O scale rail yard

Peter’s been in touch with his O scale rail yard.

(If you missed his stunning O scale post, it’s here.)

He’s been kind enough to send in a few more pics and a short vid:

“Thanks for posting Al, and such nice comments!!

Couple more pics here and, two short video clips of engines running at scale speed through a yard.

Usually in the real world, around 10 to 20 MPH tops.

The trick and tedious job is to get these brass engines to run smoothly with the Dynatrol system.

the narrow gauge bridge module I sent you before, will be along that back wall when it’s painted sky blue.


O scale rail yard bridge

O scale rail yard level crossing

o scale rail yard

o scale rail yard rio grande

o scale yard crossing

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

“Hi Al:

Thought I’d send along some pictures of my attic n scale layout that is under reconstruction.

The Fairfield & Cheston Railroad is based on a railroad from Pennsylvania USA. It had operations that began in the 1800s in Gettysburg. Eventually it was merged into CSX in the 1970s. I am modeling the mid century period. This is a DCC system. The layout is 13′ x 5′.

My layout originally started as a 4 x 4 layout when I lived in Virginia. It grew every time I moved.

This is a husband and wife operation. My wife constructs buildings and does landscaping while I do the construction, track work and electronics. We both get what we want of this hobby. We are in the process of setting operations using computer control of the Zephyr DCC system.

Hope you find this interesting enough to post.


N scale attic

N scale street scene

A big thanks to Peter for sharing his O scale rail yard, and to Yale too.

All these years on and I still love seeing what is going to pop up in inbox.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you feel life is slipping by without the fun, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

15 Responses to O scale rail yard

  1. ian mcleod says:

    great looking layout, lots of hard work evident.
    Interesting ATTIC, what would you say that gauge was???????

  2. Rod Mackay says:

    Noch nudists set one or two at £10.95 from Gaugemaster (plus postage) plus supeglue, about three quid, and imagination – free!

  3. That’s one awesome train layout. I really like all the details including the bath house. I had a nudest camp in the woods on my HO layout. Could you please post more pictures of your beautiful layout please. Happy rail roading.

  4. Bill geruska says:

    When are you going to offer even more buildings. Different kinds thanks.

  5. Gerry Gallick says:

    Sorry Peter I wasn’t pleased to see the bath house in your posting.
    I thought that this was a family hobby we could share with the kids.
    If this posting isn’t good for my kids why would I want to see it or,
    show such a thing with another.
    True the train set up is nice. Why did you have to go a spoil the fun?
    Please keep it clean next time. Thank You

  6. Joe Gennari says:

    Beautiful layout … no pun intended ….. Gave me a laugh for today!!

  7. christine says:

    Very cool.

  8. Ralph in Missouri, USA says:

    “Keeping it clean” is the whole idea of a bath house. Good looking models!

  9. James Yuille says:

    Agree the images of the house with nudes is unacceptable on this forum. Poor form to allow it frankly.

    In saying that, let’s applaud the standard of the layout and the modelling, first class and you deserve praise for the quality of work. You and your wife make a great team and it’s so good when you can share this hobby with family.

  10. Ian McDonald says:

    great photos nice to see a bit of train movement. nice to hear the wife has some input. thanks for sharing.

  11. Jim Thomas says:

    I have NO problem with the bath house scene. It gave this 73 year old a smile.
    Its not the first layout that I have seen with some nudity. The whole layout is very busy, just like most real cities of any size. keep on keeping on.

  12. Jim Thomas says:

    Gees its a “Bath House”. Most people get naked to take a bath. I saw nothing going on there.
    I always love layouts with the Denver and Rio Grande. I lived in Denver for 30 years and watched the DRG slowly disappear. It was a sad day for me when the name officially passed into history. Its was the end of beautiful yellow and black paint schemes.

  13. Franco428 says:

    The Bathhouse would have been more acceptable to many if us had you separated the men & women, Putting towels on them would have made it better so I could share it with my grandkids. Explaining a “SPA” type facility is easier than a co-ed full0on nudist get together. The rest of your layout was excellent. Only the “FAMILY” sharing issue was a problem.

  14. tom in az says:

    It`s all good kids just need to explained to, they know more than us old farts anyway.

  15. Peter Theodore says:

    Sorry if I offended some of you, I’ll leave the ‘bath house’ put in the future. I take life as the whole clamato.

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