HO scale bridges

There are lot of posts on the blog on HO scale bridges – but Jim really has nailed it with his club layout:

“Hello Alastair

Back here in Buffalo NY, I belong to a model railroad club known as Trainmasters. I am currently the President of the club. We have several members: Peter Vice President,
Greg Secretary, Ted Sergeant at Arms, Paul and Marty.

Together we make up the club and run the Buffalo Erie and Niagara Railroad.

The club has been in existence since the 1980’s and with many clubs members have come and gone, so as you can see we are a small group of dedicated model railroaders. All of the members has their own layouts and enjoy the hobby.

Recently, we started to complete a new module that is replacing one of the old modules in the rear of the layout.

Below is a few pictures of the module as it now semi-completed.

HO scale bridges

HO scale bridges

HO scale bridges

The module was constructed by: Greg Tobin, Peter Ferraina and Ted May.

The bridge as constructed and completed by Jim Sr.!

The idea was to have a river flowing under the bridge with hills rising on either side. To say that this project took some time is an over statement.

Since we only meet once a week for a couple of hours each, the entire bridge took over two years of pain staking work, as did the work on the module.

As you can see, there is much more work to be completed before the module is completed. The river has to be poured, trees and scenery has to be installed, but hopefully within a short period of time the entire module will be completed and installed.

Once that has occurred, I will send pictures of the completed project

Jim Sr
President of Trainmasters”

A big thanks to Jim – I shall add it to the collection of HO scale bridges!

Can’t wait to see how the layout progresses. Might by a while, but that’s no problem at all.

Over the years I’ve doing the blog there are 3 stand out points, that I think make all the difference with the layout.

They are:

1. Pick a theme! The layouts that end up the best are always the ones that have a theme from day one.

2. Make a start – you can think about your layout as hard as you like, but until you roll your sleeves up and get going, nothing happens.

Will you first layout be a masterpiece? Probably not. But the second or third will. You’ve just got to get stuck in and enjoy the journey.

3. Pace. Some folk work on their layouts at a screaming hurry. But most just potter. Either way, go at the pace that works for you.

Jim’s bridge has taken two years becuase of the club time constraits – but I’ll bet the shirt on my back he’s enjoyed every hour when he has worked on it.

And that goes whether you are building HO scale bridges, HO houses, any scale anything infact, though here’s another trestle bridge.

The whole point is fun, which is another reason why a layout is never finished – who wants the fun to stop?

And that brings me to Chuck.

Sometimes, it’s just a little bit of knowledge that gets in the way of enjoying your layout:

“Hi Alastair,

I just wanted to share my recent experience with you about track cleaning. When I read Cal’s tip about using contact cleaner and lubricant, I have also used the contact cleaner to clean and it does work well but I have not tried the lubricant.

So working on my layout recently on my track to fixing problem areas where my locomotives would stall.

I diagnosed the problem to be a connection with the fish plates or dirty track. So I would clean and resolder the fish plates and clean the track with very fine sandpaper, using 800 grit. I have even used 2000 grit too.

Anyway after this process I would try my loco and finding it was still stalling I tried brushing a little bit of transmission fluid on the track with a toothbrush.

I tried my loco again back and forth several times and guess what no more stalling. I was skeptical at first. I have heard other people using transmission fluid and had great success. So now I can say they absolutely right.

You want to be sparingly when using it, but it works great. Night and day difference. Give it a try !

Just my two cents…

Chuck in California”

I do smile from ear to eat when someone mails me the blog has got them back on track (literally in this case).

It’s the same when someone stars a layout because of the blog.

And for that, you must all pat yourselves on the back.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you join us merry folk rather than miss out on the fun, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

5 Responses to HO scale bridges

  1. Old Ben says:

    Lots of hard work, skill and time required for this fantastic bridge

  2. Robert Brady says:

    To me it looks like a bridge I’d like to have. what’s the name of the manufacturer and the cost? Great Model.
    The Critic

  3. Steve says:

    nice bridge,like to see some span supports underneath to make it more realistic.

  4. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Great Looking, Bridge

  5. Transmission fluid is probably the best track cleaner for the money. I recall two years ago a vid by a member of a large member layout saying you only have to put the fluid on a few feet of track and just let the trains distribute it throughout the layout as they run.

    But never, never use ANY abrasive to clean the track, even the commercial train pads. Abrasives scratch the rails and crud lodges in the scratches. Soon, o connection — and you still have scratched track

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