N scale turnouts

Dean’s been back in touch with a video of pics on his N scale turnouts:

This is the third part in his series (you can see the last one here).

“Al, here is the third video on my construction of the Scenic Ridge railroad layout.

This video deals with switches (turnouts or points) and switch (turnout or point) machines.

The first photo shows the control panel with four Atlas controllers mounted on a Masonite sheet drilled to fit the three-gang electrical box which holds it.

N scale turnouts

The second photo shows the electrical box which has been cut down to 1 inch deep.

In the next photo I show the box glued into the front support panel of the layout with Liquid Nails adhesive. You can also see some of the telephone wire and connectors I use to interface the control board to the switch machines.

N scale turnouts

Finally, here is an overall view of the layout under construction as of this video.

N scale turnouts

I appreciate all the comments and viewings I get from your readers.


“For the ones who wanted know how I made the cactus, I bought the arms at Hobby Lobby. Carved the trunks out of balsa wood and painted them from desert pictures.

More to come about the T&SRR.


(You can see JW’s post here.)

Now on to Dave:


Moved to France 3 years ago and had to start my layout all over again!

It’s 00 with an upper level 009 circuit for some added interest.

Still a lot of wiring to do but got trains moving so feels like it’s all coming together.

Here are some shots for you.. keep up the good work.


A big thanks to JW, Dave and Dean.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming because it’s awfully thin on the fround this end.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to stop dreaming and start doing.



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12 Responses to N scale turnouts

  1. Peter Smith says:

    Hi Dave, where do you live in France? I also have a 00 gauge railway and live in the Luberon in Provence. My layout has previously been shown by Al.

  2. James says:

    Cool 😎

  3. Robert Brady says:

    Dave other then it’s N scale the photos do your layout justice and lived in. Moderately busy properly utilizing space..
    The Critic

  4. Dwight in Toronto says:

    I was rather intrigued with those large, ancient-looking wooden timbers holding up the roof in Daves train room. Is this part of the house? How old is this building, and where in France might Dave be? We don’t have such construction here in Canada (well, maybe a wee bit in the oldest parts of Quebec City). I’ve always been interested in half-timber structures, thatch roofing, stonework on castles and cathedrals etc, and such explorations are always part of my visits to Europe, so this caught my eye.

    Dean … nice work with those Atlas switch controllers, but the overall appearance of the devices themselves have always left me cold, what with all the exposed wire attachment screws, the large size etc. There are much more simple, clean, attractive and space-saving options (simple pushbuttons, for example). Good idea using the cut-down device box though!

  5. Paul Case says:

    Dean why did you do all your switch wiring above the table? All those connections could have taken place under the layout for a much neater job and not interfer with the scenery work in the future.

  6. Erick says:

    Pretty Neat.!!! I going try that.

  7. John Hauser says:

    I’m impressed with your layout, it is beautiful. I’m in the US but have added a European section to my layout. There is something special about British and European rail layouts. Your work is very good, I’m sure the hours that you have invested give you a lot of satisfaction. Nice job!
    John H. LI, NY

  8. don kadunc says:

    You must be in a very old house. The beam is impressive.

    Great info on wiring switches. using a soldering iron to strip fine stranded wire was a great tip.

  9. Allan J Jelinek says:

    Fantastic job. Did you create the grave stones,(monuments, markers, ETC.) or did you buy them. If you purchased them, can you tell us where? Again, very, very impressive.

  10. Graham Smith says:

    Never mind the layout, it is great – can’t deny that, but the room looks fab. Is the rest of the house like that?
    Back to the trains again, ignore the jealousy. It does look like a very busy layout, would love to see a video when it’s all done and working. From personal experience if an engine, points or signal are going to break down or give trouble it will almost always be in the hardest place to reach. Can you get access to these sort of places?
    It all looks great, well done.

  11. Berniedoc says:

    Dave, unbelievable amount of stuff on your layout.

  12. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Dave….what a layout……a lot going on………nice addition with the cemetery.

    Dean…….nice job with that Atlas switch panel. Good video

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