Model railroad layouts – Scotts!

Scott has shared his model railroad layout.

(His last post is here).

He’s been kind enough to send in pics, and a video of his layout in its early days.

I thought it worth posting, because it just goes to show it’s all about making a start:


Some of the comments asked to see track plans.

Here are some early days on the layout without scenery.


model railroad layouts track plan

model railroad layouts

model railroad layouts

model train track plan

You’ll remember from his last post that his layout is approximately 100 square feet with two layouts connecting from inner to outer.

His inner layout is from an old Atlas book with 18 radius turns and the outer was freelanced.

Bill’s model railroad layouts

“My wife thinks I went a little overboard as now I have the 4X16 HO switching layout and the 3X15 N scale layout and I’m in the planning stage of a 4.5X12 O and ON3O layout.

For the HO layout I have scenery basically finished and now I’m going into detail mode and will be weathering cars and engines and finishing up a variety of small projects.

While it’s mostly done it’s never done and Ive been enjoying operating the layout.


bills model railroad layout

You can see all of Bill’s model railroad layout here

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

And now on to Iwan:

“I have something to show everyone: my ballast Despenser. An 0-4-0 loco hauls the wagon and ballast falls out the bottom on to track.

How to build:

Drill along the under side of the wagon so you have a long narrow hole from side to side.

Then add ramps so ballast goes out the hole. Couple to your loco, fill with ballast then go!

Yours truthfully:


ballast for model railroad layouts

A huge thanks to Iwan and Scott.

Still love seeing your pics and tips after all these years. Please, please do keep ’em coming. Just email them in to me.

That’s all for today folks.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to get going, just like Scott did.



29 Responses to Model railroad layouts – Scotts!

  1. Eugene says:

    Hi Iwan
    My name is Eugene your trains is it N Scale or OH !

  2. Earl Jones says:

    Clever way to spread ballast, Scott. What did you use to make the elevated track supports?

  3. The early pictures are helpful, but really are not a “plan”. For example it is very difficult to determine if there are reversing loops (I do not think so) or where tracks match up from the two different perspectives…

  4. Chuck Bartunek says:

    Thank you for posting .

  5. Joe says:

    Hello Scott
    what is the size of this layout its awesome

  6. christine says:

    People show video of their layout, and they don’t any trains running, it’s video, show the trains running.

  7. Robert Rolfe says:

    I think the video was to be showing the track plan, I think it was better than a lot of still pictures even if it did not show size, parts used, track size or whatever.

  8. Richard Standing says:

    The only snag I can see with the plan is a train can cross from the inner circuits to the outer, but not back again!

  9. Phil says:

    Can you please tell me the board size by feet, thanks Phil

  10. Hi Scott, you really have a great layout. Would you please share the dimensions?

    Is it a 4×8 with a 4×6 ext or leg?

  11. Betty Dixon says:

    Hi Scott, Well Done You On Your Model HO Train Layout ! I Like The Track Plan & Also The inline with the Gradient is Well Executed Along With The Bridges !

    Thanks Too You Scott For Giving Me Some Good Knowledge in Regards Too Me
    Finally I Can Start On My Own incline with a Good Gradient !

    Kind Regards Betty

  12. Phil Siciliano says:

    Hi Scott, I was wondering is it possible for you to email or mail your track layout plan. I will gladly pay you for your time and expense, Thanks Phil

  13. I tried hat approach when I was still into HO and all I got done was a real mess I had to clean up ! but if you got it to work bully for you guy !!
    That still looks like a very busy layout to keep the track clean on guy ?
    I like it when any one is willing to put in the time to build a large pike to keep things interesting , are you going to put rest of it together with mountains and a town ?
    Be well and stay safe Sir !

  14. Iwan says:

    The ballast dispencer is OO/HO scale/gauge

  15. Iwan says:

    I’m glad you think my method is a good way of spreading ballast,

  16. Iwan says:

    Fabulous layout Scott.

  17. Rocco Maley From New Jersey. says:

    Hi Scott, Cool Layout. I really would like to see some dimensions and radius’s on the layouts thats put up on the site. It is a big help, So people can judge if they have enough space to build a nice looking layout like your’s. This doesn’t only go for Scott, This goes for anyone who wants to show their layout on this website. It really helps people like me.

  18. Cary B says:

    Enjoyed the pics and the video sent in by Scott. Cary B

  19. Fred says:

    Nice job on showing how your track runs. Gave some good ideas. Keep up the good work

  20. Brent says:

    Hello Scott,
    I was just wondering what type or name of the ramps you are using.Brent

  21. gene pinson says:

    Rocco: What difference does it make the size (radii ) of the curves. You will have to size the track to fit your area. It is the space you have that will determine the size of your layout , the radius of curves, the number of tracks, even what gauge you want to model.

  22. James says:

    Interesting track plan … looks good! The only potential problem I can see is if you will be able to REACH some areas to build and clean.

  23. James says:

    …and access to a stairway appears to be blocked?!

  24. Very Nice!!

  25. Marshall Roath says:

    What keeps the ballast in while you fill the car¿

  26. Rick Hamilton says:

    I envy the size of your layout. Mine is 4’x8’ but that’s all I could accommodate. i made a mistake early on – got wrapped up in the fun stuff – constructing the scenery, including a mountain with a tunnel, and did a bunch of buildings. Didn’t think to plan and install lighting early on, so now I’m struggling to put lighting in on the mountain top (houses, a farm with a pond, a small diner, and an airport with a hanger and grass runway, and in the town below. Reaching over all that to drill holes and run wiring is a challenge at best. Still having fun, but having to deal with all that.
    Reston, VA

  27. Philip Thomas says:

    I get fed up seeing videos that only feature trains.
    I like to see the layout and scenery – trains are transients – you add what you want.
    It’s nice to see this layout without the rolling stock obscuring the view!

  28. Stephen White says:

    Iwan, Great idea. A ballast spreader has dimensions like:
    3mm gap,8mm x 3mm slot, 6mm gap, 10, x 3mm slot, 6mm gap, 8mm x 3mm slot.
    Steve (Sydney)

  29. Tony, Kitty Hawk, NC says:

    Scott- Your track plan is interesting and intriguing. Thanks for sharing the beginnings- I look forward to seeing it running.

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