Large o scale train layouts

Peter’s added to the collection of Large o scale train layouts on the blog:

He’s sent in a load pics – from the start of his layout to the present.

But rather than re-publish them, I thought I’d link to all his posts.

“Hope all is well with you. I’m sending you some emails with layout succession progress, including a mural painted on the back wall behind the narrow gauge for me by two artists; Tula Reay and Ali Corser.

So, in essence, from humble beginnings to present. The pictures are numbered and I didn’t go into any ‘how to’s’ because of length, but anyone can contact me of course.

I hope these get to you ok, thx much for posting in advance.

Peter Theodore in Virginia.”

O scale benchwork

O scale laying track

O scale roundhouse

O scale buildings

large o scale train layouts

large o scale train layouts

large o scale train layouts

large o scale train layouts

o scale control panel

Peter starts his O scale

Peter’s update

Peter starts on his scenery

Peter adds a video

Even more from Pete and his O scale

Peter adds a roundhouse

Peter adds a vid of his roundhouse

Pete gives his engine a paint job

Peter finishes his tunnel

Stunning stuff from Pete. There’s quite a collection of large O scale train layouts on the site now, but Peter’s really does stand out in my eyes.

It’s only when you go through all his posts you see just how much work he’s put in to his layout.

Doesn’t it look fab though? It’s an inspiring layout.

Hope you enjoyed Peter’s latest pics as much as I did.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

13 Responses to Large o scale train layouts

  1. Brian Messenger says:

    Hi Peter, your layout is very well done so far and in great detail. The fantastic backdrops bring it to life. Well done.
    Brian – the HOn3 guy – Knysna RSA

  2. Bob Richards says:

    Peter, your love and care are demonstrated fully in your layout. You have demonstrated great expertise. You should be proud.

  3. Rube Simon says:

    Gmmm! Wonderful! Backgrounds really put it into the “amazing” category. Well done!

  4. paul vogel says:

    Great layout Peter……I like the precision of your round house work. Thanks for sharing. Paul…..Ohio…..USA

  5. Kevin McArdle says:

    All I can say is, ‘Wow’!

  6. Thomas Johnston says:

    Peter – Just sitting here on my hotel balcony in Kigali, Rwanda where my view is back dropped by the mountains…so many of our most gorgeous railroad scenes in America are through the mountains. As Brian commented, your backdrop brings the layout to life. Your perspective here is the key. Very nicely done indeed. Have enjoyed your many posts and hope you’ll continue to share your great work.

    Tom – US Diplomat all over the place & z-scale modeler – FL

  7. Paul A Munoz says:


    I am a beginner at this…like a REAL beginner. I found a 65 year old O gauge train and am starting from scratch. I guess my question is how do you decide what to do with your scenery? I am as creative as a cinder block so developing a scene is difficult. Your thoughts would be great! Thanks.

  8. James carryl says:

    I would begin with a simple oval maybe on a 4x 8 sheet of plywood. After studying a few layouts you’ll get the feel and learn how to develop a scene and possibly build a layout around that idea.
    My best advice is model something you’re familiar with or have done a lot of reasearch on a paticular favorite RR line.
    I myself live in the USA
    I have done exaustive research on British Railways so I model in OO scale. Good luck

  9. Allan J Jelinek says:

    WOW! You are one talented hobbyist. Keep up the great work & please keep sharing you layout with us… Thanks Again,

  10. Mal Hodgson says:

    Thanks Peter for sharing your talent

    North Wales

  11. NJ Mark says:

    Beautiful scenery and great details. I love the little fellow in the inner tube in pic#6 and the black bear prowling in the rocks in pic#8. Cheers! NJ Mark

  12. Richard H Chapple Sr says:

    Well done, I enjoyed seeing the progressions via the pictures.
    I also like the great backdrops. Peter have you mentioned how they came about? Did you paint them directly on your wall or on hardboard then attached to the wall? Or are they purchased backdrops? Very nicely done. I looked through your prior posts for info on the backdrops and maybe I overlooked the information on them.

  13. Bill McCourt says:

    The quality of the artwork in your backgrounds are remarkable. I’m building a small Inglenook type railroad diorama and will be adding background using foamcore board around the perimeter. Have to find out what’s available from suppliers in O Gauge.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing the pictures of your lovely railroad! Bill – Dover, DE

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