Robert Brady

  11. Steve Joyce says:

    Excellent information. I have been thinking about lighting mine up. Glad to see it can be so simple

  12. Peter Farrington says:

    Hi Dave, I definitely liked the kit from Coach-Lighting, I bought a roll of 12v LED’s from amazon for tunnel lighting & then decided to have go at using it in a rake of coaches. I used the wiper pickups from DCC Concepts on each coach & controlled the lights with a small switch on the end of each coach, on a straight run this worked fine but on corners the switch toggle was fouled by the following coach so a redesign is needed, either different switches or go to the plug and socket method which as you showed clearly works fine. A job well done there Dave, it has provided inspiration again. Thank you for that.

  13. Will in NM says:

    Dave, Anothe nice “how to” video for coach lighting. I agree the kits look a bit pricey, but since they include the motion sensor and battery, it’s a fair price. I just bought a strip of 10 mm LEDs on Amazon cheap and may use them for structure lighting like I’ve seen you do in some of your other videos. I also just added some people figures to my Bachmann coaches like you showed in another video a while back. The figures were really cheap on Amazon — they’re not as finely detailed as the ones from Preiser, etc. but are fine for coach interiors. Thanks again for all the tips you post. Be well and keep safe.

  14. Erick says:


  15. Al, Thanksagain for what you do. Living in a nursing home, your posts are the
    highlight of my day and I archive every one. One concern I have is the many
    posts of ” dangerous dave “. He has a fantastic layout , however , There are two
    sides of the coin ( so to speak ) . There are very few people in this world that
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