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Glyn has been in touch again with an update and a video this time. If you need to jog your memory, Glyn’s last post is here.

“Hi Al

Ive just uploaded my first attempt at a video of my HO layout construction. It’s not terribly professional I’m afraid but it does give some sense of how things are progressing. Having edited the video about a month ago I’ve since added another outer double mainline loop to extend and connect the 2 outer limbs of the layout to create a mainline through station instead of the end terminal station shown in the video. I’m in the process of starting to video the extension construction but it will take some time editing the clips. I’ll get them to you as soon as I can.



And here’s the video:

Thanks again for all you do to bring us together as hobbyists.



A huge thank you to Glyn – did enjoy the video. It’s strangely satisfying to see what other folk get up to in their garages, basements and lofts.

And please don’t forget today is the last day to grab the launch offer on the embankment wall, which was brilliantly demonstrated by John.

That’s all this time folks. Beginner’s Guide is here if you’re feeling inspired.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet here.

37 Responses to Glyn’s latest update

  1. Shlack says:

    Thanks for sharing, Glyn. So much to see and from which to learn!!!. A great
    example of having so many projects simultaneously in progress, while still
    being able to run our trains.

  2. Eric says:

    That is one large layout Glyn, oh to have all that space to work in, Looking impressive already, The talus and rocks do bring life to your river scene and look very realistic. Well done keep up the good work be interesting to see the updates when ready.

    Eric (Leeds) UK

  3. david howarth says:

    Well done with the layout Glyn …it sure has progressed well ….Dave

  4. Great progress Glyn this will be something special. Your bridgework and multi level plans are very impressive. Well done good luck with the progress . Some sidngs are extremely close to the edge but you will be building a wall before you park precious stock there I guess! Regards Steve

  5. Gary lashley says:

    Great video I’m learning more about model railroading everyday thanks to everyone

  6. John Breeze says:

    Great layout, wish I had the space. My shunting puzzle is coming on though! Excellent video, lots of ideas my my own layout. Keep up the good work.

  7. Bob Lee says:

    Just-.-.-brilliant !! my loft layout has come to a halt, I broke my hip and it isn’t healing, I think that’s the correct terminology, so the layout is not going to happen. Shame as I purchased 50 locos and coaches etc.

  8. Patrick says:

    Awesome layout & excellent craftsmanship…

  9. Dan Marso says:

    Magnificent layout, thanks for sharing.

    Dan Marso

  10. Lynn Taubeneck says:

    Nice layout Glyn. We do a lot of video work here and if you will leave the captions on the screen for five (5) seconds or more the average person can read and comprehend the art work as well. Just remember, your viewer is not familiar with your layout and must digest the whole scene in order to benefit. However, you are doing a good job.

  11. christine says:

    Lot of work, lot of money. Looks like fun.

  12. Marty says:

    Glyn’s, all I can say is WOW !!! You have one of the nicest s lay outs I have seen on this web sight. You are to be congratulated on your craftsmanship, it is outstanding !!

  13. rocco maley says:

    Great layout Glyn. Can you please tell me how big it is. Thank you.

  14. Dave Whatley says:

    Thanks a lot that was a great video. I know it’s a lot of hard work of love for trains. Dave in Savanna, Ga. USA

  15. Impressive layout Glynn
    lots of good ideas coming to fruition
    keep em runnin fellas
    stJohn in long beach calif

  16. Tracy says:

    Thanks for sharing, Great Video.

  17. Pete Evangel says:

    WOW!! Very large layout. You’ve done quite the job with detail and I cant wait to see more, especially the addition you spoke of. On minor suggestion on the video. While I like the text on the screen, it fades out much to quickly. I think there is a slight problem with iMovie, some of the text is hidden and we dont get to see it. Just love seeing the trains moving through the layout. Love the sounds from the U.P. loco. !! Keep up the fine workmanship.

    Pete-Rainy Silicon Valley.

  18. bob townsley says:

    shame about the camra shots to frast slow down so as to take in all the shots of layout

  19. dewaine says:

    this may be hard to belive but thats is the first time i have seen a model train come up an incline with full secess. that was great.

  20. Cliff says:

    Spectacular! Great layout & outstanding scenery, bridges & buildings. Hope to see video of it when it’s completed.
    Cliff (NJ) USA

  21. Jon Brobst says:

    One of the better water scenes we’ve seen. Great progress. Fun video, thanks for sharing.

  22. Glyn says:

    Thanks for all the helpful comments guys – I really appreciate it. Especially helpful were the video comments. This is my first video attempt and the points are well taken. I will change the iMovie scripts as I noticed the fade can be difficult to read in the final product. I used text instead of vocals as my microphone is a little iffy so purchased a better one which I will use to voice over the next video. Dave is my gold standard so I have a long way to go!:) I will also linger longer on the still images so people can see detail for longer periods of time. Bob I do hope your hip heals and that you can get that loft layout going again. And a big thank you to John once more for the outstanding tutorial on building the retaining wall which I will be using to protect some of my close edges. As for the question about size, the layout is currently about 13’x22′ (close to 4x7m). I’m waiting for the Faller Bietschtal bridge to arrive before I inset the big double main line definitively and landscape it as I need to get the track bed level correct.And yes… lot’s of money over a long period of time as I have collected all these bits and pieces – but then boys will be boys and we do love our toys!! Regards to all, Glyn

  23. James Miller says:

    I almost gave up after seeing your work bench area! Nice progress. I just wish I had that much space.

  24. Jeff says:

    Great work! Cant wait to see more of the layout

  25. Rene Vanderneut says:

    Good looking layout even though it still in the construction stage.

  26. charlie says:

    Glyn. All I can say s (WOW) keep us up dated.

  27. Ian Mc Donald says:

    that is some layout, the video will go in the library, was great to see a bit of everything from start to scenery to trains moving, keep up the good work looking forward to the next video.

  28. Peter Hastings says:

    Great piece of work as has already been mentioned wish I had thar amount of space, but love watching the American locos. True giants compared to ours. Keep up the good work.

  29. Gerald Glass says:

    Great job blending table top and bench work to create a multi-level layout; I may
    borrow your techniques to achieve a similar effect on my next O-gauge layout!

    Jer, Las Vegas

  30. Joseph Stately says:

    Fantastic job on your layout & video. UP big boy loco is great.
    NJ USA

  31. Kevin McArdle says:

    Beautiful work, but next time how about running what I think was a Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4 sitting on a siding.

  32. Tom says:

    Truly a beautiful and realistic layout!!! Everything is great. Thank you for sharing our mutual interest, hobby. Well done on a great great job that is a work of art!

  33. Bob Zimmerman says:

    Nice layout. Cant wait to see anther video.

    Bob [ Me.] USA

  34. Mike RICHARDSON says:

    Glyn, what an amazing layout you have. It is great and I love the Big Boy with it’s sound. The black and red engine with the firebox is also extremely well done.
    Mike USA.

  35. Bill Ruth says:


  36. John schmehl says:

    Very nice and I like the size.

  37. Thanks Glyn, You have restored a faith in this hobby to a lot of us. From your ventilated paint area, to a meticulous work bench, on to a great undertaking. YOU have shown it can be done, and done well. Thank you!

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