Dave adds some carriages

Dave’s been busy again – does the man ever stop?

This time as well giving his latest video an Easter theme, he’s added a load of carriages to his locos.

I like the truck cam shots best. Have a look:

Now for a trip down memory lane. I was chatting with a good friend the other day and he asked me if there is a layout that particularly sticks out in in my mind. And do you know, there is, for two reasons:

1) There are very few layouts that could feature Godzilla and get away with it.

2) It’s got bags of character and lots going on.

So here you go. Here it is – all the posts, stretching over a year or so, for the ‘Amsterken’ layout.

Amsterken 1

Amsterken the video

Amsterken Updates

Amsterken at night

Amsterken grows

Amsterken sequel video

Hope you enjoyed the flash back! Don’t forget if you do want to search the site, there’s always the Golden Key.

That’s all this time folks. If Ken’s inspired you (how can he not?), the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet here.

28 Responses to Dave adds some carriages

  1. Jerry says:

    Your stuff is always great. Thanks

  2. Patrick Byrne says:

    A super layout!! The scenery ranks right up there
    Love those long passenger trains.
    Keep up the good work

  3. Charles Crawford says:

    Every Year we have a Train Show at the Cessna Activity Center. They feature a Layout in N Scale that has Godzilla attacking a Japanese Commuter train. We enjoy seeing it at the show. The show is either in the Fall or Spring. They do a good Job of the Layout.

  4. David Murray says:

    Thank you for sending us this brilliant display. One gets the impression one could look at the railway and it’s environs for quite a long time, then go back later and spot something not noticed initially. I particularly noticed the canal with barges and the very realistic signal box. May I wish a fellow Dave and his family a very happy Easter and perhaps, as it’s spring, it might not rain on Bank Holiday Monday. David Murray (The Elmton Branch Line).

  5. David Flood says:

    Truly Excellent. I am overcome with Jealousy!
    It contains many of my dreams.
    Very well done,

  6. Bob Bouskll says:

    That was great to see and try to relax after spending the day trying to get a squirrel out after he knocked over most of my trains and made a mess of everything. Finally got him out and got some house cleaning done in areas normally left untouched.

  7. robert peters says:

    Great layout and potentially a new Cadbury egg comercial.

  8. Austin Wilson says:

    Always love seeing your video’s Dave. An awesome layout.

  9. williambarber says:

    professionally done and very enjoyable thanks for showing it..bill barber whitehouse Tennessee usa..

  10. williambarber says:

    oh!! ii forgot happy easter to you and yours bill barber ( nickname Bullwinkle )..

  11. paul Otway says:

    how did you get the passengers in the carriages?

    I liked the easter egg train.

    Paul Otway

  12. Chris says:

    I bought one of those mini digital cameras off EBay recently. They are great for mounting to your trains & giving you a drivers view of your layout. They are cheap as. mine with a 8 GB card & 5.0 MGP cost $15 Aussie delivered. Will plug straight into your computer. The best thing is they give you endless options to get another prospective of your hobby as Dave has shown here.

  13. Cliff Jacobsen says:

    As always Dave! Have a great Easter! And thanks for all the emails! Hope I get to meet you in person some day! Just moved into my new house I built on five acreas on lake here in Kentucky! Getting ready to build 30 x 50 shop now! Have lot of guys and gals anciuos to get involved! My sister and her husband have 50 acreas in S. Carolina and have business raising real trees for the train layouts! I build reproduction buildings for all scales for lot of important people and want to expand that on net! AGAIN, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOURS!

  14. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great easter video Dave next time an egg for your wife as well would be nice. I really did enjoy the bit of the long shot of the layout. Amsterken goes into the library so its easy to go back into to pick up ideas.

  15. Pete Evangel says:

    You know something. If ever I get across the big pond to the UK, I must go to visit Dangerous Dave. I just love his stuff.

    Pete-Sunny Silicon Valley.

  16. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for your generous Comments , all have a great Easter and enjoy your Easter Eggs , I enjoyed mine …Got to buy Deb one this morning …Dangerous Dave

  17. Hap Cummings says:

    I can picture me riding on one of those cars. Great layout!

  18. John G Macalla says:

    I’m an airplane modeler. This video is great, but what amazes me is the lack of dust. Building and finishing one item takes time Building an immense diorama layout as this is and finishing it all at one time is impossible without a full time cleaning crew. How Dave keeps the dust build up off the ground items is amazing.. The painting area of the Chrysler assembly plant here in Detroit keeps its inner air pressure higher than outside pressure and uses revolving door entrances only to minimize dust entry.
    How Dave manages to keep his layout looking so dust free is mind boggling

  19. Don gator Henry says:

    very nice layout. thanks for the video.

  20. john ortis says:

    Dave how do you keep tour track clean . Happy Easter to you Dave

  21. Tom says:

    Always great to see and wave to Ginger! Don’t forget to share some of that chocolate Easter Egg Treat with Ginger too!! Great adding coaches for the Easter time. Looked like everything was on time. Great fun. Cam shots were great Dave as always.
    Always great to revisit; this time with Amsterken! Great to see old things new.

    HAPPY BLESSED EASTER everyone, enjoy!!!!

    Tom, North Central Maryland, USA

  22. Terry Foster says:

    Thankyou Dave,I just love your brilliant layout,scenery,cameras etc,great job. regards Terry F.

  23. Eppi Santiago says:

    Wonderful layout. Thank you for sharing your video.

  24. Dave Fairfull says:

    Great video Dave. Another chuckle.Love the extra coaches for the holiday rush. “Hoppy Easter Everybunny”
    Dave F.

  25. Ken says:

    that’s amazing wish I had the room to develop a set like this one

  26. great video and the egg train was a laugh! always best not to take things too seriously! from a distance it could be a nuclear flask covered in foil. The camcorder is a great idea and must get Santa to bring me one when more of my layout is finished still too much bare board on show. This stuff inspires me to do more! I also noticed the people I assume you popped the roof off and placed them your self? Steve M

  27. Harry Awarski says:

    Very enjoyable. My grandson liked the gingerbread man. Nice touch. Happy Easter.

  28. Norman Backman says:

    Fantastic as usual Dave, I don’t know where you find the time nor the inspiration but it makes for great modelling and shows the rest of us just what can be done. Well done again!!
    Norman (Somerset UK)

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