Model railroad photography backdrops – Keith’s

Keith’s been in touch with a post to add to the model railroad photography backdrops:

“Hi Al.

Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site. It is a wonderful spot to rub elbows with those so very talented modelers out there.

I have found what I consider a very good but inexpensive to get a good backdrop.

I have noticed all sorts of modelers’ approaches to creating the background look on their layout. Some folks are talented enough to paint their own – not me.

I found a really good solution on line. I sent a banner company a photo I wanted to use, and they printed it on a 4′ x 15′ banner (no grommets or border roping) for $22.

I asked them, after I had seen the quality of their work, if they could flip the photo so I could butt them and have 30′ of exquisite mountains. I got it. They even cropped the photo according to my instructions.

Here are a couple of photos that show some of the banners – sorry but I am not landscaped as yet. Those are the Alaskan Rockies

Keith G”

model railroad photography backdrops

model railroad photography backdrops

Keith’s post reminded me of a few others:

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model railroad backdrop

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There are lots more too.

Now on to Dave:

“HI Al, just downloaded part 6 of the re build, I show on this how using Copper tape as a BUS line for your Lighting and also for the track Bus ..and of course a few more tips , re adding rust to the tracks also…



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A huge thanks to Keith and Dangerous Dave.

It’s wonderful to see how Dave his stuff. And as Keith says, there are lot so of banner / printing companies out there that can sort your backdrop.

Don’t forget you can get the new backdrop for just $7 at the me:

(Click to enlarge)

model railroad backdrop

Just like all the other backdrops, it’s 18″ x 144″. To print it, just download on to a CD or memory stick, take it to any office stationers (Kinko / Office Max) and print it out on a smooth, self adhesive, vinyl with UV inks and a matte finish.

If you’d like to grab this back drop before it goes in the store at full price, you can grab it here for just $7.

A big thanks to Keith for adding to the model railroad photography backdrops.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

18 Responses to Model railroad photography backdrops – Keith’s

  1. Brian Staples says:

    Well done Keith. Videos are so helpfull. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the next video.

  2. Rich B. says:

    The banners, it’s an excellent idea and never would of thought of. Layout with the construction phase white footprint looks like freshly fallen snow- and with that backdrop.

    Rich B.

  3. bob feehrer says:

    wow. great idea. I live right behind a printing place. never would have guessed it was the answer to my question. thanks.

  4. Robert Zimmerman says:

    I really like your backdrop Kieth. Photo looks nice.


  5. Carl says:

    Comment for Dave re copper tape: if you put it on top and bury it under grass or whatever as you showed in the demo piece, what do you do if there is a electrical problem? How are you going to trace the short? My 2p would be to run it under the baseboard. Thanks for your weekly vids.

  6. Bob N scale says:

    Keith, what kind of photo had the width of 4×15 feet? It turned out great!

  7. Bill Smith says:

    Dave. Please get a long nose pliers for holding wires when you solder. I winch so strongly when I see your fingers near that soldering iron, I can barely watch your video. Finger burns are intolerable. They hold back work until they heal. And blisters can be dangerous. Guess you can tell I’m speaking from experience.


  8. Graham Barnes says:

    Copper tape is a great idea – turns the wiring into a “printed circuit”. To ensure good joints, handle the copper surface as little as possible – perspiration causes oxidation. Use only resin core solder – some liquid fluxes are corrosive. Copper tape is available from 3M with insulating OR conductive glue – user’s choice.

  9. Donald Lango says:

    Keith , was the photo you used a panoramic view of the mountains and is your layout Ho, or n-scale i need to know so i can adjust for my N-scale layout

  10. jrs says:

    What gauge?

  11. Bernie NY usa says:

    Will Dave get a little tipsy with all that booze wire?

  12. Rod Mackay says:

    Sorry to see that viaduct still there Dave, never seen a train running over an old style suspension bridge.


  13. Re the Copper tape , yes I agree better run separately under the layout , as if a problem when coverd with gras or ballast its going to be a problem finding and sorting , same with the lighting , but its a good product and can save a lot of untidy wiring , burnt fingers , yes we have all done it ……but as said its a good product to use on our layouts …Dangerous dave

  14. Donald Lango says:

    Keith, was the photo of mountains a panoramic view or regular, and is your layout Ho, or N-scale , i need to know so i can adjust for my layout which is N-scale

    Thanks, Don

  15. Gene Hildebrand says:

    Love your backdrop….great job….!!!!!

  16. Gerry Brown says:

    Keith, Any chance I can buy a set of your fabulous back drops? We went to Alaska last year and this would be awesome using on my layout! Thanks a lot…. Gerry

  17. andrew scott says:

    Fantastic, Keith. Thanks

  18. Randall Steffan says:

    Keth, beautiful backdrops, but I’d like to know where you can get a 4′ X 15′ banner for $22!

    I checked a number of print stores and the cheapest I could find is 8′ X 3′ for $72. Yours is 1/3 the price for a sign twice as big!

    Thx , Randall

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