Paul’s video update

Not long ago Paul sent in pics of his wonderful retirement project (they are here if you want to see them).

Well, he’s been in touch again, and this time he’s sent in this video:


Just a follow up to the couple of progress reports sent in on my layout.

This was a quick impromptu recording attempt with my new phone, just hand held and nothing derailed so posted it to YouTube.



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

“I have never in all the posts I’ve seen and received, seen anything on how to submit material to you.

Perhaps it would be nice to occasionally mention the process?

I have been modeling for a long time. Recently moved, tore down a 550 sqft layout and am now working on the first half of 1230 sqft.

Would share ideas I’ve discovered if I had a clue how. Do people just forward these pictures and videos to the above email address? How big is your space? Some must be too big to fit on your email account????


I think Roger has a fair point, so just so you all know, if you’d like to submit your pics just email them in to me with a few words about your layout – it’s that simple.

That’s all this time folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

Beginner’s Guide here



33 Responses to Paul’s video update

  1. christine says:

    Good set up, a lot of work. Trains running too fast, not bullet trains 500 m.p.h. Needs weathering. Slow down the trains.

  2. Mark says:

    Excellent! Maximum use of available space, well thought out with obviously careful planning and attention to detail. There is always something new to see, and with the operations you just simply need, and want, to view it over and over again! Well done! Mark <

  3. Pete Evangel says:

    very nice layout. Lots of detail packed into a small space. You must have patience to do that stuff. Love seeing trains running on layouts, although they should have been going a little slower (my opinion only). I saw you made room for a turntable! great use of a corner space. Pete-Calif.

  4. Ron Zimmerman says:

    Paul, That’s one very fine looking layout. The art work on scenery is fantastic. Nothing is crammed together and is tastefully laid out. One comment though; when you make a recording, SLOW the trains down some. The video reminds me of my son when he was younger saying “Go faster daddy. Go faster”. You know that that detracts from the realism. But a really fantastic looking layout.

  5. Paul Simpson says:

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Granted there is still a lot of work to do to fine tune the layout. Totally agree, they are flying around at breakneck speed but I couldn’t run the controllers and handle the phone camera as well. My next submission will be with a proper video camera and having the trains going at a more realistic pace.


  6. Jan B says:

    Good steady camera work, and nice scenery.
    Others have already said what I wanted to comment but I 100% agree “run the trains slower”. Makes it so much nicer to look at and certainly with steam loco’s you can see all the wheels and gear smoothly run.

  7. Curly Dave says:

    Great layout, I really like the tunnels in the corners especially the spiral through the left hand mountain. How easy is it to get inside them if there is a derailment? If there is a mishap on my layout nine times out of ten it’s at the furthest & most awkward point. I agree with the other comments ref the speed but the rest is great.

  8. Keith Miller says:

    Some really nice work there: nice to see. Recorded on your HAND HELD phone! You must have a steady hand! I didn’t think the trains were too fast – it’s the effect of having curves much tighter than the real thing. I just had a look at a video of Tornado (60163) in Cambridgeshire a couple of years ago – looked about as fast, but of course it was on a straight stretch. If it was going round your curve past the post office I would be a bit uneasy buying stamps – but what fun you were having!
    Thanks for sending it in.

  9. Chris,Manchester UK says:

    Superb layout Paul.
    But why are the trains running the opposite way?
    Trains and cars travel right to left in the UK.
    Thank you for an excellent video.

  10. Peter says:

    O.V. Bulleid loco’s are beautiful machines, loved watching the video, but I agree you need yo slow them down a tad. Otherwise this is a dream project, well done!

  11. Rod Mackay says:

    Love the White Cliffs, hope there are bluebirds.
    Bit puzzled though, Bullied Pacifics, British scenery and rolling stock, why are the trains running on the right? 🙂

  12. Jerry T. says:

    Very nice! I particularly was interested in the trees that are pale green. How were they made, I wonder?

  13. Patrick says:

    Great layout Buddy. Next video show us some of your freight operations…

  14. paul Otway says:

    I loved the speeding Bulleid air smoothed spam cams.

  15. Ralph says:

    Smart looking layout.
    That mountain in the corner gets around the “square sky” problem nicely.

