HO scale town layout – Eric’s

Eric’s been back in touch with part 2 of his HO scale town layout update:

(His last post is here if you missed it.)

“Hello Alastair

Here is part two of the new insert addition.

This begins with the insert with the finish edges which mainly is to cover the rough edges of the insert when put in place.

The next step was to check fit and adjust and put in place. Had to make a new road to the area also.

Then begin finding some DMP buildings to build, paint and weather to go with the new replacement insert.

With a few completed I messed around with placement and needed a few more. Has you can see something is coming to light with my HO scale town layout slowly.

This will complete part 2 insert addition, standby for part 3.

I will try to keep it interesting with a spin from gun shop and range to..

Thanks Al for sharing Its a great hobby that never stops, like you saw at Mark Twain Hobby shop

“Get A Life , Get A Hobby”

Eric the firefighter”

HO scale town layout

HO scale town layout

HO scale town layout

HO scale town layout

HO scale town layout

HO scale town layout

Now on to Heather, whose last post is here.

“At long last I have been able to upload these photos.

The top one just shows the lay out he has gone with since making changes.

The bottom photo is just of Terrence bull dozing the area for the end loader to pick up, as jason wants this as a goverment area for maintaining the ground of the track & park land.

Thee cut out is just one I had printed to try my hand at it.

The control box are just sitting there out the road for now & will go into place when he has the area ready that the only reason they are sitting there.

Also tried power unit I had but Thomas could not move so I have to get another power supply or find out if this is working or not. First I thought I might see Thomas & the girls go for a little run but nope, so I put them on the siding for now all the carrages run around the track with ease. Just need power to try engines then.

I’m going to search internet to see if I can find a wharf some where to get a Idea of how to build one for Jason.

Do you know if there is a cargo ship in 1.87 scale around as I have not seen any.



Now on to Peter, who has sent in this video after his last post.

“Hi Alastair,

After the very interesting comments to my previous post here is a short video which shows the whole layout as it stands so far.


A big thanks to Eric for sharing his HO scale town layout, and too Heather and Peter.

I think all of them show this hobby is all about making that start.

And if you want to make yours, the Beginner’s Guide is here.

That’s all today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.



PS Seen the latest ebay cheat sheet yet?

12 Responses to HO scale town layout – Eric’s

  1. Rod Mackay says:

    Heather, does the power pack work OK if you connect it only to a spare length of track, not part of the layout? If it does, but still won’t work when you connect it to the layout, you might have a short-circuit. That could be caused by something metal, like a track pin, stuck in points say, or lying across the track; or you might have a reverse loop in your track plan (can’t tell from the picture) allowing the positive rail to come round to connect with the negative one. If Thomas does NOT run on an independent bit of track, then it could be him or the power pack at fault, and you can test Thomas easily by using a nine volt battery and a couple of lengths of wire from the battery ends to rub on opposite wheel treads. Good luck.

  2. Eric the Firefighter, St. Louis, Missouri says:

    Peter, what a great layout , looks like you have a lot of room for that fabulous layout. Love it very much, great job.

    Eric the Firefighter

  3. Erick says:

    Good workmanship

  4. Rob Schweitzer says:

    Peter, wonderful to see a long train runing. Great landscaping, I particularly liked the lighting. It’s great to have so much room to run the trains on a big layout. WELL DONE!
    St. Goar & Murren Scenic Railway
    Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

  5. Terry Miller says:

    Eric–this bodes the questions: Are the buildings glued to the cut-out or do you have to remove them every time you need access. Also, if they are glued, where do you put the entire cut-out when you remove it for access? (on top of the layout, underneath, etc.

    Terry/Idaho USA

  6. Terry they are sitting there , and they will have their location foot print where they would be.

    I just lift it out when access is needed, set it on floor do what I need and back in place.

    Thank you for asking.

    More coming..

    Go to YouTube search Eric Kiehl for videos.

  7. Andrew Aves says:

    Wow! Peter – Wonderful layout full of interest and running options – Love it
    Andrew in Oz

  8. Ms Heather Logan says:

    Hi there again everyone like a lot of you we may be moving soon so everything is going on hold at the moment till we know more so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for a while, for the unknown is very scary at the moment. Thankyou for the feed back too on the power problem we have I will get Jason to look into it when he comes up again, those photo’s are a bit old for there have been a lot of changes as every one does ha ha ha I see if I can get a update on it at the moment so to all thankyou for your updates & advice your help goes a long way in helping us get it together the right way thanks to all of you. Also Jason has picked up a small camera he want’s to fit to one unit so we can see what it looks like from track view, Dave I think it was said to run a camera on your track & watch it close so you get the right feel & you will see where there are problems if any so thanks to him Jason got the camera to do just that thanks mate, please keep the advice coming for even though it’s not our set your talking about it’s still great advice we use on our set, to all please be safe with this virus going around & thankyou all Heather & Jason.

  9. Peter Smith says:

    Thank you all for your great comments, the viaduct was the last expansion and really gives good photo opportunities. The whole layout has taken 5 years so far and I still have lots of areas to complete. A great retirement project.

  10. I will be posting basic 4×8 layout then my expansion to 5 ft by 14 ft expansion. This is all unfinished with hills. towns and mountains to follow afterwards. I have a plan and it will all start coming together very soon.

  11. Wayne watts says:

    Pete Smith
    The viaduct is beautiful. I am going to ask what size is your layout? If what you have has taken 5 years, with more to do I am doomed. I broke ground almost a year ago on my layout. If it’s going to take me 5 more years to finish, I will be dead by then. All I can say is very good job.

  12. Wayne watts says:

    To start this I would like to say Thank You for your service. I saw the 9-11 plaque on your wall. May all their souls rest in God’s hands. Being a vet. I respect all the men and women who but their lives on the line every day. Your layout is not the best I have seen on this site, but what I do see is that you are having fun with it, and for that it’s fantastic. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s never done.

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