Lastest update from Dave

I was shocked when I first saw this: talented Dave has ripped up his layout.

I know, hard to believe, isn’t it?

Here’s his progress so far on the new one.

Leave a post below and let us know what you think!

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

All your comments on the ebay ‘cheat sheet’ are very much appreciated by the way.



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  1. Nitro says:

    Very informative video and awesome work once again…as a 30 year experienced automotive refinisher of show cars I can offer a masking tape tip to prevent the tape from over-sticking to new paint that I use on high end cars…the trick is to glide the tape sticky side down across your pant leg to gather lint and dust interrupting it’s bond enough to prevent spoiling fresh partly dried paint upon it’s removal.

  2. Thanks for that tip Nitro

  3. del says:

    great with EZ information. I liked his approach…… and of course will use what I learn.


  4. Paco Gayon says:

    Congratulations Dave. love the colours various green. They make it more ralistic.

  5. Roland says:

    Every time you do a video, I learn something and use it.

  6. Wayne Wallace says:

    These wonderful idea just keep coming. As soon as I develop something that I am going to do, along comes “John” (a old saying) with something that I would like to do. Great ideas, now I have a large trash bin for what I was going to do. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tom says:

    I used the ez Water on a 3 ft long river and it cracked and looked bad after a few months. Also the heaing up of this product is not a safe factor to have to work with.
    I used Realistic water by Woodland scenes and it was easy and cleanined up with water.
    I am planning a pond by Unreal Details LLC . and will try Magic water which is a bit pricey at $30.00. A 2 part epoxey which is recommended.

    Hope this HELPS !


  8. Len Lainsbury says:

    He`s off again,
    You can`t complain,
    The man`s a Wizard,
    Boat or Train !!

    Thanks again Dave.

  9. david says:

    thanks for all you do,its nice to see you doing all the bits and pieces on your layout,well done and thanks again.

  10. paul Otway says:

    It looks better than the old one

  11. Thanks all for your comments , I think a 3ft water stretch would be too much for that E-Z but i have used it in the past on a 12″ x 12 ” area and no problem also got to make sure your area is sealed first

  12. Alan Martin says:

    That’s was great Dave. I’m a new oldie starting my first layout and your tips and approach is helping a lot. You portray it as it really happens goofs and all. I look forward to the next video.

  13. Martin says:

    I once used the warm to melt type of water on one of my waterfall/stream scenery pieces and not thinking, I left it on my window sill. I was shocked to see that it had remelted when the sun had shone and it had run over the stream bank and down the grassed hillside. No matter how I tried to cover this with more grass, it still showed as a dark stain.
    My bedroom in our new house faces north so no chance of that again.
    I live in the same part of the world as Dave sounds by his accent. I loved his last layout but he must have an abundance of space for the size of his wonderfull layouts.

  14. Will Smith says:

    Photos are fine, but without a layout plan to relate to, I lose interesr quickly

  15. John says:

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you. I started my first layout about forty years ago. My last layout was dismantled about 20 years ago. I’m working on starting a new one. I have worked out a track plan and am interested in “Tracklay”. I need to make my layout as light as possible so using less ballast would be good – which seems to be the case with Tracklay. I was interested to see that Dave is thinking of using it but I am wondering if anyone out there can speak from experience about it. Reviews on the internet are few and far between. Any thoughts?

  16. paul Otway says:

    The new looks better than the old one

  17. Peter says:

    E-Z water is American. Its pronounced Ee-Zee (easy) water! Love the canal

  18. Thanks all again for your comments, shall be trying that Tracklay soon as I get the outer scenery finished , had a problem again with the water E-Z, it does say do not overlay with it , I did , and it did not settle right and cracked , so back to redoing it again after chipping out the first layer , will show when completed …

  19. Andrew F. says:


  20. kimo says:

    I think the change is great, and quick

  21. Ollie in Sydney says:

    Fantastic work Dave.

    Your wrap-around backdrop looks absolutely amazing. Did you paint it yourself?
    If so, did you use the picture of an existing landscape and transferred it on paper?

  22. Lee Barry says:

    Kinda reminds me of another model railroader, a Jim O’Connell he use to model in Z. His former layouts were in Z Track magazine. Seems as tho every time Rob Klutz, editor of the magazine put an article in regards to Jims’ layout Jim would tear it up and start again. Boy once would be enought for me. By the way Jim is the fellow who built my Z scale layout, 37″ x 27″ x 10″. He did it in July-Oct 2010. I don’t have the patience nor the physical stamina to do it.

  23. Doit says:

    Dave is a genius. Wonderful layouts, video work, guidance and tips. I really look forward to his next video. Hope Dave is not offended but as he admits to having a bit of a problem, like myself, in not finding it easy to reach across to the backboard can I make a suggestion. I made myself a ‘wee stool’ approx 3feet long, 1foot high with uprights at each end rising about 6inches above the horizontal. This has two purposes in that when you ‘shuffle’ sideways to the end of the stool it doesn’t tip up so readily and you know when you are at the end. It looks like a rather wide ‘H’. I’ve found it invaluable.p

  24. Chris g says:

    Top one Dave keep the tips coming,cheers Chris

  25. My sister advised I might this way blog site. He / she has been fully appropriate. This particular blog post absolutely produced my own day time. People can not visualize simply the way a ton period I had created invested due to this information! Many thanks!

  26. Very informative, when Alastair said you had ripped up the layout, I’m sure we all thought ‘Oh no, why has Dave done that, but your canal looks absolutely fantastic. I also enjoy the way Dave explains what he is doing; he would make a very good teacher. Does he do night classes?
    Well done,

  27. jim morris says:

    Work is great. Cannot understand him. sorry

  28. Dave your layout looks awesome and fantastic. I would be getting some tips from it. Thanks Matthew

  29. Colin Smith says:

    Hi Al, Love your tips and Dave’s videos. Ebay cheat sheet is very good if you model American. British N gauge is hart to find in Australia so some British Rail stuff would be great.
    Thanks Colin.

  30. Doug T says:

    Love this – interested to see that no insulated joiners seems to have been used on points – handy to know. As others have said, how invaluable is this series for us beginners

  31. Roy Tibbles says:

    Great watching you doing the water part, tell me can you do the water fall that way by letting it run down a slope, or is there another way as I might have to do one at later date on my layout. I like watching your videos keep the good work up. Roy

  32. Darrell Smith says:

    When AL said you tore down your layout, I was shocked, stunned and didn’t believe you could come up with a nicer layout. All I can say is, Awesome Dave, but so was your first layout ! Your certainly an inspiration to all of us with your magnificent attention to detail and keeping everything in scale. I have learned a lot by watching your videos over the past 6 months. Keep up the good work.
    Darrell Smith

  33. Mike says:

    You mentioned a foam tape for under the track. How makes it?
    Great work

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