Magnetic couplings

Dave’s been in touch with more on the thorny issue of magnetic couplings:

“Hi Al,

just bought some of those Hunt magnetic couplings again, but these are the Elite, a new batch with square magnets each end that can be fitted either end of the rolling stock.

The older ones used to only work with different ends after they had been matched up (as explained in the video ), its a subject that is never solved with some saying the Kadee or the D type are all better than one an other.

After this trial I think the same there is non which I can say are 100% best.

Some pics and of course I have shown a few trains running.



dave model railway

magnetic couplings model railway

model railway magnetic couplings

loft model railway

magnetic couplings

(If you’d like to see Dave’s last post, his loft railway is here.)

Over the years there’s been a few posts on couplers:

Here’s Paul’s magnetic coupler.

And here’s Peter’s take on Kadee couplings

And Alan came up with a very clever solution without using magnets at all:

You can read Alan’s post here.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do leave a comment below if you’ve got something to say on these couplings – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Please do keep ’em coming – it’s all rather thin on the ground at mo.

And if today is the day you decide to get started, I suspect you’ll love the Beginner’s Guide.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

11 Responses to Magnetic couplings

  1. this year the Model Town has gone through a program of fitting the Elite Magnets
    so that in the absence of the railway operators any one of the Volunteers can fix a problem of derailment on the layout and this has been quite successful. Not so many complaints from management. We have used Kadees on the Underground and this is also successful and for shunting purposes would be better but works out more expensive. One thing with the magnets if one comes off its mounting it does not get lost as it is found attached to the adjacent magnet.
    Unless we have a visiting train all the trains we run are fitted with Elite magnets.

  2. hi dave
    how big is your amazing layout

  3. Robert Brady says:

    OH Mgoo you’ve done it again. Thanks Dave Great tutorial .
    The Critic

  4. Regarding Paul’s tidbit on couplers… Instead of using the 12mm (1/2″) round magnets, Iv’e substituted bar magnets about 50mm (2″) long. This gives me a longer “ramp” for uncoupling cars.

  5. Roland Aldridge says:

    A problem with using magnets to uncouple Kadees is that they also tug on the steel weights you can stick to the bottom of wagons to make them heavier. It’s tempting to use a couple of tiny NeFeB magnets either side of the track to grab the Kadeem, but then if you’re not careful your wagons get pulled over too! That said, I do like Kadees.

  6. Erick says:

    Nice .!!!! Looks great but i would like to see more.

  7. Ruben Simon says:

    Dave – love the backdrops; so varied and appropriate!

  8. Stephen Hudacko says:

    Dave. I always enjoy your posts. On your video at the end across from the train station I noticed a police box. Is it a policy box or was it the tardis? Asking for a friend.
    Steve from Toms River

  9. Stephen White says:

    Dave, Another great video, Is it possible to uncouple cars fitted with magnetic couplers, whilst on-track?
    Steve (Sydney)

  10. Ray Martin says:

    I’ve been using Kadees for over 50 years in both S scale and HO scale. I remember 1970s magazine columns that mentioned the magnets pulling cars where one didn’t want them occasionally but I haven’t had serious issues with that. Kadee does make an under the rails magnet if you are using track smaller than code 83. Biggest difficulty is that they are North American prototypes. I’ve bought bulk packs of 25 pairs as I needed couplers but didn’t need boxes to go with them. I also started using modified lower shelf (Kadee 119 SE head couplers) on my longer cars (Passenger, auto racks, spine cars for wood products etc) to limit uncoupling when the track grade changes. Rix makes a ‘mobile’ uncoupling magnet that works well for freight cars but is too bulky to fit between passenger cars. Kadee also has a pic that can be used. Ray

  11. Thank you all for comments answer a few ..Mrs R C the layout is 30 ft. x *ft …Steve in Sydney i do not know of an magnetic uncoupler , but so easy to just pull apart , maybe a magnet on the tracks like Kadee would work ?..but not sure
    As i said these are excellent for easy coupling and uncoupling and now these Elite which work both ends as against the older ones which had to be front and rear mounted (different type of magnets ) are a welcome one to to the hobby …Dangerous Dave

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