Model train layout cab ride

Hall of Fame member, Rob, has been in touch with his model train layout cab ride.

I do really enjoy the ‘cab rides’ – you see the layout in a totally different way. The change in perspective can almost make it look like a different layout – they are a lot of fun.

“Hi Al,

As I recall the time I made a cab ride video on my old layout, it was very popular.

My new one on my new layout is certainly popular on my channel. It is a fun one with plenty of side views so the stations can be clearly seen.

As you know this is my second layout in. My first was disassembled to make room for my new dedicated train room. My wife wanted to finished space in our basement so visitors wouldn’t see our raw basement and I readily agreed.

There are three stations on the layout, Far Cliff which is at the beach, Far Moor located inside a 180-degree curve and my main station Howe Street.

The layout is a curving swirl and with three loops each 120 feet around.

It has a long tunnel with storage tracks and two cameras so I can see what is going on in it. There is room to store three trains.

There is also an area along the back wall that is a non-scenic area. I simply will allow me to get across the back of the layout with trains.

Thank you so much for all you do for the modeling community across the globe.

Rob Crain-Farland Howe”

model train layouts cab ride

model train layouts cab ride

model train platform drivers view

model train curve

model railroad drivers view

model train layouts cab ride

model train layouts cab ride tunnel

Latest ebay cheat sheet here.

Now on to Andrew, who has been busy with the printable scenery.

“Hi Al,

I recently purchased your Big Kahuna Bundle – great value for money.

With the assistance of John and his entertaining ‘How to’ videos I have now constructed two buildings. I am very happy with them although they are not up to John’s standard

Thank you and best wishes


printable building

printable building

A huge thanks to Jim and to Rob for sharing his model train layout cab ride. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a layout.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

37 Responses to Model train layout cab ride

  1. NJ Mark says:

    Rob Great video! What kind of camera did you use and also, who did the music?

    Cheers! NJ Mark

  2. Incredible. Brilliant

  3. Paul Case says:

    Interested in the camera and the way it is mounted on the train. How long have you been working on the layout?

  4. mark Allen says:

    Thanks for the lift Rob!

  5. Dwight says:

    Rob – awesome job mate; that was a delightful little jaunt around a proessional layout. I too would like to know about the music soundtrack … had a light bluegrassy feel to it; very nice.

  6. Bill Holt says:

    What a AWESOME layout. Very open and UN-CLUTTERD !! Most layouts are so cluttered with stuff , Rob this layout is very well laid out and looks REAL !


  7. Jonathan says:

    Rob, Great stuff. Everytime I see a video of such quality, I hesitate to send one in myself. But I’m thinking of doing it soon anyway! Just a quick email today. I think the plan that you discussed at the beginning is Buddleia. It’s also known as butterfly bush. Comes in a variety of beautiful colors and a spectacular at attracting butterflies. It’s also easy to grow. I’ll stop there because I doubt that Al wants to turn this into horticultural site!!
    Yes there’s a variety of ways to spell it. Best to all, Jonathan

  8. Bobv Hager says:


  9. That was an awesome ride. Thanks. Love it.

  10. Robert Brady says:

    OMG Rob,is it me or did everyone know how huge your beautiful layout was?Last I saw was you building a beach across from station and then watching motor vehicles being tested . I never saw the whole layout before,WOW Traintactular! Thank you Rob for the details!
    Robert B.

  11. Paul O says:

    Rob, excellent video; I love the transitions from straight ahead to side views!
    You did a great job 👍

    Paul O

  12. Peter Bayley-Bligh says:

    Throughly enjoyed the video ride – the side view enhanced it. Buddliea great stuff, grows like weed but is also very decorative until it dies – that happens when it gets very ‘woody’.

  13. Bacon says:

    Great ride I brought 3 more tickets…smile.

  14. D. I. Relyea says:

    Good morning
    Thanks to Rob for a great cab ride. I believe the plant he spoke of is Buddleia, known by the common name butterfly bush, because the flowers are attractive to Lepidoptera. So who is game to model insects in N scale ? – they are the most abundant life form on Earth.
    Am curious about the scale speed of the cab ride, close to 60 mph?
    And thanks to Al for the continuing source of help.
    Doug in CT, USA

  15. john ferrera says:

    Of course outstanding but more to the point is, you. Besides the friendly presentation, you are hilarious. Comments such as, “well I guess he’s a pal, because he helped me out”; “Oh, I put music on because the engine sounds were getting boring, so that’s the reason for that”. Just grand, really. If ever spent time with my RR buddies, frankly I think we would never stop laughing at witty side comments. “I find it fascinating to look out the side…the front well, blah, blah, blah”. Look forward to your other videos. John

  16. Brian Messenger says:

    Great video Rob. Very nice layout. Would be interested to know what camera you used.
    Brian 🇿🇦 RSA

  17. paul vogel says:

    Rob…..WOW….Your layout ceases to amaze me. What wonderful work you do. Thanks for sharing. Very enjoyable !!! Paul Brookfield, Ohio USA

  18. Steve Joyce says:

    Always cab ride videos

  19. Old Prospector says:

    WOW ! This is the first Model Railroad layout I’ve seen in a long time in which I actually liked the way it was laid out over-all. It gives you a sense of long distance between one place and another the way it is (or has been), arranged and laid out. It would be nice to see it itself, in all its entirety, or else the written layout track plans from an overhead view.

