Model train printable buildings

What I love about the model train printable buildings is how adaptable they are – they are easy to scratch build with.

You can make the buildings shorter, fatter, longer… anything to fit in with your layout.

And of course you can print out and make as many as you like.

Recently I’ve had quite a few emails asking about the printable buildings.

Mostly people want to know if anyone can make them look as good as John.

The answer is yes!

So I thought I’d put together a gallery of some of your creations, so just you know I’m not full of hot air.

“Al, like you I have been retired for some time now.

I have gone back to my American Flyer, s Guage boyhood train.

I have had “n guage, HO, G scale”, and this American Flyer has been the most fun of all. I guess it takes me back to my parents basement where my 4 x 8 foot layout was back in the early 50’s.

I resized your wonderful old barn and had so much fun building it. Here are some pics. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have.

Jerry from Illinois, USA.”

Model train printable buildings

Model train printable buildings


Great project and a lot of fun. The barn is on it’s way to the Railroad Club.


Model train printable buildings HO scale barn


I have enjoyed your site for a long time, since I have retired had to find something to fill the spare time, I purchased one of your (Big Bundle Deal) and printed out one of the Engine sheds among many others.

I have created my own version of the Engine shed as shown in the pictures.

Model train printable buildings

With added and above doors are my creation of lamps, LED lights.

Model train printable buildings

Scratch built table and chairs with tools.

Model train printable buildings

Interior detail.

Side walls have ventilation fan vents.

I have dreamed to set up a model railroad layout for a long time and when I started to make it a reality one thing came up after another, like kids, education, weddings and now I have time and room to finish the dream, but not much of a budget.

Best to all talented people like Hall of Fame Dave, talented hobbyists and their many beautiful layouts.


Now on to Hall of Fame Dave, who has also sent this vid in on the Model train printable buildings:

“Hi Al,

just uploaded video showing building that Railway cottage from your site, turned out not bad, and it was easier than what I thought, just a case of getting a decent piece of card to put the print on, then cutting to size.


“Recently I decided to embark on a new project. The whole of the plan is a portable layout I can take to shows or other events.

Right now I am contemplating 6 small modules with each one potentially serving as a “micro layout” (Less than four square feet) or a diorama.

While waiting for some Setrack points, I used the time I had to build this little distribution shed.

The shed was primarily built form one of Al’s engine shed kits… But with parts from two of his other kits as well… The large doors “work” (the slide) BUT what I am really proud of is the windows.

I was trying a new technique… And it worked better than I had hoped…

Here is my new trick for adding new windows to Al’s Print Out kits.

The whole process begins with finding a window you like and cutting it out. Al’s kits are fabulous works of art and the artwork does not appear to be computer generated.

I cut one window from his engine shed kit and secured it to a cutting mat with blue painter’s tape.

After securing the window “pattern” to the mat, I used a piece of plastic packaging for my “stock”.

I cut this out with a single edge razor blade and trimmed it up to make it easier to work with, I then secured the workpiece on top of the “pattern”

Again I used blue painter’s tape to hold it in place.

Once I had the plastic from the packaging secured on top of the “pattern”, I used a metal straight edge and an awl from Harbor Freight

The awl was a small one… The back of an X-Acto knife works as well.

I followed the “mullions” (window lines) and scribed lines firmly into the clear plastic). I then covered the window in a thin layer of paint and I wiped off the paint immediately with a paper
towel… This left paint in the lines that I had scribed and yet the window panes were all left clear…

After cleaning the window I removed it from the pattern that I had used. I then trimmed it to size.

These photos should show the nice white “mullions” in my new windows… They are nice and thin. I used Canopy glue to secure the windows into their frames… Formula’s Canopy Glue from Pacer is a thick PVA type glue that dries clear.

Here are some photos of my oil shed as I was building it. You can see the windows that I made with the techniques shown in this tutorial…

These windows are just one more way to add even more realism to the great kits Al offers as Print-Out downloads.

John from Cali”

“Hi Alastair,

I am very impressed with the outcome of two that I have made so far. Very easy to put together. I will have to redo the grain elevator (my first one) as I made a mistake with it. I am picking the ones that will fit my American theme.

They will find a place on my layout in the near future.

All the best.



After watching John explain how to make these models more interesting, I made my own.

It is my very first attempt at creating a building from a printout, I used several different background materials and cutting techniques.

