G scale garden railway layouts

Mike’s been in touch, he’s added to the G scale garden railway layouts on the blog:

“First I must say I enjoy your web site, it makes me want to get back to my “N” scale roots.

You may not post this on your site but I figure you might enjoy the pictures as “G” scale seemed to get it’s start in England.

My layout is about 200 feet of track and occupies about half of my backyard.

It’s a simple loop, with a spur and a freight yard that connects to the loop via a metal cantilever bridge (that hornets like to nest in).

It suffers from the change of seasons, i.e., the difficulty of achieving a “prototypical” look of a railroad but having to compromise fidelity to make it work outdoors.

Every spring the road bed needs to be re ballasted, buildings need a spot of paint and my 20 year old wood trestle needs to be rebuilt, I don’t know what is holding up the track!

My rolling stock needs to have steel springs on the trucks replaced, journals lubricated, and couplers adjusted.

But the best thing about a garden railroad is that nature provides all the weathering one needs, paint fades, metal rusts and wood gets spongy.

Plus a day of running a locomotive puts a fine coating of dust and dirt on the hood and cab. Indoor guys just can’t duplicate that on their rolling stock!

It might sound like a lot of work but like the real railways, constant maintenance is what makes the outdoor stuff interesting, and a train running during a winter snow fall is a great experience.

Continued success on your fine website.

Warm regards,


G scale garden railway layouts

G scale garden railway layouts

G scale garden railway layouts

G scale

engine house

G scale garden railway layouts:

engine house

G scale garden railway layouts

garden layout

garden layout

model railroad

A huge thank you to Mike for adding to the G scale garden railway layouts on the blog. I’m so envious of his layout – it looks great fun.

Now on to something that really made me smile. I’ve been frantically busy over the last few weeks, and I still haven’t got the latest print out scenery on the site yet – but have a look at what Rafael has done, with the embankment wall showcased by John:

“I glued the print out on a poster board, then I made a frame using 1/2 inch by 1-1/2 poplar wood. I then place the print out on the frame. I made the frame to accept four print out. I have three section with four print out and one with three print out. This is long enough to cover a 16 ft long wall.

One of the big problem for me was to glue the print out onto the poster, the white glue tends to wrinkle the print. I used the wrinkle free glue in the spray bottle. I hope this glue holds for me, I think it will.



I think Rafael has done a fantastic job!

If it’s got you chomping at the bit to get started, don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide.

That’s all this time folks – please do keep ’em coming.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here. HO stuff still going bonkers.

38 Responses to G scale garden railway layouts

  1. tad heath says:

    Omg!!! Where do I sign up to run on that!!!!!!??????? NICE!!!!!!!!!

  2. christine says:

    Very nice. I like this backyard layout.

  3. David Hannan says:

    Really enjoyed your comments on garden railways!

  4. LEO says:

    I am breath-lees, what a thrill it must be to play and work in this setting.

  5. Dan Marso says:

    Mike’s layout looks great, fun to watch I bet. A lot of real maintainance of way work to be done. A real little railroad ! Thanks for sharing.

    Danny Marso

  6. Shlack says:

    Thanks for sharing, Mike. Always a treat to see the “big” scale layouts.

  7. tom appel says:

    Hi Mike – Great job with the layout. I am just getting started after waiting 40+ years. I live in central Wisconsin. I noticed you used treated landscape timbers for art of the wall. Where do you live? How deep in the ground are the posts? Do you have any shifting of the posts due to frost? Is your entire layout elevated?


  8. ian impett says:

    Am liking the engines !!!

  9. Mark Jarvis says:

    HI Mike, see what you meen with the wooden bridge, looks like it needs a rebuild very quickly, the way it is collapsing under that loco there will be tears if it goes with a train running though.

    Lot of work gone into this garden railway, send more pics when you can please


  10. Dave Ewing says:

    Now that embankment wall is something to get excited about. How do I get is print out?

    Dave in Eden NC

  11. Peggy Allen says:

    I’d love to play on this one! Wish I had time & money to build it. This is awesome!

  12. Bill Londell says:


    Use Wall Paper paste. Use a roller and apply THIN COAT and that should solve your wrinkle problem.

