Model train town layout

Steve’s been in touch with his model train town layout:


I was sitting in our home office taking a break from the railroad work and I looked up at the train room entrance and noticed the sign above the door. My 6 year grandson made the train and the letters with beads you iron together. He did it all on his own. I made the frame and the tracks for him. This is the best part of my layout.


I have been busy almost completing the town area of my layout. I still have to add people and I am working on lights for the buildings and streets. I am roughing in some ideas for the industrial area and may try to send you a short video.

Steve from Toms River.”

Grandpas train room

model train town layout

model train town layout

model train town layout HO scale engine

model train town layout HO scale engine house

Model train town layout:

HO scale car

HO scale pond

model train town layout

model train town layout HO scale town hall

HO scale


When it comes to train layout scenery i`m cheap, save the money for things i can`t make.

Fine saw dust+clothes dye+ enough water to mix it well, gives me green for grass,light or dark what ever i want, brown for dirt, black for coal yard and around coaling stations shops and such.

Small dried weed tops with ca glue, sprinkle on colored sawdust for foliage, i dye many weeds and types of dead grass for scenery.

I use old cork like ceiling tiles for building cuts through hills and mountains, break them in long pieces, rake the showing edge with a wire brush, paint, stack and glue together, looks just like the real thing, also use for stone walls.

For track ballast i use chicken grit, in case you were not born on a farm, chicken grit is tiny pieces of gravel made to aid chickens in digesting food, just the right size for any scale almost, and it`s CHEAP.

By the way, my layouts have always been O gauge, but i have helped a few of my friends that have ho scale, and all of the above works well for them also.

Wishing you the best,


“I guess I would say don’t just accumulate kits and models–actually BUILD SOMETHING from your collection of unbuilt kits.

I often use the name “Old Armchair” to describe myself.


“Here Goes

1. take a screen from a old screen door ore a piece of screen cut it
in to long sections to make a chainlink fence.

2. take an aluminum tube about a pencil width cut with
pliers about 1/2 inch apart pliers will crimp the ends of the tube pieces to make small bags of dog food or eny product you like.

3. cut a long piece of brown or earth tone color corduroy fabric glue it to an area on the layout to make a plowed field.

4. fiber optic line i saw a guy do these in a book he took a optic line from a lamp the kind that changes color and mad a locomotive head light he took a lighter to the end of it to melt it in to headlamp shape then the other end goes near the bulb of the locomotive.

5. a small rock the size of your finger nail makes a great boulder.


“When building large hills or small mountains or N scale I used the rails from old track sections and even old flex track it gives a very sturdy base then use old window screen and hot glued to the rails then u put your terrain and grass mat came out nice and just stuff hanging around so don’t toss those things are very useful.

Have fun. I use for tunnels also.





That’s all this time folks. A big thanks to Steve for sharing his model train town layout.

Please do keep ’em coming – and big thank you to everyone who has contributed.

I’m looking forward to seeing Steve’s video, it’s a fine looking layout. Beginner’s guide is here if you want to be more than an armchair subscriber!



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

10 Responses to Model train town layout

  1. Pete Evangel says:

    Steve, love your layout using 3 rail. That’s the same thing we’re doing with our dad (he’s 87). Question though. What did you use to make the ties for your track? And what is the tightest radius you have? (ours is O-27, pretty tight for some loco’s). Keep working. these things are a true joy.

  2. KC Catanese says:

    WOW ! … looks great ! What I want to know is . . . Where did you get all of the late model cars and trucks ? Also the figures ? . . . Looks good, can you help ?

  3. Ken says:

    Steve- love the Disney World tram!!

  4. Patrick says:

    This is the first O scale I have ever seen with wooden rails. PLEASE tell us more…

  5. JOHN says:

    I wish I had room for the old Lionel trains from my youth. I have to be content with building in n-scale.
    Nice work Stephen. Keep it up!

  6. David neuman says:

    It’s was nice and all the hard work he did ideally didn’t care for it I’m use to have big layoff like 32 by 24 run at least 12 train

  7. Ken Stramel says:

    I can’t wait for the Vidio. All mine is O and O27 Lionel too. Thanks for the tips.

  8. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great work cant wait to see more.

  9. John says:

    Great modelling Steve thanks for the tips

  10. david howarth says:

    Nice work you have done there Steve …..Dave