Model trains Carson City -Steve’s

Model train Carson City – what? Well that’s the great thing about this hobby. You can pick any theme you like.

And you can base it loosely on that theme, or copy every detail.

And that’s exactly what Steve has done:

“Hi Al.

Thanks for all your posts and suggestions. It has helped tremendously as I knew very little about modeling and have a long was to go still.

I started this train project just over three years ago knowing my only grandson was on his way. He’s now an excellent “three year old railroader”.

It’s loosely modeled after Nevada’s Carson City-Virginia City trains during the booming 1800’s Comstock area.

I grew up in that area in the 1960’s. A tourist train still runs between the two communities.


Model trains Carson City HO scale

Model trains Carson City HO scale

Model trains Carson City

Model trains Carson City

Model trains Carson City width=

Model trains Carson City

Model trains Carson City

model railroad

model railroad

Model trains Carson City


Thanks for all you do for the model railroad community. When I decided to try my hand at doing a video of my layout, I bought a GoPro Hero. I cut the sides of a low gondola to fit the camera and it worked well, first picture.

I then bought a Mobius camera that had a flat bottom and no means of mounting on a tripod, so I cut a piece of wood to fit the gondola. I painted the wood and put Velcro on the wood and on the flat bottom of the camera, second picture.

As soon as I finish painting my background, I will make a video using both cameras to see how they compare.

Bob, Newport News, Virginia”

A big thanks to Steve – course, I’m biased, but there are no better retirement projects, and remember, they can be on any theme you like. If that turns out to be Model trains Carson City, they that’s absolutely fine.

And thanks to Bob too, I’m looking forward to seeing that first cab ride video.

That’s all for today.

Please keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to stop dreaming and start doing.

Remember, it’s the start that stops most people.



PS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

22 Responses to Model trains Carson City -Steve’s

  1. Michael Glass says:

    your layout is BEAUTIFUL, I love it 😊👍🚆

  2. Eric Kiehl says:

    Great layout, love the outside ridge with mainline running on top. Great town. Great work.

  3. Wow! Looks great! Please post a plan view next.

  4. Paul Case says:

    Bob, the Mobius camera comes with a snap on piece that attaches to the camera by locking into the groove around the middle of the camera. It has the 1/4-20 thread for the tripod mount. I think you will be amazed by the quality of the video it takes.

  5. george zaky says:

    You have one lucky grandson to have a talented Grandpa like you. Put some people and animals in there to create some stories and dirty the place up a little for additional realism. 3 years to build- I couldnt do that in 5. How about more facts- you have an NCE system, what track & turnouts, decouplers ?, Everything running OK.
    Cant wait for the videos. Always good to see your contribution.
    All be well & safe
    George from LI, NY

  6. Sort of close to CC/VC,awesome area to be around!! My son and I own 8 feet of rail from the rebuild CC/VC railroad project!! The Bucket Of Blood would have been a great saloon piece for the “C” street scene!! Thanks for the memories!!

  7. Adrian Campbell says:

    I’m going to be interested to see the difference between the Gopro Hero and Mobius cameras but UK, Europe and Australasia readers need to know that the Gopro can (and should!) be set for PAL which is 25fps and not left on NTSC (for American users) which is 30fps.

    You get an intermittent ‘jumping’ that you see all the time in PAL regions when 30fps has been used.

    I don’t think the Mobius (like most cheaper cameras) can be set for PAL.

    (PS I’m trying to get my 4 year old grandson into model trains but he just wants them to go faster! Any suggestions?)

  8. Erick says:

    Looks good.!!!!

  9. Ruben Simon says:

    Great layout – so colorful. One thing that strikes me, that I’ve noticed in some other layouts: trees that grow straight but are slanted. As I’ve mentioned before, I live in the woods and built my own log cabin from my trees. All the trees I’ve ever seen grow “up”. Even slanted on a hill, the trunk will turn upward toward the sun. So my question is to ask where and what variety of trees “in real life” have been seen to grow straight but slanted, and if this is true of all of that variety of tree in the entire world. It’s true that I don’t live on a mountain, but I do live on a 20 degree hillside, and all trees here and along hilly roads grow upward only – that’s how you can tell you’re on a hill while driving: the trees aren’t at 90 degrees from the road surface. Thanks for any replies.

  10. Don Mills says:

    Very nice retirement project!!

  11. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Steve….. that is a beautiful layout. I love the structures……the church, the roundhouse……all the rest…….great job.

    Bob…..which camcorder do you like best? I have had no luck taking videos of my layout?

    Does anyone have a good recommendation? Also, what is the best software for editing?

  12. DJfromNJ says:

    Steve – a very nicely done layout. I hope it is something to capture your grandson’s interest, and get some quality “G’pa/G’son” time. Too many kids grow up without that sort of exposure. Good luck!

  13. steve
    great layout I love the buildings I had great times with my grandfather growing up
    things that I cherish to this day enjoy it
    looking forward to some great video

    bob from florida

  14. Love the layout but, three years really?? Wow. As to the camera I will need to try that. THanks guys.

  15. Larry Miller says:

    My son and i are just starting out we have the board on horses and trying to figure out a good layout. Your pictures and comments are great.

  16. Quinton Parker says:

    Looks great!!
    I, too, am starting (back) up the hobby. I packed everything away thinking I would get back into it when I get out of college.
    Well, maybe right after…
    I’m now 69. Guess I better get to it!!
    What is your room size and your layout size?

  17. robert dale tiemann says:

    very nive set up. good job.

  18. Steve Ruple says:

    Very nice layout Steve and great scenery too.

  19. Brian Olson says:


  20. Chuck Holsclaw says:

    Very nice layout ! I like the way you designed your track on the curved ridge and around your turntable area. Very cool !

    I have 2 grandsons. My 7 year likes to run them too and add cars. My layout is dcc, a little advanced for him yet. Here is my solution to your grandson wanting trains to go faster. If your layout is dcc. You can set your top speed at 50% or 75 or whatever you want by setting cv5 at that value so if he turns the throttle a llthe way, your train will only go as fast as how you set it. If it’s DC, you have to explain to him that if the train goes too fast it will crash.

    Good luck,

  21. Peter says:

    That’s a great layout, no, that’s a great train room! I love the use of subtle lighting – especially the twilight effect. Well done.

  22. JOHN KOHLBRAND says:

    Hi Steve, I am also modeling the Virginia and Truckee and have had my layout under construction for about 3 years. I scratchbuilt the Crown Point Tresle and am working on the Virginia City depot.

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