  20. Gerald Westphalen says:

    Great ride. Just like being on an excursion train. Also loved your choice of music. Beautiful layout.

  21. Randy Dent says:

    Great job Rob

  22. Doug Godbey says:

    Very nice! It’s done so well I had to remind myself it wasn’t real but a model layout. Very cool!.

  23. Marklin Ed says:

    THANKS Rob. Your. One of best modelers I ‘be seen…Can’t wait for the next video

  24. Don Garner says:

    I remember your previous layout and enviously watched you develop your current railroad. World class job! The cab ride was most enjoyable, especially the side shots, very realistic. Two questions: 1. Would a 45 degree view from the cab give a better view of the passing scenery ? 2: What are the round, black objects at 3:11 (at end of bridge) and 5:05 (at end of tunnel)?

  25. kevin O'Malley says:

    I did enjoyed the ride, super layout thanks rob.

  26. Ross Johnston says:

    Rob! Thankyou so much for your excellent Cab Ride video. I really enjoyed it. Cheers Rossco, Adelaide, South Australia

  27. Daniel says:

    Great video!

  28. The comment thread is as wonderful as the layout.
    Quick question: Why does the name Farland Howe (along with your town names) remind me of the classic “Madder Valley”?
    Also, I loved the side shots but found the fisheye effect a little disturbing….
    Would love a video from a passenger’s view (side view) of the layout without the fisheye…. Great modeling by the way!

  29. Malcolm Hodgson says:

    Great layout.
    The big round things appear to be video cameras of the type used for home surveillance. No doubt to stop the blight of cable thieves that strip copper cable from alongside UK railway tracks!

  30. Rod Mackay says:

    Very nice Rob, though if I were OO scale and plastic I’d not be very happy about going through that 3-track wide rock-cut tunnel for fear of all that plaster falling on me. The buddleia, lovely work, but it’s horrible stuff, spreads like wildfire and although it’s quite straggly and thin on the poor footing, there’s so much of it as to be a dangerous view blocker when you’re on the lineside. It’d be a pity to give up on your loco shed, so much life in those places. Old mate told me tales of prepping locos by the light only of an oil taper flare lamp in the dark and rain, the glass gone from the roofs after the blitz, the firemen having to rob tools and fireirons off other locos to get a set together, or struggling from the drier with buckets of sand, the cleaners hiding from the foremen in an empty tender, or swimming in the water tower in summer, the braziers burning under the water columns to keep them from freezing in winter, the engine slipping furiously up the slope to the coaling stage with loaded wagons despite a good ‘run up’ and the old drivers bribing the coal stage hands to get best lump only and no briquettes! You don’t see so much human nature (or shunting) in some old castle.

  31. Harry Kane says:

    Rob, Great cab ride! You had several nice comments on my small “test layout” post I submitted a while back, and while I’m still on my small “test layout”, I’ve added some detail and was planning on sending Al an update. Your very nice comments on my first post have gotten my modeling juices going again. I’m curious as to your video, what camera, and how in the world did you smoothly pan the camera underway like that? I have a tiny camera running off a Raspberry Pi Zero that I can fit on an N scale car, and I’ve also developed an Arduino based 233 MHz wireless link to control servos remotely which I may be able to shoehorn in but being a retired engineer and loathe to reinvent wheels and such, I’m curious as to how you did it. I realize you’re in a bit larger scale, but with all the wonderful mini electronics out there, I would love to make a cab ride video of my tiny layout and I’m open to all the ideas I can purloin. (:-).
    Thanks for a wonderful video, and the view from the rails shows what a wonderful layout Farland Howe is. I can see why you’re in Al’s Hall of Fame.

  32. Gary Mitchell says:

    Great layout Rob loved the cab ride – Gary – Hamilton NZ

  33. Robert Brady says:

    Didn’t realize the spaces room/ layout you have,beautiful train ride Rob! Keep m coming.

  34. Fantastic ride. Thanks for sharing it. Do you have a large screen TV mounted somewhere nearby so visitors can see something like this live

  35. Allison64 says:

    Very much enjoyed your video. Riding the rails is my favorite way to see a layout and yours is no exception. I particularly enjoyed the locale you’ve modeled because it’s different from what I usually see here in the US. I have to agree with other comments, that your music choice was excellent and it did, indeed, improve the viewing experience over just listening to the engine. I also concur with some comments that express interest in how you did the video work. I’d love to attempt it but have no idea how. I think Mr. Scherago’s idea of a large television in your train room is excellent as well and I find it inspires me to add one to my train room if I ever manage to record a ride through my layout.

  36. Rob
    Great video,great layout I really enjoyed it very relaxing
    from florida

  37. Walter retired in the Philippines says:

    Thank you that was an excellent ride, thought I was there, even started getting motion sickness, hehehehe, (I mean that as a compliment), very pleasing to the eye, and I especially liked the music, could you mention who you credit the music to, it was very soothing.

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