Larry’s scratch built scenery

My word. What a clever lot you are. Look what Larry has sent in after Rob’ post.

“Here’s an idea I had for a scratch-built building, based on a real one next to by house. While I have not decided on a permanent location for it on my Abingdon & Crane nor properly landscaped it, here it is. This block garage was built in 1951. I photographed 3 sides of it, one side being too close to the house for an effective picture. The other side, reversed makes up the missing east side.

A little photo manipulation of perspective and scale, gluing the cardstock to sheet plastic and cementing it together makes a great old garage for the town!









A huge thanks to Larry. I love seeing where you all get your inspiration from – and how attack the build! Larry’s last post is here.

Please please do keep ’em coming.

Thanks for all your comments on the Beginner’s Guide and ebay cheat sheet too – makes it all worthwhile.

That’s all this time.



23 Responses to Larry’s scratch built scenery

  1. Richard Sommery-Gade says:

    The first ones with the grass are amazing. So realistic, much preferred over the town setup. Great work.

  2. Don says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for showing us.

  3. Joe Cross says:

    Very nicely done and it ties in nicely with your other scenery.

  4. d j howarth says:

    Well done larry …very realistic …Dave

  5. Jerry Suits says:

    Great job of constructing a scratcbuilt garage! Is it O scale? Jerry

  6. Jim Richards says:

    Looks great…. just like the real deal… fantastic.

  7. Mike Pettruzzelli says:

    Nothing but memories for me, Larry…One almost identical to it where I grew up…Thank’s….Mike

  8. Tim Morlok says:

    About the first comment : The first three pictures are of the original building. They were use to make the model.

  9. Charles says:

    Very nice

  10. Jack Eyster says:

    What a great ideal for making an easy scratch built garage. One could possibly go a step further, and by using some thick card stock, say 1/8th to 3/16th inch thick, cut out the doors and windows, and have them recessed a little, so there is a bit of depth when looking at an angle. Just a little paint to match the frame.

  11. HARRY LEET says:

    OOPS, a scale pencil and ruler. very nice model, if you change your mind, I can find a place on my RR, keep up the great work

  12. Paul says:

    Good idea for small simple building. Could be about any where or era on a railroad.

    I would like some tips on green on the model. Captured the look of the orgibal

  13. Ben Taul says:

    that is beyond cool it looks like a garage we had in Brighton Co. USA

  14. ttroutflier says:

    Great looking garage, the spit of one in town.

  15. paul Otway says:

    a pretty neat set up

  16. I think there must be one of those garages in every town and city in the world
    and I know of one in the town I grew up in too , only difference between them is
    the one I remember had a storage area built on the top and it was used for car parts that they used in the car repair on the first floor !

  17. Ken Goldenberg says:

    WOW! Looks exactly like the real one. Great craftsmanship.

  18. Ian Mc Donald says:

    a nice job. it would go on any layout thanks for sharing.

  19. NJ Mark says:

    Love the fusion of artistic creativity and technology. Cheers NJ Mark

  20. Bob Miller says:

    How come these ideas are so obvious after you see them? I just might do most of my main street here in my home town instead of using my current buildings.
    Bob Miller

  21. Rick says:

    Are those first few pictures real or are they the model? They great looking models! What did you go by? Like did you use a program or was it all by yourself thinking?

  22. Rick says:

    They are great looking models! What did you go by? Like did you use a program or was it all by yourself thinking?

  23. Rols says:

    What impresses me is by using a ‘simple’ building Larry has achieved a very effective finish to the model.

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