Scenery pics – without the ‘how to’



The Flying Scotsman payed Sherwood central a visit hauling a semi fast express.

Its trip to Sherwood central was a trial run to see if locos of the 4-6-2 wheel arrangement can operate on the line.


And now – an apology.

I get sent gazillions of mails, so the truth is, lots slip through the cracks.

But looking through my inbox today, I found the below, and looked at the pics. And then it hit me: these pics came with a ‘how to’, and I missed it.

So I thought, I’d publish, and hopefully, Tom will be kind enough to send the ‘how to’ in (he’s been in a number of posts, like this one).

Anyhow, here is Tom’s mail and pics:

“Just wondering if you posted the article that I sent you?


Stunning pics – I so hope Tom gets my email and sees this. How I missed it is beyond me.

Have a peek a the ‘ebay cheat sheet before you go. Lots of deals to be had as it approaches ‘that time of year’….

Please keep ’em coming.



37 Responses to Scenery pics – without the ‘how to’

  1. john creasey says:

    lovely layout Tom

  2. Rob Billing says:

    Hi all, good looking photo’s And i for one would like to see the “how to”

  3. Len Ballosh says:

    Great pics – like the one with the barn/shed with the interior – excellent detail and I too would like to see the ‘how to’s.

  4. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Hi Tom, great pictures of a very realistic layout. Wish I had your skills!!

  5. william says:

    Brilliant, Lets hope Tom does give us the HOW TO.
    Al your site is A1 keep it up. Regards William

  6. Ed Clark says:

    I really like the aged and used look of his scenery. As a note from a loyal fan and I know most are HO but still I wish you would mention the scale for
    these outstanding layouts.

  7. MIKE,Seattle WA says:

    Right downtown in the redlight district wo wo

  8. Jeff D, says:

    Great pics! Hope to get the how to.

  9. Roland Burch says:

    Great pictures and detail.

  10. Worth the rewind Al

  11. Lee Barry/ CEO L"Z"PMRR says:

    Also great pics. I especially like the “red light” district. On my layout the guy who made it, a Jim O’Connell of Santee,Ca. put a “madam of the night”, oh crap a durn whore standing on my train station. Seems as tho Jim is like me with a sense of humor, altho wierd sometimes. When people view my layout, by the way is viewable on in the gallery , I telll them I no longer have to go out “looking” as I have it right here on my layout. Ha Ha. Again excellent looking layout. Lee Barry CEO L”Z”PMRR ( LeeZ Po’ Mans” Rail Road), Bristol,Va.

  12. chris says:

    lovely photos, very inspirational, please keep ’em coming

  13. Dave Sandell says:

    What scale are the buildings that are posted on this page

  14. Andy says:

    wow great detail

  15. Arnie Steiner says:

    Hey Tom — Very impressive modeling skills! And as others have noted, the “red light” district brings in a very ‘colorful’ and eye-catching scene. (Would that be On30 scale?)


  16. Herb Roberson says:

    VERY nice layout!

  17. Love the couple kissing on the upstairs landing!

  18. paul Otway says:

    Hi Dave my scale is OO scale as is the MIDLAND GREAT CENTRAL JOINT RAILWAY.

    Glad you liked the photos.

    Paul otway

  19. THOMAS says:


  20. kenn says:

    Truly envious of such fine work.

  21. Rob M says:

    Really spectacular. Love the house of ill repute. 😉

  22. Rod Mackay says:

    Took me ages to find suitable homes for a set of HO lady naturists, which were a present from my better half, at least it makes you put a little interior work into your buildings.

  23. Lucy Wain says:

    This is some of the best detail work I have seen yet! I got hooked helping my hubby! I do the detail work. I’m a graphic artist and he’s the technical end. I so hope Tom gets his email and sends the how-tos!!
    I really enjoy all your emails, Alistair! Keep them coming!!!

  24. dave says:

    LOL funny with the house of ill repute never seen that done before !!!

  25. Steven Rege says:

    Thanks Tom!
    And Al…. I agree, keep them coming…
    I’m building my layout, need you guys, four tracks and station ( O Gauge)


  26. Steve Fetzer says:

    realistic to memories as a kid in the 40’s and 50’s US. Thx

  27. Jim says:

    Great stuff. Wonderful detail. Impressive modeling.

    Jim AZ

  28. Linda says:

    Great pics. Wonderful details. Keep up the great work

  29. Craig Burton says:

    Hi Al,. You do A Great job for us railroaders! A really neat job Tom has done! His layout it’s cool as it gets. I would like throw something out there,it’s in my head that the buildings on the better layout, I will try on my next build, seems to get that look,do these guys use washes to color their buildings? I have tried toning down with alcohol and ink but it doesn’t look as good as others I’ve seen! Should I keep trying or use washes? Craig, other side of pond in Vermont

  30. Frank Goodman says:

    WOW! would love to see the “how to” Keep up the good work.

  31. Tom says:

    I realize this is a bit out of the norm, however may I request that Tom do an up date with vid or explanation on how he “ages” and weathers his layout. Maybe you could forward this request?

  32. Charles Hale says:

    I’d like to c more on how to make water , rapids , water falls and rivers. Thx

  33. Charles Hale says:

    Show me how to make rivers , water falls and rapids. Thx

  34. Franco428 says:

    Another candidate for the “Best Scenery of the Year.”

    The Red Light house was a great idea.

    The worker taking a nap under newspaper on the loading dock caught my eye too.

    With a layout like this, you can spend hours looking at the detail and not see the rolling stock move.

    Great job,

  35. Bob Brown says:

    Those last five pix from Tom are absolutely stunning!!! Every detail attended to! So many small people doing so many things – several taking the opportunity to nap. If that is all done in HO scale, it would be unbelievable.

  36. Robbie Lynn Kirk says:

    That is some of the best detail work i have seen. Someday i hope mine turns out nice.

  37. Robert Brady says:

    Great pics Tom But would like a broader perspective of the layout and type of loco’s your running.
    The Critic

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