Arizona model trains

John’s been in touch with his Arizona model train layout.

I know many of you are men of few words – and that’s fine. It’s still good to see your layouts.

Let’s start with JW – a man of very few words indeed:

“My version of a Arizona 1920’s Tombstone and Southern railroad.


Arizona model trains

Arizona model trains

Arizona model trains

Arizona model trains

Now onto John’s:

“Hi Al,

As I visit this very helpful site often, I feel I should join the contributors.

First a little about myself, As senior citizen, am planning my third and last layout. This may or may not be built due to medical issues, but I am having fun planning it anyway. I have many radical ideas which I hope to incorporate in the 4m X 2 layout. Sorry about metrics.

I have recently moved to Canberra and have some of my old layout to incorporate in this new one.

Kind regards

John (John K)”

model railroad control panel

model train turntable

model train girder bridge

model train diesel loco bridge

model train sidings

Next on to Stephen:


I started building your buildings, with the help of John, last year.

Like many of your followers, I started with O scale trains, had an unlandscaped platform when my children were young, but your site inspired me to “just get started”.

I purchased your Beginners Guide and it’s been worth every Penny – put coaster wheels on the platform legs so I can work behind my L- shaped 10x8x4 ft platform.

As you can see I’ve placed scenery on about a third of the platform, the mountain and town plus the industrial areas still to come.

The farm is growing barley and hops-to be taken to the brewery then the finished product will be enjoyed at the Brauhaus in town.

Thanks for your site to share ideas.

Steve, also in Ohio”

model railroad farm

model railroad track curve

model railroad dirt bike

model train freight

model train laying track

Now on to Eric.

“Hello Al Hope all is well.

I have attached a link of the lower layout with a steam loco pushing the rail cam.

Not much to say that I have not said in past post. I remember someone asking about

a run around the layout. So here is 3 min. of running.

Thank you

Eric The Firefighter St. Louis Missouri Area”

(Eric’s last post is here).

A big thanks to JW for sharing his Arizona model trains – and to Eric, Steve and John.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

model train answers

26 Responses to Arizona model trains

  1. Ms Jackie says:

    TO JW
    How did you make the cactus?? Best response is via the forum:

    Ms. Jackie

  2. To: JW
    Great old western look. The 3D rocks remind me of southern Utah. Good effect.

  3. James says:


    Your 3-D background is awesome! Nicely done, Sir!


    Outstanding video with excellent sound effects!

  4. Scott J says:

    JW, Dennis is right about the rocks looking like southern Utah, around Bryce. As a Tucson resident, I can say that your saguaro cacti are true to form. Although the joshua trees don’t generally grow at the same elevation. The only thing missing are some ocotillo with the red blooms at the tips! Great job!

  5. Erick says:

    Pretty Kool.!!! Mine is going look something that.

  6. Louis Frederick Caputo says:

    Love how Eric’s steam loco slowly builds up power and the “chuffing” increases in tempo; the eye level ride puts the viewer in the cab! Surprised tho that there’s no headlight on the engine.

  7. Stosh Polodski says:

    John K: Looks great! Hope you stay with us!

    JW: Also looks great! You really captured the US southwestern/western desert feel.

    Stephen: Really got a kick out of the wheelying (out of control?) dirt bike! Don’t think I have ever seen that on a layout before.

    Eric: Enjoyed the video! Keep it up!

    Thanks y’all!

  8. Jim AZ says:

    Nicely done by all of you. The cab ride was interesting and great sound effects. JW, I liked the southwest landscape and colors although the area is more like northern AZ, NM or southern UT. I liked Steve’s unique buildings and the campsite is an interesting scene. And a good start with John’s layout. You have some rather large bridges there. Impressive.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Jim AZ

  9. Dave S. says:

    John K.

    Great layout! I’m also working on my last HO layout due to being a senior citizen. The only recommendation I would make it to add a base to your bridges. Otherwise your track and ties are suspended in air. I made the same mistake years ago on my first layout and it bothered my until I rebuilt it. It’s an easy fix, just use your creativity.

  10. Frank G. says:

    Loved the video

  11. JW. Your Arizona railroad is a thing of beauty. I’m building a “G” guage free lance desert railroad in California’s low desert. Where did all your cacti come from? I can’t seem to find any in 1:24 scale.

  12. Andrew Aves says:

    Amazing bridge construction John K
    Andrew QLD

  13. Love the SW landscape. I’m heading in that direction, modelling Old West and ACW Eastern periods. Lived in AZ for ten years, so like the Saguaro and desert landscaping–would have been building a similar layout, but had no basement there!! Loving return to NY where I have 2000′ sf to play with…Great job!

  14. Gary M from Long Island says:

    John K…….very colorful…… great bridges.

    JW……fantastic backdrop……love the old engine in the sand.

    Stephen…….great scenery……still got a lot to finish……..

    Eric…….nice run

  15. Frank says:

    Everyone had some great scenery. That first photo of the turntable…. loved the greenery and rock face on the wall.

    The western stuff…. great details.

    Nice trees and liked the motorcycle.

    The video was so pleasant to watch.

  16. Nice Job Firefighter Eric and thank you for your services. My oldest son is a firefighter in our town. I noticed a house on fire while your train was rolling….hopefully it is under control. Also thanks for running your train at a perfect speed NOT like Dangerous Dan who runs them all at a hundred mikes an hour. Sorry DD, we all love you BUT you got to slow them down a tad

  17. James H. Kalin says:

    To Eric the firefighter:
    Surprised and delighted to see your fire service collection as I viewed your train video. To have a pole AND a ladder in your room is amazing. Great work.
    Jim, Assistant Chief

  18. Don says:

    love the video, the layout is great & the small tent with people camping near the rail was great

  19. George Zaky says:

    JW- Great job & love your layout.
    Great work. Lots of character.
    Awesome video of a fantastic layout. Much thanks for this one.
    Big Al
    You’re making me work hard. LOL

  20. Ken Holbrook says:

    When that train came out of the first tunnel heading towards that diesel, 8 thought we were going to witness a Gomez Addams collision up close and personal! Well done. I like the fire fighting paraphernalia on the walls. Great job!

  21. Frank Pumillo says:

    beautiful layout, lots of gorgeous details!

  22. KenG says:

    To John –

    I really liked your Arizona 1920’s Tombstone and Southern railroad! It looks like you have the Grizzly Flats station – Yes?
    And if you haven’t done so, you need to check out Dave Meed’s Thunder Mesa Studio YouTube channel and web site – Right up your ally for sure!

  23. Ted Eggleston says:

    Vwey enjoyable, especially the video. What video camera did you use? I’m getting ready to rebuild my last layout (81), but I’d so like to have a remote camera to film the voyage. Thank you.

  24. robert dale tiemann says:

    love it. makes me want to watch a john wayne move.yeeha.

  25. Bill Allen says:

    JW…Your layout looks more like Arizona than Arizona itself! I live in Florence Arizona. Beautiful Sonoran Desert but I think living in your layout would be more fun! You have done a beautiful job.

  26. James says:

    Nice layouts, but I think it’s steves photos. The curve in the last pic looks kinda tight!? Won’t be getting anything long going through that curve?

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