HO scale shelf model railroad track plans

Brian’s been back in touch, adding to the collection of HO scale shelf model railroad track plans to the blog:

“Hi Alastair,

I have finally got the track plan of the upper level out of my head and have drawn a sketch to scale and onto paper.

Lots of modellers in the past have asked me for a track plan and where everything fits in it.

I have marked out the main areas of the layout and tried to match photos of these areas shown.

All photos refer to the position on the sketch below.

The dotted lines show where the lower level is on two foot wide shelves. (Plan of the lower level to follow soon)

I have to stress that this layout is a work in progress and still has to have a great amount of details to added. Ie: figures, vehicles, trees and grass.

ho scale shelf model railroad track plans

Terminal & Yard – top middle with engine facilities – turntable and two stall engine house.

ho scale shelf model railroad track plans

Terminal & Yard. Same as above plus business leading up to the town on the hill.

model railroad shelf layout

Top left corner, Town on the hill. Tracks in the cutting are to and from the yard and the sawmill area out of the photo on the left.

ho scale model railroad shelf layout corner

The sawmill and associated buildings. Right to left – Logging repair shed, Sawdust burner, main Sawmill and the Tie and Plank mill next to it.

shelf model railroad track plan

Log Loading area. Logs are brought in via road and loaded onto the empty log cars using the Spar Tree.

HO scale shelf model railroad track plan

The start of Hillside area. Here are, an Oil Depot, Scrapyard and a small station.

model railroad shelf layout

Continuation of Hillside. Left to right – stock pens, Engineering Co, Lumber storage, Fire house, Hotel and a few businesses. Track at left then continues to Cascade Creek Terminal.

model railroad shelf layout

Brian the HOn3 guy in Knysna RSA”

Well, I had a good look at Brian’s track plan, and I thought, hang on, how does he get in and out of the room?

So I asked him:

“Hi Alastair, where the door is shown on the plan, there is a duck under “bridge” at 54 inches from the floor.

The bridge is removable.


shelf layout door piece

shelf layout door piece

shelf layout door piece

Clever stuff, eh?

A huge big thank you to Brian for adding to the HO scale shelf model railroad track plans.

You can see more of Brian in the Hall of Fame.

Also, when it comes to shelf track plans, I’m always reminded of this post:

HO scale track plans for shelf layouts.

Now on to another Hall of fame member, Dave:

“Hi Al,

Winter approaching, just a short video showing covers going on the pond, and so its back to my Model railway with footage of a pair of class 37`s running double headed.

Tony’s nightclub back in full swing as popular as ever, my track cleaner at work , and using the Möbius mini cam capturing the 37`s from track level..all good fun and should put a smile on our faces on these colder days.


model railway street embankment

model railway train cam

model railway sidings

model railway cab ride

daves model railway station

A big thanks to Dave, his youtubes are always fun, and to Brian too for adding to the HO scale shelf model railroad track plans.

Don’t forget, all layouts and all scales are welcome on the blog. It doesn’t have to be a stunner for all of us to enjoy it.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you break the shackles of boredom and build the layout you always wanted, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

8 Responses to HO scale shelf model railroad track plans

  1. Don says:

    the logging area was very nice & the rest of the whole setup was great. love the passenger trains.

  2. Stephen Hill says:

    I’ve never been keen on shelf layouts but yours is pretty cool , I actually like it . Your scenery and scenes are excellent and realistic and flow together from area to area creating a nice theme. I’m now considering a shelf layout , you’ve flipped me . Thanks for sharing.

    Dave , your videos never cease to amaze, I am curious though , where did you find the strip club sign .. that’s way too cool .

  3. Brian Olson says:

    Curved edges on the layout is something I wish I’d tried. Nice work.

  4. george zaky says:

    Always brightens my day when your stuff is on THE blog. You did say you have a lot to go but you certainly did so much and in Brian quality. Love the logging scenes especially but the rest is super also. Please keep us posted-even with the smallest details. Much thanks.
    D. Dave
    Holiday spirit now includes D.D.’s videos of your layout and your absolutely gorgeous Coi pond & yard. Tony’s blaring away, diesels roaring around and the Ginger guy popping his head. Sweet.
    Cheers and good will to you & yours and your gift of giving is a glorious thing.
    So glad to see the projector & the wonderful piano music. Tradition you know.
    Big Al
    Brian & DD with my coffee- AAhh – gonna be a good day. Gracie.

  5. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Brian……great job…….great set up.

    Dave……..the best.

  6. Dan Piccolo says:

    Could DD supply a track plan?

  7. robert dale tiemann says:

    cool. i like it all.

  8. David Howarth says:

    Stephen i got the neon sign from Express Models …they still do them Express Models..just google them …and Brian , yes Tonys still going great …

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