  13. Mike Pettruzzelli says:

    Lookin’ good Mike…Like your maint. rigs…Mike

  14. William Passero says:

    So cool and New Haven to boot. I can pretty well tell this is a Connecticut layout by the NH logo’s and the Madison (Connecticut) train station not far from my house. The shoreline railroad that goes past my house a few times a day (Niantic) still runs a train with the NH logo on it. This garden railway is fantastic and looks like so much fun to run. Great job, thanks for sharing.

  15. Jim Richards says:

    Amazing….. for an outdoor train layout…. looks so so good! Love the draw bridge to allow access to the garden. Great job!

  16. Bedros Anserian says:

    Fantastic job Mike.
    Los Angeles

  17. Phillip Saruk says:

    Magnificent Layout! Love the Junkyard and all the other scenes too!

  18. Nathan Perreira says:

    Thanks for sharing Mike it’s always nice to see a story on G scale I’ve been a big fan for many years. I’ve been planning for an outside layout myself and only recently realizing how much maintenance it takes to keep a layout going how do you deal with the weeding?
    I live in Maui Hawaii and the weather of course is always beautiful here except when it rains a lot which currently it’s happening. if everything works well sometime in the summer I’ll start the process of doing a layout I appreciate all the photos of your place it looks great. Nathan

  19. Ed says:

    Very nice,
    I like the scrap and junkyard, something that isn’t seen much on a layout.

  20. Gene "Hat" Hatfield says:

    Now all I need is a back yard.

  21. Don says:

    Mike: WOW!
    It’s amazing how authentic real rust looks!
    Thanks for sharing – Don

  22. Ken Goldenberg says:

    MIKE, What a beautiful backyard railroad! I think my favorite photo is the first where the BNSF engine is going through the alyssum flowers. Even though the foliage is out of scale compared to the train, it makes for a gorgeous photo op and shows how flowers can make a layout just pop!
    Where are you located you the way? There’s a family in Riverside that has a great web site on their g scale railroad with many how-to photos. Check it out:

    And keep up that train!!!!

  23. Bernard Schainholtz -Still Plays says:

    No way are those models I swear the loco on the girder bridge is real.

  24. Tommy says:

    Lots pf nice replies! Well deserved! Awesome!

  25. Fran Odyniec says:

    Wow! I’m not a fan of G scale but do admire the creativity and work that goes into it. Mike’s efforts rate superb!

  26. I love your site. Please make some new buildings to sell.

  27. Walter from Long Island says:

    Would love to see a video of the trains running.

  28. Bruce says:

    I love that G scale Hudson.
    A steamer of beauty.
    Bruce in SC USA

  29. Terry Miller says:

    Well I think Mike has solved a question I’ve allways had: How do you keep grass from growing under & around the rr tracks. Answer: elevate the layout and use mulch where necessary. Thanks Mike!

  30. James Marek says:

    Awesome garden railroad! Thanks for sharing!


  31. Unbelievably awesome!!

  32. Dan Hulitt says:

    Mike, love the east meets west railroad. The McGinnis era livery is a favorite of mine. I had to have an Alco PA in that scheme. Love the scrapyard and MOW equipment. Love too the 1955 300 coupe at Madison Station. And yes your photos look like the real thing.

    Rafael, nice wall, and John would love the RELIEF you were able to achieve. As mentioned, thin wallpaper paste could work well, and maybe 3M spray mount would work also.

    Thanks. Al.

    Mn Dan

  33. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Mike that is one great looking layout, Love the bridge and that steamer!! Enjoy!

  34. Erick says:

    Pretty neat.!!!!!! I have always wanted a outside railroad but would worried about the outside elements..

  35. John McKeon says:

    A very beautiful garden railroad! I enjoyed this very much; thank you! I love the looks of your New Haven GP engine, a real beauty.
    John, Phila.

  36. Rolland D Comeau says:

    As a G scaler myself, great layout!!

  37. JOHN says:

    Mike… it’s beautiful… no more needs to be said.
    Rafael… you’ve done a great job with the embankment. Thanks for sharing the framing/gluing process.

  38. Chuck from Roanoke, VA says:

    WOW! WOWOWOWOWOW!! NIIIIICE garden layout! L-O-V-E the photo of the 4-6-4 Hudson . . . MMmmmm, what a beauty, one of the prettiest steamers EVER!! And the bascule bridge is FAN-TAS-TIC!! Mike, you de man!!

    I’d love to see this layout in action; any chance Mike can do this, I hope I hope??

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