O gauge roundhouse

Peter’s been in touch again. This time he shows us his o gauge roundhouse – how it was, and now, how it is.

(his last post is here if you want to catch up).

I have to say, I do like it when I see Peter’s name pop up in my inbox, I know it’s going to be good:

“Hi Al,

When you get a chance please post.

Standard O gauge roudnhouse and the start of On3 narrow gauge.

o gauge roundhouse

o gauge roundhouse

o gauge roundhouse

See the O gauge roundhouse on its own, and then in a scene, really does get across how good Peter’s work is.

And best of all, Peter seems to be having a great time and that’s what it’s all about.

Now on to Brian, who is using a ‘cheap’ camera to create his cab ride videos.

“Hi Alistair.

Thanks for the posting of the video.

The comments are great and I did answer the questions asked about the video camera and the ceiling height.

Maybe you could post the pictures to show the guys what the camera looks like. I am sure that it would answer some of the questions and be appreciated by all.

I know dangerous Dave uses a small camera and may like to see this one. I have googled the one he uses and it was too big for my narrow gauge.

Many thanks and all the best in keeping up the excellent work.


model train cab ride

model train cab ride

model train cab ride

model railroad cab ride

(Brian’s video is here.)

A huge thanks to Brian and to Peter for sharing his O gauge roundhouse.

You all know how I love an update and we’re being spoilt at the moment. Hope it continues.

That’s all for today folks – please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to start you layout today, don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here.



6 Responses to O gauge roundhouse

  1. The go pro is a good camera , but think its bigger than the Mobius which is the one I prefer for the model railway …Dave

  2. Kevin McArdle says:

    Beautiful roundhouse, great craftsman quality.

  3. Jim says:

    Nice modeling with that roundhouse and turntable.
    I use the GoPro for my cab ride videos. It’s a bit heavy but with the app, I can view live on my iPhone.

    Jim AZ

  4. Linda says:

    Beautiful Round House & video

  5. Malcolm Hodgson says:


    Superb standard of modelling. It is looking great. Keep us posted with all your progress.


    North Wales

  6. Mike DeVore says:

    Where did you find plans for your roundhouse? Just figured them out yourself, or published plans. I’ve got time and I’d like to build one.
    Thank you!

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