Dave’s latest railway video…

Dave’s been tinkering with his new video software.

It gave me a chuckle – so I thought it might give you one too.

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49 Responses to Dave’s latest railway video…

  1. Davef says:

    Really inventive. Loved it. Can’t wait for the movie……………

  2. John Fuller says:

    Looks and sounds like an introduction to a great mystery story surrounding the scenery of a railway system. Sherlock, Marple or Wallander should be the star. Looking for more production work.
    Keep it up.

  3. Robert Arnold says:

    So when does it hit the movie theaters.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  4. D.B. Lewis says:

    Watch out, Spielberg!

  5. Roger says:





  6. Roland says:

    When will the movie be release? Oscar for the director?

  7. duncan says:

    I like this very much – witty and well produced! Give us more – just make the trains run a bit slower so we can see them better.
    Definitely Oscar ( or Thomas) Award nomination! D/

  8. Sheila says:

    Excellent. As always. Very much enjoy your videos.

  9. paul g says:

    any other model railroad layouts for us to watch on this site besides Dave’s? i admit he’s extremely talented, but enough already. show us some different layouts………..please!!!

  10. Chris Gibbon says:

    Too funny. I was disapointed when it ended, but I fear the thought of Godzilla making an apperance in upcoming episodes. Keep up the great work Dave. Now I’m afraid to post any video of my work in progress due to poor camera men…me
    P.S. Al – Your site is awesome and has helped me a great deal over the last year or so.

  11. Robert Durie says:


  12. John Googins says:

    Being an American I’m not very keen on European prototypes. That being said I did get a big kick out of your teaser. Hope it’s coming soon to a theater ( theatre? ) near me. Kudos.

    The High Bogaziddy Mahesh Maserati – Top Ramen

  13. JOHN DONAHUE says:


  14. Ren says:

    Disapointed not in 3D……. 🙁

  15. John Tipper says:

    Short and sweet; as someone else said, a great intro for non-modellers. Well done, Dave!

  16. marty s. says:


  17. Ben Zalewski says:

    Fantastic job with the music.
    Excellent camera angles.

  18. choralc says:

    Someone has been playing with iMovie on their Apple Mac!

  19. I am curious as to the size of Dave’s Layout. How many square feet is comprised in his layout?
    I do like his current video production, but I question his choice of music for it. Perhaps he might choose, if possible, to find a remote camera to put into one of his locos, so that he can produce a “From the Cab” video. I did that a few months back using a model of the Southern Pacific “Cab-Forward” loco. The video has some bugs to work out yet. but over all, it is not bad for a video from a camera in the cab of a loco.
    What do you think about this idea?

  20. Thanks you all for your comments , and Roger you have put some title idea`s for next one , and Paul suggest you make a video of your layout then we can see something different , Thanks again all and Al for posting

  21. Peter Wright says:

    Ben Hur eat you heart out. Great video, great music, great editing of a great layout.
    More plese and long may they continue.

  22. paul king says:

    i was wait for that vioce that normaly comes appering at a cinima near you lol very good i just love that layout it inspires me

    thanks for shareing

  23. Cameron Davies says:

    GOLD !

  24. Peter says:

    Where next for Dave, Hollywood?

  25. paul Otway says:

    Liked it, oh by the way Diesels and pre natnalisation stock should not be used on the same train.

  26. Glad you all enjoyed, as for the question the size of the layout , it started small , but now is approx. 30ft. x 8ft. Thanks Again for all your Comments

  27. Toni says:


    Your Trailer and intro for your model railway is EXCELLENT, better than gold.

    I had to watch it a second time. Have to say, No doubt about it. Your new video style ou does the videos that you did of your lay out in the past. With production quality like that, put into a short story format of your layout, I am sure it would be a hit on YouTube or other video hosting sites.

    Darling, it was simply marvelous. Keep up the great work.

  28. Paul says:

    bravo Denis bravo

  29. chris says:

    The only rub, is I had to wait six times as long for it to load.
    Nice movie.

  30. ROLAND A JACKSON says:


  31. Max says:

    Trust we will have a new episode at least once a week??

  32. PaulWilson says:

    you are wasted! That was brilliant, the sound, the visuals even the cutting was good…… wow, great mate

  33. fred says:

    Great !!!!

    Fred (RSA)

  34. Jay Reese says:

    Dave has definitely gone Hollywood!!! Loved the sound track, very dramatic. I was actually expecting Bruce Willis to make an appearance. Good job Dave.

  35. bob says:

    Bravessimo Dave, love the drama, the music, the scenes. Hollywood will be looking for you soon.

  36. Pete says:

    Dave, it appears that you are having more fun than can possibly be legal. Great job and keep on keeping on.


  37. Glenn says:

    Awesome…. Totally awesome. I hope one day to build something similar with my grandson (if my kids would only cooperate).

  38. John Dyson says:

    Hi Dave…what a giggle..that’s brilliant…:O) Well done….oh and to the guy who suggested a ‘cab ride video’…tell him you already did that!!!! (That’d be the ‘prequel’) Haha! Have just about completed my ‘wiring’ (analogue DC) will try and get some shots for Al’s site…:O) John D x

  39. Barry says:

    He’s mad! But we love him. Keep them coming Dave:
    You are a very talented man Dave. Your model railway would put a lot of the open to public model railways to shame.
    How long has it taken you to get to the layout we see now?
    Many thanks Dave.
    Barry from Penzance

  40. tony says:

    fantastic dave was watching video for 2nd time better half stopped carving chicken to watch first time she has realised its not a hobby its a habit lol thank you dave and al

  41. Andy says:

    Nice one Dave
    When’s the sequel

  42. Fernando in Gloucester says:

    Hello Dave! I can not tell you what a pleasure and inspiration your work is!!!! I can not really bear the thought you are going to “rip it out and start again!” (Although I understand you perfectly, as clearly this is a hobby for life and the job is never finished!) Anyway just a big thank you for sharing your wonderful Layout with everyone and I for one will look forward to your next exploits and if I ever come across you, perhaps in some exhibition around the country, I will say hello and thank you personally!

    Take care

  43. Bruce Y says:

    LOL I loved that LOL

  44. Dave says:

    Dave of the ‘Triffics’

    I laughed, I wept . . . .You now only need one aircraft ( rtp or on a slide wire ) and the punsters can include ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’ to the credits….

    So much talent [ but I bet you haven’t burned-down the airfix thatched-cottage – Yet ] . . .


  45. Tim Jeffrey says:

    Nice little video, Everyone needs some entertainment every now & then

  46. Alan Tarpey says:

    Loved it!

  47. ROBIN says:


  48. Rich M says:

    Great movie!

  49. Nathan says:

    David, looks like you have a big budget film. Looks Great!

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