O scale building kits

Peter’s been back in touch with some impressive pics of his O scale building kits and layout:

“It took me 3 years to complete this layout.

It consists of a full circle of o scale 1/48

2 rail trains based on western roads, I. E. Rio grande, western pacific, sourthern pacific and Santa Fe.

All engines except for one atlas RS-1 are brass that were painted and decaled by me.

The back part underneath the painted backdrop on the wall is point to point on3 narrow gauge trains.

I completed all the scenery and track work which in itself was a ton of work.

Bench work is mostly 1 by 3 and 2 by 2 lumber for 48 inch height for good viewing and ease of getting underneath for electrical work.

Most buildings are craftsman style kits and there are a few scratch built ones as well.

The pics and vid’s are self explanatory. Any questions? Feel free to ask and I’ll expound on detail ,

TY Al”

o scale building kits store

model train car

O scale building kits church

model train water tower

O scale buildings kits roundhouse

model railroad farm

model train bridge

model railroad brake van

model train loco

model train passenger car

model train scenery

model railroad farm

O scale building kits store

model railroad tracks

model train parking lot

O scale building kits turntable

O scale engine house

O scale flat bed freight

model train control panel

A big thanks to Peter for sharing his O scale building kits.

Over the years he’s shared quite a lot – if you want to see his layout from start to finish, have a look here.

As you all probably know by now, one of things I really enjoy seeing is a layout appear from an empty bench – especially when it’s one that looks like Peter’s.

Although he says it’s completed, I’ll bet there will be changes and additions sometime soon. Are they ever finished? Why stop the fun!

Also, just want to say a huge big thank you to the heroes who are answering the questions on the model train forum.

Don’t forget, it you’re stuck on something, you can post a question.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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41 Responses to O scale building kits

  1. Brian Olson says:

    Fun layout, love that graffiti guy!

  2. David Howarth says:

    Just wish i had the room and monay to run a 0 gauge

  3. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Peter. Good job. As the scale increases the need for more precise detail is required. You’ve nailed it. Well done.

  4. Kevin McArdle says:

    Beautiful layout.

  5. Cary B says:

    Now that’s an O scale layout, incredible detail throughout. Awesome /Beautiful build 👍😊
    Cary B aka cbgadget

  6. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Peter…… great layout……great scenes…..love Marylyn……..
    Need a lot of room for that in O scale.

  7. DJfromNJ says:

    To me, it’s the detail that makes a layout stand out. And yours is among the best. Great work, Peter!

  8. Bill in Virginia says:

    Fantastic work there Peter! Beautiful layout.

  9. Greg Marples says:


  10. George Zaky says:

    Awesome job, great artistry and creativity. Thanks to you and AL for bringing this to us. Both you & Dangerous Dave- never can get enough!
    I’ve been told to never combine scales. Well, when told that, I do the opposite and have a plan to combine ON30 on a upper level & S scale on the lower. I am having a little difficulty seeing how your ON30 & O look together and how you did that. Of course the difference between ON30 & S is very small and perhaps less risky but it concerns me that an effort and expense wont turn out.
    Bill from Va’s layout of ON30 & O is so awesome and has inspired me to move forward but I’m still nervous because I’m not talented like you guys. Could you send us some pics to show ON30 & O together. Much thanks

  11. Robert Brady says:

    I’m typically not a O scale kind of guy but in this case i really like your scenes and photog . By the way in first photo there seems to be a dead body on the ground..
    The Critic

  12. Rob McCrain says:

    Brilliant details. The way you have posed your figures and the stories they tell plus the staging of the scene items tells a story too. very well done. I am impressed.
    Rob McCrain – Farland Howe

  13. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Peter Great to see O scale Layouts and the scenery is outstanding! Like your Mountains and Bridge work very nice and a great video, Very much enjoyed looking at your work of art. God Speed!

  14. Erick says:

    Wow that is awesome.? I hope mine turns out that good.

  15. Robert D. Bouskill says:

    Simply love your “O” scale layout

  16. Dave Massimi says:

    Excellent layout…detail is impressive!

  17. matiSon says:

    Great layout! I love it!!

    I am currently working on an “N” gauge layout, but I have been trying to collect O cars and track, so that some day I can build my own O gauge railroad, which is my ultimate goal. The problem that I’m having is that O is super expensive, and affordable bargains are hard to come by.

