Tyco HO trains

Stephen has been in touch with just how much fun he’s had with his Tyco HO trains

“Mr Lee,

Thank you for all you do for this amazing hobby. Your dedication and effort are without compare and we all greatly appreciate all you do sir

Growing up our parents always had the old Lionel trains under the Christmas Tree with the plasticville town lit up. Was a joy to see and always anticipated.

Eventually they gifted me an HO Tyco train in the early seventies. I played with that train every chance I had, ultimately my dad built an 8’x4’ table and I was off.

Fate intervened as my grandparents required care and the basement was converted into living quarters thus putting my trains in a box where they stayed for forty five years.

I didn’t realize how fond I was of trains until my children and I would set up Thomas the Tank Engine throughout the house on a regular basis . They’re grown now and have urged me to revisit my enthusiasm for trains .

In collaboration my wife and daughter each gifted me with a Bauchmann train this past Christmas, as well as my brother discovered my box of trains going through stuff , my old train still runs and is part of my display . 

The New year began at the lumber yard and soon enough i constructed a 10×6 table to house my display . Keep in mind I hadn’t discovered this website or come to understand the current fervor the hobby inspires . I thought I was just reliving my childhood . 

These trains weren’t sufficient so one by one I kept adding . I’ve got six trains, analog, there again a hadn’t yet realized the DCC and so forth . Didn’t set out with high hopes , mostly just wanted to have fun and have trains.

Had no experience with scenery, very little electronics or electrical background… on / off was about it. So I remained simplified in my approach , after all I didn’t want to complicate things and not be able to just enjoy watching the trains . 

My goal was to create as much effect as I could and have trains coming and going in and out of tunnels and over and under passes and several tiers of track.

I’ve allowed total access to all the track with removable panels for maintenance which I do regularly.

The trestles are hand made and most of the rocks are real.

Some kits are as designed, some I “bashed”. A lot of stuff was altered to make it work . 

Enough said , I used my resources and my imagination and in the spirit of Frank Sinatra, I did it my way . 

Thank all of you for your tips and posts and kind comments and compliments. One more kind thank you to Mr. Lee for all you do . 

Please enjoy , thank you ,


HO scale track plan

Tyco HO trains

Tyco HO trains

Tyco HO trains

HO scale freight train

Tyco HO trains

HO scale freight

Tyco HO trains

HO scale model train

HO scale freight train

Tyco HO trains

Tyco HO trains

HO scale curve

HO scale model train track

Now on to Dave, who has been having fun running 8 trains at the same time:

“Hi Al…

I have just uploaded a video showing why most of us now run our layouts on DCC , as I show you can run multiples of trains at the same time.

I have 4 main circuits so I ran 2 to each circuit giving a total of 8 trains running at the same time , and do say on here though its not advisable , as unless they were all running with the same CV settings and on Consist you will get accidents.

Its not really possible to keep your eyes on 8 running and control them all at the same time, bit of fun though.

I will admit it took a good few shots with the camera to try and capture without showing a few accidents…as they do in Film studios ..scene 2 take 10. LOL..

Also like to say to You and all the members A Very Happy And Healthy New Year for 2023


A huge big thanks to Dave and Stephen – I did enjoy his narrative on his Tyco HO trains.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PS HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

20 Responses to Tyco HO trains

  1. Brian Olson says:

    Wow, 8 trains at the same time! My 6×12 N Scale Layout is DC, happy with just running two trains on the main lines. My new, 2×4 layout however will be DCC. If for no other reason teaching an old dog some new tricks.

  2. Bruno Barnes says:

    I wondered if I was being a bit excessive by trying to fill every square inch. This layout has me beat by a mile. Totally awesome!! Love it!

  3. George Zaky says:

    Hysterical! I couldnt run 3 at once never mind 8. Much thanks for the New Year DD kick off. Wish you & the Misses a very healthy and fun year.
    Wow-that is one packed layout but that’s the way city folk are jamming into every square inch. Love the way the trains run though. Enjoy.

  4. Ruben Simon says:

    Every millimeter packed. Amazing work!

  5. Paul Bollin says:

    That was a great narrative .

