Trevor’s testing station

“Hi Al,

Many thanks for the great ideas, pictures and videos you send out – keep them coming!

I had a Hornby rolling road as well as one by H & M. I wanted to mount them permanently on boards with a power supply for each one. I also wanted to build a holder that they all could be placed in, either for transportation, storage or to let the locos run on out of the way. I also wanted a lined cradle in which I could invert a loco or coach to work on the underside and still have a power supply. The overall appearance was to be professional with a touch of antiquity.

I had some left over plywood from my layout construction which was just right for the job. Used wine bottle corks made the legs for each board.

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“Thanks for the tips ! I use grounded up walnut shells for my ballast ,they’re light weight ez to glue down and I soak them in paint ,then dry the mix on a piece of screen over night.


“Hi Al,

Here is a sequel to the locomotives remains at Oamaru.

After our tour left Oamaru, we went to Ashburton, where the Plains Railway is.

There is a locomotive, which is in the photos called K 88, it was built by Rogers of New Jersey USA in 1877, and put into service with the New Zealand Railways.

It was written off in 1928, and dumped into a river, it was recovered 50 years later, and totally restored to full working order. It was fitted with a new boiler and cab and other parts had to be remade.

It has since been allowed back on the mainline.


“Hi Al , just bought a new re tooled Heljan class 33 Loco , very nice looker and runner also showing a run round with the cam truck and a full view of the layout and scenics



Big thanks to Dave (again!) and Paul – superb pics.

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  1. Dave you are a master! Just loved the cab/cam view. One can easily forget that it is a model railway! Funny people those Kiwis, tipping their old locos into the water, then pulling them out and rebuilding them. Fantastic rebuild job!

  2. Dave your video’s are OUTSTANDING! It is a true insperation to watch and get ideas and aspire to make my layout that much better. Keep usp the great work, you are truly a MENTOR!
    Thanks and keep them coming!
    Brunswick Ohio USA

  3. David, I look forward to seeing your layout each time you display it.I like your track plan and how clean it all looks. I also was impressed with your step by step how-toos on the rebuild. Much more to say someday. Thank you very much. Dave

  4. I love what Dave has done! And I think the night time pictures were really good. Wish I had the imagination to make scenics like his. I can’t even get started!

    And it is hard to believe that something as beautiful as that K 88 could have been dumped into a river!!!! Glad that someone could save it.

  5. I had a ride in the cab. it was good fun.

  6. Great Pic’s Paul. Dave, as usual has given another presentation worthy of a professional. I did notice something Dave, I thought you were going to fix the canal so the boat could make the turn? Oar was it that you were going to fix the boat? I think my first thought was correct. Maybe one of the other fine gents could help us out on this. Also Dave, you seem to have a tree that either has lost a battle with the wind or you are using the tree as a window washer for the outside of the coaches? You do set a high standard for us to follow Dave. Fine job!

  7. And Trevor has given a great example of a well thought out testing station. He also has inspired us to drink more wine because, not only are the corks a great idea, but they are great sound deadening as long as they are soft enough. Best to all, Edwin

  8. Absolutely wonderful idea for a testing station. Looks like I will have to drink some wine to supply the platform legs! Another capital idea!

    Does anyone out there have a source for any photos of the Western Maryland roundhouse?

    Thank you,

    Mike Luhouse

  9. That little NZ loco is a beauty. I think it was Rivarossi used to do a 2-4-0 very like that with the curved guards over the wheels, I never imagined there would be a prototype so far afield.

    Dave, you really need a book on signalling, many of yours seem to be some way past things that needed signal protection, such as level crossings and junctions. We honestly don’t just scatter them about at random – that’s highway engineers!

  10. K88 is a 2-4-2

  11. hi can dave or any one else tell me how to fit a video cam in the truck also what sort off cam is best thanks kenny

  12. Great work Dave! I would like you to take to cam truck up the incline to your upper level. I really enjoyed your tour of your great layout. Well done! Cheers Rossco (Adelaide, Australia(

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