More night time pics from Alasdair

“Thank you for the wonderful replies to the pics I sent you ,as some of you requested more night time pics here they are.


“Hi Al , just uploaded a running session featuring the blue Pullman from Backmann, and the Black 5 from Hornby with the smoke sleuth working again . First time been in the loft in a couple of weeks.



‘Ebay cheat’ sheet is here.

That’s all for today folks. A big thanks to Dave and Alasdair.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to start your very own layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

39 Responses to More night time pics from Alasdair

  1. Thanks for the additional photos as they were well worth the wait.

  2. Nice lighting effect Alisdair

  3. Mike Mattei says:

    I have been following Dave’s progress on his layout for some time now and I admire his speed of progress but I would like to request one thing of Dave, can he place his camera (stills) on a street or track level so we see what it looks like from that view instead of the above views he is doing now?


  4. Cameron says:

    Love that smoke unit.

  5. John Wisnieski says:

    Nice layout , lots of detail work. Perhaps you could dim the white lights they appear to be a bit bright. OWOK!

  6. Cord says:

    Once again, I will just never get tired of watching Dave’s layout. Superb!

  7. Glenn Roach says:

    Hello Dave, Thanks for the additional night time shots. Isn’t amazing how those “new” street lights are a lot brighter than the “older” ones from our younger days. The “smoker” steam unit looked great. I am wondering if it is possible to put smoker addons to the other steam engines in your Inventory?
    Also I want to thank you for sharing your layout with us. I have always wanted to build a layout never had the main essentials to start one. I enjoy seeing your layout running. Keep up the great work. I also noticed that U have been visited by “Dr. Who” since I saw the Tardis in one of your pictures.

  8. Glenn Roach says:

    My Bad. Not in your pictures but in your video across from the train station. May be next will be seen the Doctor and his companion standing somewhere on your layout?

  9. Peter Jones says:

    Great pictures Alisdair thanks for sharing them

  10. Allen Bachelder says:

    Wow Dave – what an inspiration! You gave me several new ideas for that impending layout that’s still just in my head.

    Great photography and production values too!


  11. Peter Jones says:

    Dave, fantastic video once again, I pick up many ideas from watching you productions. I thought the live steam was brilliant

  12. Tom says:

    Great second round of pictures great lighting
    Thanks Al for sharing



  13. paul starr says:

    Fabulous Lighting look forward to more

  14. Raymond Appenzeller says:

    Must say wonderful workmanship and detailing to the layout. Quite impressive overall. I just have one small personal opinion regarding the night time lighting. I applaud your efforts in accomplishing your work regarding the lighting but I find it somewhat unrealistic in a sense of actual brightness. There are quite a few sections within the layout that the lights are far too bright to be a natural scene. I maybe just me and I could be wrong addressing that issue. Sorry if I may have offended you at all. But for me it is a little too bright. Perhaps reducing the voltage down, optical filters, optical sheeting, and/or a few resisters along the path many reduce some of the bright hot areas. Sorry if I offended anyone.

  15. Skip says:

    Wow, this guy is a great modeler! Makes me feel like I’m on a British vacation in the 1960’s or 70’s! Extremely enjoyable! ++++!

    The area by the large train shed was particularly striking IMO; it really didn’t look like a model at all, it was so real looking!

    {Only negative thing I might say is I’m not a fan of blinking lights on a layout, and IMO several of them lumped together in a smallish area distracts from the beauty of an otherwise fantastic looking scene!}

    Freehold, NJ

  16. Austin Wilson says:

    Love your videos Dave as always. Beautiful night time pictures to. Someday, I will have my buildings kite up to. My layout just went from a huge L shape to an even bigger U shape now. Love my HO Scale layout. Keep up the great work on your layouts everyone. Austin.

  17. Thomas says:

    Agree with Raymond, way to bright in certain areas. And what’s with the Boulder (rock) on the spur track and knocking the fence over? That’s different…

  18. John Bennett says:

    Oh Dave, I love that Smoke Sleuth, Brilliant. Does it come with the loco, or is it an accessory???

  19. Mark Geraghty says:

    Hi Dave
    A very impressive layout indeed. I love the smoke units, which smoke liquid do you use?
    I’ve heard that some people use baby oil!


