More of your scratch builds

Got another scratch build for you today, from Ryszard (which I’m told is Polish for Richard).

And it’s from the same print that is bundled free with the Beginner’s Guide at the mo.

What’s more – for this weekend only – the Beginner’s Guide is just $9.

I can’t think of a more fitting way to say thank you than this sale:

Thanks to you lot, with a few thrills and spills along the way, we’ve made it past 11 years of posts, pics and tips.


I have enjoyed your site for a long time, since I have retired had to find something to fill the spare time, I purchased one of your (Big Bundle Deal) and printed out one of the Engine sheds among many others.

I have created my own version of the Engine shed as shown in the pictures.

With added and above doors are my creation of lamps, LED lights.

Scratch built table and chairs with tools.

Interior detail.

Side walls have ventilation fan vents.

I have dreamed to set up a model railroad layout for a long time and when I started to make it a reality one thing came up after another, like kids, education, weddings and now I have time and room to finish the dream, but not much of a budget.

Best to all talented people like Hall of Fame Dave, talented hobbyists and their many beautiful layouts.


Now on to the very same Hall of Fame Dave, who has also sent this vid in:

“Hi Al,

just uploaded video showing building that Railway cottage from your site, turned out not bad, and it was easier than what I thought, just a case of getting a decent piece of card to put the print on, then cutting to size.


A huge thank to you Ryszard and Dave.

Dave built the stone cottage that is in the store.

Ryszard built his engine shed from the print that is free with Beginner’s Guide.

What’s more there are 7 other prints bundled free with the Beginner’s Guide too.

If you missed yesterday’s post, you can see John’s engine shed scratch build and Charle’s stunning barn build.

That’s all for today folks – but please don’t forget this silly sale is for this weekend only.

It will disappear just as quickly as it arrived, so if you want to bag yourself a great deal, please grab it while you can.



20 Responses to More of your scratch builds

  1. Three more absolutely stunning models…
    Ryszard has two excellent build very creative.
    “Dangerous Dave” made a great video… Inspiring work!
    I envy those who can make such video’s and Dave’s editing is the best!
    Dave also offered some nice techniques in his video…
    Clear windows are very nice… For me they were easy in O scale
    but I am trying something for my HO models… A new trick…
    I like the results so far…

  2. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Well done to both of you.
    Ryszard Really good customizing of the engine sheds.
    Dave The changes to the cottage windows make a big difference. You have dealt with the one big bug bear I have about buildings on a site is its connection to the ground. You have disguised that connection with the plants etc at ground level. The cottage looks like it has been there for years and not just plopped on the layout with its baseboard edges showing etc.

  3. Keith Miller says:

    Nice job on that engine shed, Ryszard. Big thanks to Dave for reminding us that Al’s prints can be made up with very little fuss. These ‘how to’ videos are very welcome. It’s interesting to see how people gradually add more and more details and use different techniques to enhance the basic design. Yet a beginner can assemble them and get a decent result straight off. (Before they get bitten by the bug and start tweaking here and there.). Dustyk UK

  4. Peter Waring says:

    Well impressed with the building skills of both contributions today. I think these model buildings are great. Would be great to get some more UK style buildings though. Although with a bit of imagination you can change the character of the builds quite a bit.

  5. Tony Banks says:

    Great photos and vids. I had wondered when a “how to” post on the terrific down loaded prints
    would be presented. My pike, 20 x 16 H.O., has 10 different “paper/card” buildings in different locations. My first were experimental. A bit crude. So they are placed a bit “in the woods”. Still. They look very authentic and I got better building them as I practiced. Thanks for the tutorial. A nice variation on scratch building the down loaded prints. The downloads are some of the best hobby ideas I’ve seen in the 60 years I’ve been ” playing trains.” Great stuff


    Wonderful!. I appreciate the models being so beautifully weathered. My experience in life is that very few railroad buildings, or for that matter, railroad locomotives and rolling stock look shiny, new, and have a “plastic toy like” sheen.

  7. Anything for G scale in the models you have in the Big Kahuna package. I have looked but seen nothing. Can those be made with a ratio to what you have??
    After watching Dangerous Dave make one I figure I could give it a whirl

  8. Robert says:

    Very nice modeling ! Is there a good source for clear plastic windows?

  9. don kadunc says:

    I have one tip that may make inset windows and doors easier. Print two sets of walls. Mount them on card stock. Cut the windows and doors out of one. Laminate it over the uncut wall. everything will line up and imperfections in your cuts will be masked. Also, the interior walls will be flat if you want to detail the interior. I have another idea that I haven’t tried but one of you might try and see if it works. Cut out windows with about a half inch edge. Print them on clear decal paper.Printing only the parts you need saves decal paper. Mount the decal on clear plastic and mount on the model. I believe light would show through if lite from inside. You probably want to set the printer to low density or draft mode to allow more light. I would try it but ran out of clear decal paper.

  10. Kevin McArdle says:

    I have found that cereal box cardboard, in the large two bag boxes that are at Costco, (shredded mini wheats or Frosted Flakes) is ideal for gluing model templates too. The weight of the cardboard is substantial and cuts well, but make sure you use a new or sharp blade. Hope that helps.

  11. Brad says:

    Dave,great job!! I would note that the orange glow should be on the side with the fireplace?

  12. Ray Z PA USA says:

    Hi Everyone: Discussing the weathering of models. I have for about 15 years used adhesive weathering powders for that purpose. It is really interesting how you can make shiny items look like they have existed for years. They are so easy to use with old brushes and even your fingertips it’s amazing. What’s really neat is that if you don’t like the first try you can wipe it off and start over or keep some of what you did and work on the shading, etc. I have taught my method to several model railroaders and they agree that it is easy to do. I am sure there are other methods but I was looking for the easy way out. I use Bragdon Industries powders but there many others. What’s nice about what I use is they are somewhat adhesive and stick well to surfaces. Regards: Ray

  13. Dan Hulitt says:

    Great work to all of you. Robert, you can use clear acetate report covers as windows using canopy glue to secure them. Canopy glue dries clear.

  14. Alabama Mike says:

    Dave makes building those printouts look easy and they look great.

  15. Martin Vanderhoek says:

    Very impressed with both buildings and just goes to show with some imagination they really come to life.
    A question for Dave. Where did you access the clear windows as this is a show stopper particularly if you want to add lights?

  16. Excelent work from both of you. I enjoy seeing the great work of others. I am getting too old to do it myself, so everyone keep up your grest work and posting for me to enjoy.

  17. Hi All , well just shows how easy it is to build these , if I can do you can also , to answer Martin , those clear plastic windows I used were from a old set in a metcalfe pack , but any clear plastic can be used , I found a lot on model car boxes , even plenty on railway boxes the ones the loco`s or coaches come in , just cut out the acquired amount …..Dangerous Dave

  18. Will in NM says:

    Ryszard, Very nice job customizing your two engine sheds. I liked the interior details and exterior LED lighting. One comment: the white floor in the second engine shed looked way too clean for a railroad workshop.:-)

    Dave, On again thank you for putting that video together on building the cottage. I had a thought about the interior: instead of just adding a light, what if you printed out a scene of a living room from a magazine photo and mounted it inside the cottage so when you look through the acetate windows, you see an actual interior of a house. You could even add a figure or two inside the room to enhance the 3D effect. As always, I’m impressed with the high quality of your videos. Keep up the good work.

  19. Daniel says:


  20. RalphBerry says:

    great to see these marvelous variations using the printed buildings.

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