How to model waterfalls

“I found the best method to make a realistic waterfall.

Lay out a sheet of cling film. Measure on it the height of the desired drop. Using clear sealant, starting from the “top” drag the sealant in close lines down to the “bottom”. as the sealant dries, use a fork to lift peaks away from the flow and create suitable turbulance at the “base.

leave to dry. paint the peaks and the turbulence with touches of white gloss paint.

remove the waterfall by pulling the cling film away (it doesn’t matter too much if some is still attached).
the waterfall can then be fixed in place by using a little more sealant at the top and bottom.

the rock face behind the waterfall should first be suitably painted and this will show through any gaps
it looks very realistic.



I’ve asked Dick for some pics.But when it comes to waterfalls:

Who can forget Perry’s?

And here’s Bill’s.

But Arnie’s is the main event in this missive.

And don’t forget there’s lots of stuff on ebay that sets just like water.

There’s actually lots more posts on waterfalls. Here’s how to search the entire site (that’s years and years of helpful posts).

Keep ’em coming.



5 Responses to How to model waterfalls

  1. Hi Dick,
    Great tip for the waterfall, and I think that if you smear a very thin amount of cooking oil over the cling film it would come away cleanly.

  2. I’m thoroughly confused. From ‘cling film,’ through ‘following lines with sealant,’ to ‘removing it.’
    Example: SEALANT, to me, closes off something. I thought that I understood his application until he removed his hand-work, but wrote that anything that still clung to the WATERFALL(?) was okay.
    Was he painting water on (clear, thin, bowl covering) saran wrap-like material that he fastened to the actual drop? If so, then why remove it?
    Please, someone, anyone unsramble the man’s sentences for me.

  3. Arnie – Great job I really need to get back into creating my layout after seeing your pictures.

  4. I would love to see some photos too.

    Paul otway

  5. Hey Mike, I’m sure he is talking about clear sealant in a tube that seals doors, windows, bathtubs, etc. Make lines of that on a piece of clear “Saran Wrap”. If some of the Saran Wrap stays with the sealant it won’t show so no problem. I imagine that if all of the clear wrap was left, it wouldn’t look right. I hope I’m right.

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