  20. Mark Geraghty says:

    Hi Dave
    A very impressive layout indeed.
    Which smoke liquid do you use?
    I’ve heard that some people use baby oil!


  21. Chris Hughes says:

    Alastair, why in pictures 7 & 11 is there a lentgh of fencing lying in the track with a large rock on it?

  22. Robert Bouskill says:

    Quite magical. Enjoyable to view. Good work!

  23. Roy Tibbles says:

    I enjoy watching your layout every time, complaint about brightness of lights well that can be cut down by putting another bulb in on current ie 4v down to 3v, that’s how I get around it. I remember having that gauge when I was 12 and had smoke too coming out of one of my loco. Also mail train carriage picking up bags then dropping them off great fun. Well that was 57 yrs ago. Now have n gauge these can’t be done but still enjoy doing diffident layouts. Dave you keep the good work going lots of us out here still get pleasure. Roy

  24. Ash says:

    Just one word “WOW”

  25. Jim Roe says:

    Thanks Dave. What a treat. Especially like the steam engine with all the smoke. Again, my eyes just soak up all the detail in your layout for ideas.
    Jim in Northern Michigan, USA

  26. Jim Richards says:


    Great video. Really love the smoking engine. The entire layout is really incredible.


  27. John Garvey says:

    I was watching your Model Railway Running Session video. I saw a Doctor Who Tardis on your layout. I would like to know if the tardis is still available. I’m from across the pond. I’m in the Maryland, United States. If they are still available, list a website if possible. Thanks

  28. ANDREW SCHYHOL says:

    Hi Alastair, I love your site, especially the comments from all around the world. Referring to a previous note of yours, please do not pay any attention to your detractors and nitpickers!
    I am not really a modeler but more of a collector, hoarder, scrounger, operator of all gauges. My main likes are the railroads of my youth the New York, New Haven and Hartford, the long Island RR, New York’s elevated and subway trains, “the “Hudson Tubes” to New Jersey (MTA). Also later in life Amtrak and auto train to Florida and back.
    Living now in Florida lacking my previous basements and attic spaces I now mostly repair and play with my trains running them in limited space in the garage and spare room.
    Note to Dave, might you run a freight (goods) train perhaps of modern vintage?

    I’ve gone on long enough. Thank you Alastair, contributors, commenters, et al!

  29. Roger Coleman says:

    A few people have commented on the Tardis and I guess your average American wouldn’t know that the original tardis took on the outward shape of a London police phone box I think they were also used in the provinces too. Most of the scenery is around mid century plus 10 to 20 years max but the style of architecture will date back up to 100 years before that. As I remember it pre mobile phones and walk talkie radios the beat officer would include passing the dedicated phone box to report in and if there was a flashing blue light on the top know there was a message for him.

  30. Roger Coleman says:

    I forgot to say Hornby made one R8696 ar £6.50 in the Skaledale collection I guess available on eBay

  31. Bob Walker says:

    Hey Dave…OMG – you’ve got “Herbie the Love Bug” on your layout! Not only that, but the Tardis is there as well – I half expect to see The Doctor stepping out of it… a magnificent layout, sir… Kudos! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & a very Happy New Year to you… -Bob W, NH, USA

  32. L Z says:

    What the hell is a Tardis ?????

  33. Norman Rosen says:

    Every time Dave posts a video of his sessions, I see something that I had not noticed before. L Z is right; what is a Tardis?

  34. DennisC says:

    Kudos to everyone who posts their layout pics here…brave thing, since there are always a few complaints. Regarding the brightness of Alasdair’s night pics, that is more likely a function of the camera sensor than it is the actual lighting as it would look if you were actually in the room…something I’m certain Alasdair can agree with.

  35. Jerry B says:

    Simply Beautiful! Great work !!

  36. Robert Brady says:

    BRAVO MR. DAVE! Still Commercial free.
    Alistair; Love the night life ,well presented.

  37. David Schaffner says:

    Great layout…Great video….You have a railroaders imagination…Love the old cars and the assortment of trains…You have give me many ideas for a future layout….Thanks from the USA…

  38. Ernie says:

    Those are GREAT night photos and I always enjoy Dave’s train runs

  39. good nighttime photos alasdair
    good video dave

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