  6. Roger and Sally Beere says:

    Super job again Dave.from one Yorkshireman (Halifax) to another. I had a 30ft fishing boat at Whitby for 20 odd years.
    I was thinking about selling my stuff as I moved house and I had nowhere to set it up. I did an inventory and sent it to two of the big shops in the north. One didn’t bother to reply, the others offer was an insult yet they charge the high prices as you said. I have decided to put a 5mtr x 3mtr wood garage inside the cow shed and set the train up in there. I will put some progress photos on the site in due course.
    I am interested to know where you get your back drops from.

  7. Old Taz says:

    I think you’ve really done yourself proud.. I love the layout and the back story well done. I found a couple of the Lionel parts. I’m on my phone right now, I’m going
    In on the big screen and see if I can find the rest of them it’s kind of like that game where’s Waldo. I think you’ve done a great job and I can see you really had Fun creating your layout.. To run all of those trains at the same time Is quite an achievement in itself.You and Dave are quite the engineers I haven’t been passed 4 trains at the same time. I have 5 main lines And would like to run at least 10 For 2 Minutes Haha
    Blessed New Year’s and a Clickty Clack

  8. THOMAS says:

    I can’t believe my eyes !
    Trains are running!
    Thanks so much and HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  9. Rob Schweitzer says:

    From across the pond…I can think of no better way to start the new year than by seeing Dave run eight trains at once! You are a master sir. Do they give knighthoods in England for such great service? Probably not, but Dave still deserves one. Stephen, filling each inch of your layout seems excessive, and I love it! That’s what makes the hobby so delightful, people like Dave and Stephen.
    I just confirmed my travel plans for the Chelsea Flower show in May. Hoping to see Monty Don, Mr. Frost, and perhaps even Dave, if he attends.
    Happy New Year from A2
    Rob Schweitzer
    St. Goar & Murren Scenic Railway
    Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

  10. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Dave…… always love your videos.

    Stephen…… alot in such a small space. Great layout.

  11. Rocco Maley says:

    Stephen, Great layout! Would you mind sharing the size of the radius you are using in the layout? Thank you it is awesome layout. Rocco from Haskell New Jersey.

  12. Karen K Hill says:

    Have seen Stephen’s layout in reality when in Georgia for Thanksgiving holiday this year. Incredible!! So much input to entire layout – not just the trains but all of the scenery, houses, bridges, stores, etc. So much work! Looks great!!

  13. Peter Macdonald says:


    Have you ever considered running trains on software that allows multiple train running? eg: Friewald software

  14. Stephen Hill says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and compliments .. I’m quite humbled .

    Rocco from New Jersey, to answer your question :
    I used 18 inch and 22 inch radius curves . Took some trial and error to get the two parallel.
    Thank you again .

  15. Peter Briggs says:

    Dave, compliements of the season to you!
    your track is the most authentic i have ever witnessed, well done for that degree of realism
    Peter in Australia

  16. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments and Best wishes for 2023 …just to answer Roger , my backdrops are from Gaugemaster , and Peter ..no not used software for running maybe something to look at in th future …Dangerous Dave

  17. william janmes palmer says:

    wow great work too busy for me

  18. David Schaffner says:

    Dave, every time I think I have seen it all, you surprise me with another first-rate video. You are not only a master landscaper, built one Hells’ve videographer and dedicated model railroader. Love the houses, sheds, buildings, back drop and the magnificent layout that fills every space, but with imagination and care not to clutter. It’s almost impossible to ger your assembly in the USA, meaning structures. Are your houses and buildings from kits or assembled? Some of your autos are classic and I have never seen anything like them in the states. Do you have an outlet where you buy your stuff? That fleet of oil tankers are so cool. BRAVO’

  19. John Hauser says:

    David: A Healthy and Happy 2023! You are an inspiration to all of us. Yes, the fun is in the creating, fixing, improving and humor. A great hobby that keeps us going and yet connects us with our childhood. John Hauser, New York.

  20. Will in NM says:

    At last! When you run eight trains they have to go at reasonable speed. I can imagine the chaos that would ensue if you tried to run them at your normal high speeds. 🙂

    Amazing amount of layout in only 10 x 6 feet. The video was great, but you should run the trains at a more realistic speed. Watch some real trains go by and you’ll see what I mean. of course, it’s your layout so you can do whatever pleases you.

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