Jim answers some questions on his layout

“Hi Alistair. Jim from Cape Breton again.

In response to the fellow who wanted to know more about my layout, here are some facts. The layout is in a 12’x14’ room. There are 14” wide sections running along the 4 walls & two 4’x8’ sections, joined to the 14” sections, coming out perpendicular from the 14’ walls, offset & opposite each other. A 2 track bridge, hinged on one side, at the room’s doorway provides entrance & egress.

The access walkways around the layout are from 26”-40” wide. The track plan diagram shows the location & number of the various turnouts & electric de-couplers. The control panel is pretty well self explanatory. I originally started out with the Atlas DCC Commander system & eventually expanded with Lenz DCC, which manufactures the Atlas components.

There are 4 plug-in controllers at different locations & one cordless telephone controller. The locomotives are sound equipped & the layout buildings are wired for night lighting & the room has a dimmer switch for it’s lighting. I would still like to know how to e-mail you 1-3 minute videos without having them bounce back to me because of size issues.

Thanks. Jim.”

IMG_0001 (2)














A big thanks to Jim for taking the time and trouble to answer those questions. If you missed his last post, it’s here.

And f it’s given you an itch to get going on your dream layout – here’s a great place to get started.

If you have a video you’d like to share, youtube is your best best – then we can all see it!

That’s all this time folks, please do keep ’em coming and thanks for sharing.



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12 Responses to Jim answers some questions on his layout

  1. Sundaram says:

    Great work. Could you share a rough fix on the cost?



  2. randy knaub says:

    unfortunally email was only designed for text. it can;t handle modern video files . upload them to youtube and email a link.

  3. Tom Walsh says:

    How does the bridge work? Track alignment, etc.

  4. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Jim, very nice layout . The control panel is exceptional ! Nice work.

    …………………………………………Fitz, from near Philadelphia PA US.

  5. groovy layout
    keep em runnin fellas
    st john in long beach

  6. Thomas Murphy says:

    What an inspiration the finished layout is. It’s easy to figure out the traffic pattern. The whole layout leaves nothing to question. Smashing work! U.S. Tom,

  7. paul Otway says:

    Nice layout, loved the control panel.


  8. John Lowery says:

    Hi there,
    Great model railway!
    Could you tell me how you did the bridge lift-up with hinges?
    Will have a spare room soon, but like you will need a lift out or hinged entrance part to my layout.


  9. Jim AZ says:

    Nice. One should always appreciate having the space and feel good for making the best of it. And you have. Great work.

    Jim AZ

  10. Cary B says:

    Very impressive layout Jim, lots going on to keep you busy. Love the details, thanks for sharing. Cary from Maryland

  11. Gary Manganiello says:

    Great layout………….great scenery detail and I love that control board………really nice job.

  12. Lester Wayne Larrew says:

    I would like to know what the minimum radius is.

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