  18. Richard H Chapple Sr says:

    A wonderful layout. Carefully chosen equipment, great scenes. For me the bigger the scale the more realistic the trains sound and act as they move about. Such nice work.
    Richard (r) from Hardin Mt USA

  19. Bill Sutherland says:

    I enjoed seeing your O Scale Layout. I would like to know where you purchasrd your vegetable plants.I would appreciate if you could forward the info to me. Many thanks Bill Sutherland Peterborough Ontario wjsutherland@bell.net

  20. Bob B says:

    Great scenes and great photography. I especially enjoy seeing the context ,that is, the room it is in. I’d love to see a sketch of the layout

  21. Randy Caulkins says:

    Great detail. Kinda like mini dioramas!

  22. Terry Sipe says:

    Great job! Its all in the details. That looks like my Dad’ ’35 Hupmobile up on blocks. Thanks for sharing

  23. Alex D. says:

    Very nice. Great to see an old school, two rail O gage layout!

  24. Joseph says:

    Super Layout. Enjoy.

  25. Peter Theodore says:

    Thank you all, you’re too kind and it’s fun to share with you.
    If you’d like to add a garden, I used corrugated cardboard, then a light covering of white glue to sprinkle fine shifted sand on it, then you have rows to plant away.

  26. Brian Olson says:

    Some like it hot!

  27. Allan Clarke says:

    Wow, A great O gauge layout,
    and you sure know how to grow great cabbages.

  28. Stephen Hill says:

    Peter that is very cool , great detail throughout . Most impressive . The scenes you’ve created are fun , reallly like the tobacco shop , and the water coming from the hose .. pretty cool stuff . Great layout sir , really takes the cake .

  29. Mike K Trobaugh says:

    Tiz a fortunate fellow copping a feel on the park bench wile his wife looks upon with approval. Awsome work on the layout!

  30. Rich B. says:

    Sure, just look at what’s taking place in each setting. Nobody cares about the trains passing through😳. Figures are not in mid-flight so to speak and the 2 rail “O”? Have to research this a bit more, know of rumors with this but seeing is believing.

    Once said and consensus proven true (not exact wording). A RR with smaller gauges you can only reach a point that’s “good enough” with extras.The minute/minuscule details are completely lost due to size/scale in itself. NOT with “O” certainly and the clickity-clack of rolling stock and fire and brimstone with those old 3-rail Lionel’s… artificial sound and smoke not applicable here.

    Love these 3 word evals showing up.The spelling, thought and alias’ used are mesmerizing.

    With Regards, Rich

  31. Tony, Kitty Hawk, NC says:

    Peter- great little scenes everywhere! And much better engine speed than we usually see for O scale. Thanks for sharing!

  32. TJK says:

    Nice work Peter! We also have an O Gauge layout, but your figures are awesome, so many different poses……where did you get them?
    All I can find are construction workers in four different poses. I have to melt their arms and legs to form them into different positions.
    Great work.
    Boy Oh Boy Al……. I look forward to opening your emails everyday. Thanks!

  33. C William Schneider says:

    Wow! Really nice work there! CWS

  34. Jeff in Seattle says:

    Fun Scenes, ya wanna jump in and experience them for real! I model the NP and GN so I love seeing photos of my favorite roads. I guess living on the “left coast” Will do that to ya… Thanks for sharing

  35. Jim Matherly says:

    Each scene is such a beautifully detailed set piece that could stand alone for many hobbyists, but the way you have integrated all makes me feel I am visiting a real small rural town, post WW II. (I know; I am 80 and grew up in a tiny KY community during WW II, served by the L & N R R, whose line bordered my grandparent’s farm, while my Dad served in the Army Air Corps in Europe for four years, during & post-war. You must have spent considerable time contemplating the impact you wanted to project for a viewer before you began the three years of effort to create. I think if I had the vision and desire to build this layout, I would have put in place “the end is near” scene first, just to keep the personal motivation up to continue. BTW, loco 238 is a true work of art. Thanks for your effort, the amazing result and most of all, the Memories!

  36. Linda Hoffstetter says:

    I admire your layout.
    Where do you purchase your cars and trucks ?
    They all look so authentic to the time period
    Thank you for sharing your layout, it’s really very nice
    Linda H.

  37. Frank Pumillo says:

    Stunning, gorgeous, and too many details to love about this layout. Great work!

  38. John Berger says:

    Love this one! So many cool shots! Great work.

  39. Steve Ruple says:

    Awesome layout and pictures, thank you for sharing.

  40. welder Dave says:

    The detail is really nice great job !Like being there .

  41. bill palmer says:

    love it

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