I think my next effort will be better, but I want to thank you for providing these files and let you know there are several others I will be needing soon. Thanks for hosting the website that speaks to our favorite hobby.


“Hi, here is my version, it turned out great with a few minor details added, including some weathering and roof metal fatigue.

Charles H”

A huge thank to you Charles, Brian, John, Ryszard, Jerry and Dave.

And let’s not forget the latest in the model train printable building scenery range – the roundhouse:


Model train printable buildings

Model train printable buildings

railroad roundhouse

Model train printable buildings

Model train printable buildings

Model train printable buildings

It’s up to you how many stalls your roundhouse has, 2, 4, 6, 8… just print out what you need. Below are two stuck together.

railway roundhouse

railway roundhouse

And here’s the infamous John showing us how it’s done:

As with all the printable buildings, it’s HO scale. If you want N scale, just reduce the print size by 54%.

That’s all for today folks. As always, please do keep ’em coming.



14 Responses to Model train printable buildings

  1. David Trigger says:

    Hi Al,
    My UK childhood, career & education embraced the big changes: the end of steam, metrication (SI strictly) & computerisation. Having had a classical building training I was one of very few to progress through formal training to practice as a Chartered Architect. So endeth my apology !!

    The use of building jargon is fraught with danger. It tends to be highly localised (many amusing tales but I digress), adding to confusion. Eg “mullions” – strictly, a structural or semi-structural, VERTICAL component of a window. Far simpler & generally, more accurate, to refer to “glazing bars”. That is almost a universally safe aternative not defined by direction as “mullions” are.

    You have my compliments on the realism of the print-out artworks for buildings. I would point out though the tendency for most staircases eg signal boxes, to be inclined quite steeply. 40° ‘pitch’ from the horizontal would be considered generous but often 60° in confined space. Critically though, a horizontal landing is usually incorporated outside doors. I hope this helps.

    Keep up the good work. It really is appreciated.


  2. Roger.....Kentucky says:

    The only word that comes to mind is “amazing”. Thank you.

  3. Bobby B says:

    Alastair, Do you have any modern print out structures? I model 80’s to present and not wanting to use dilapidated buildings. Diesels Al not choo choo’s .

  4. Ron Meyer says:

    Are yo going to eventually put your new Round House and Signal House Models for sale individually? I would be interested to purchase just the printable buildings. I really like your printable scenery and buildings and have had a great time building them.


  5. Terry Sipe says:

    John from Cali,
    Innovation is the mother of necessity! Your innovation on windows becomes my necessity to try. Great how-to.
    Thanks, Terry

  6. don kadunc says:

    Ryszard, it appears you used the printout to detail the interior walls. Could you give some detail on what you did? I think the printouts can be used to provide interior details. This could expand the utility of the printouts. John, it sounds like another video could help. Pour a glass of wine.

  7. JW Snyder says:

    Excellent! Brilliant! 👍

  8. Harmon Green says:

    Great stuff

  9. Dan Richards says:

    John — Yet another amazing creation. I think I’ve watched every video at least twice, some many more times as I referred back to your instructions. I’ve got to think you have your own layout; has it been featured here? I’d love to see what magic you’ve worked.

    Thanks, dan/

  10. Ken Clarke says:

    I love this site and all the great creative expressions each of you have. I don’t have a layout and sadly probably never will. Too many other distractions at the moment and into my 70’s already but sure do love coming here and having a look a couple of times each week. Keep up the great work folks. And Al, thank you very much for your dedication to the hobby.

  11. What percentage do we raise it to for O scale buildings

    Us over here in the colonies have a little bit of a problem with what you folks call English or at least a reasonable form of English. It takes time to translate, so can you raise the volume level and slow down a bit. We are known to be a bit slow across the pond, as you well know.
    PS I really do want to thank you for all you folks do to give us all this useful information and wonderful videos.
    PPS How are you enjoying the drama over here in the states. This thing is going to totally reverse what you and many of us are being fed by media. MAGA

  12. I’d like some advice on how to reproduce the disused towers and arched buildings of the old crystal Palace railway stn , if you could please help me it would be much appreciated

  13. I am building 150 feet long miniature different village
    Anybody near New Jersey to do my project


  14. val says:

    hi al, I’ve been a long time fan of your train blog in still working on my h o layout. I’m retired now and hope to soon get back to finishing my layout I’m interest in your printable buildings. How do I go about getting them. Please let me know.. thanks. Val in utah

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