  16. Raymond Bove says:

    Very nice but I must agree with other viewers, the trains are going much too fast.
    Also pity this major effort did not use finer trackwork. This one is so high the rails look like curtain rails (that need weathering anyway).

  17. peter briggs says:

    I loved the attention to detail you created, also your track was best weathered I have yet seen, please give advice to all on how you created this.
    Thank you for sharing it with us lesser morta!s!

  18. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great video. good to see trains running . nice scenery. overhead shots perfect. you have just got another hobby video making, like to see more.

  19. Sid says:

    Just amazing! great layout, I really enjoyed the video

  20. Paul Simpson says:

    Just to answer a few more questions; the larger trees are The Scenic Express Super Trees, covered in sprayable glue and their supplied leaf matter. There is also a couple of the kit trees that are the plastic trunk with foam clumps glued on, also a few evergreens in front of the row houses that were purchased from China. Finally there are some smaller ones behind the coal load and along the back that I made with branches cut from a Spirea shrub in my back yard with package moss glued on.
    The tracks were designed to run right to left but totally by chance as I had no idea the way they are supposed to be, so I got lucky there! Thanks for pointing that out!
    Finally the access to the right hand hill is through the back which is open to the adjoining room. There is a pocket door dividing the rooms but in this video it is in the open position. The left hand mountain has an access hole cut in the underside just big enough to reach my hand in to retrieve any derailments.


  21. Martin Wood says:

    Yes Rod was right in that these are UK trains but operating on the wrong track directions than they do in the UK.
    Otherwise a great layout well done.

  22. Roy says:

    Hi Paul, reading some of the comments well do state there views on speed, thought I was watching the grand p but apart from that you have done a grand job on the lay out. About 50 yrs ago I brought a lay out like yours only with two inclines in each corner then across the bridge, it was n gauge which didn’t need a lot of space, 6 x 3 had it on pullies so place it on the ceiling, my boys bed room well he lost interest so I took the hobby up, now it’s 16 x 12 now got its own bed room now. I could have 5 engines going at same time with out crashing into each other, well these days looking at £100 each loco so we can’t afford doing that. Well good luck for the future hope you get a lot of pleasure as I do. Roy

  23. Jim Robinson says:

    Paul, your trees are among the best I’ve seen on any layout. Kudos! It’s all very good; but I specifically noted the trees when you zoomed in on the lower left part of the layout.

  24. tony says:

    why are all people driving their trains like formula 1?
    special with DCC you can drive slowly and you can enjoy much more your running train.
    Imagine the people in the passenger trains will be killed with such a speed in the (tight) curves.

  25. Robert Brady says:

    Guess you have a way with mountain tunnels? Great work! Why all the express passenger trains ? need a couple of local stops passengers becoming irritated One Chinese man down by tracks very dangerous, LOL! Love It
    The Critic

  26. Robert Brady says:

    Quite a few Critics today, But they’re correct.I must say.
    The Critic

  27. Will in NM says:

    Paul, Lovely layout with lots of interesting details. I do wonder though how your speeding passenger trains have any patrons as I never saw them stop at any of the stations. 🙂

  28. Robert Burke says:

    Love it. Great use of space. Obviously, a real line perspective would spread over the whole house, but you’ve made an interesting and busy layout without its feeling too crowded. As far as the speed goes, I tried clicking on the settings cog at the bottom of the Youtube screen. One can adjust the speed in increments from 25%, 50% etc. I found that 75% playback worked well. Doesn’t enhance the sound any but slows the trains, and allows more time to appreciate the workmanship and vision Paul has invested in this wonderful project. Well done from NZ. (That’s New Zealand; not a state in the USA).

  29. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Paul. Nice layout. The slope from the left hill is very steep. Can you run loaded trains in the opposite direction firm the ones in the video. ?

  30. John Birch says:

    Loverly layout with lots of attention to detail and gives a sense of space, However, if the trains ran at a more realistic speed, the sharp curves (often necessary because of limited space), would not be so jarring.
    Well done.

  31. GREAT Layout. Great Detail
    Only issue I see is your trains are running at warp speed, You even beat our Dangerous Dan in train speed…LOL

  32. Erick says:

    Great Layout.!!!!

  33. Bob says:

    Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your video and I thank you for posting.
    Your layout is fantastic and I can only wish I had your talent and patience.
    As for the critics of your layout “Bah! Humbug”

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