Bill cracks on with his N scale and HO scale layout

The talented Bill has been back in touch.

You all know how much I like an update – and Bill never disappoints.

(His last post is here if you want to get up to speed.)

“Good Day to you Al,

Every morning I continue to check my personal email first thing to see the great posts submitted by fellow modelers that you share with us.

I have not missed a single day since discovering your site now almost three years back.

I took some vacation recently and as summer is in full swing in Richmond Virginia with temperatures close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit each day I spent a good portion of the time in the garage.

Most time has been spent on the N Scale layout doing more scenery including adding in roads and details.

One quick tip to share is to use craft pins for posts in N Scale. I cut the tops off and leave about a one inch long pin.

About half of that I’ll paint white or rust with enamel paint.

Let it dry overnight then use a slightly thicker pin to crest a pilot hole to insert the painted pin. They are perfect for use in n scale.

I also spent time working on my HO Scale switching layout and finally finished the fuel depot and got rid of the pink foam board from that area of the layout.

I’ve attached a couple of photos. One shows the fuel depot now and the other my n scale.

I’ve also attached a video showing the new scale and scenery and road construction and the other work on the HO scale layout.

I’ve not been traveling for work so I’ve had plenty of time to spend working on the trains after work and on the weekends.

Cheers and be safe!

Bill in Virginia”

HO scale

HO scale

HO scale

A huge thanks to Bill for sharing his pics and videos – can’t wait to see the next update too.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget, the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to get going on your own layout.



PS The very latest ebay cheat sheet is here. Still updated daily.

13 Responses to Bill cracks on with his N scale and HO scale layout

  1. Why build in HO and N?

  2. Very nicely done, it looks great. Thank you for the tutorial also.

  3. James Marek says:

    I have been a subscriber of this site for about 2 years. Your videos are the beat and most informative I have seen on this site. Thank you for sharing your methods and explaining clearly how you do each segment on the scenery. Looking forward to your next release.

  4. Terry Miller says:

    Very nice and informative. Wouldn’t it be great to connect the two layouts so an HO train goes around and into a tunnel. On the N scale layout an identical train is hidden inside the tunnel and comes out when the HO train has disappeared. Would certainly keep visitors wondering what happened.

  5. Ted Rothstein says:

    Fine looking lay out and explanation

  6. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Great work…. I love your videos working with your trains.

  7. Hello Bil,
    Fantastic layout yor N and HO i follow dem note so al yor video’s and a download de how to all.
    HC Treintje Belgium Herman.

  8. Robert Johnson says:

    Video nicely done and what a beautiful layout! — enjoyed it very much!

  9. Very nice work…
    The two layouts in two scales? I get it!
    I am planning my retirement and plan to build two layouts in two scales… This has been on my mind for a while now. I model HO standard gauge and O scale narrow gauge!
    Love Terry Miller’s idea with the identical trains…
    How come I see a Tardis as a tunnel portal on both the HO scale and the N scale layouts to complete the illusion!

  10. Bill in Virginia says:

    Hi all Bill in Virginia. First thank you for the kind comments. Like you all o love our hobby and have a blast modeling. Had a question about why both N and HO. For me it’s using the space I have effectively. My HO is a switching layout but I did want to just let trains run so I can rail fan when I want. I built the N scale layout so I could do just that. With how I have it set it takes about 5 minutes to do a complete run before going over the same track again.

    I must say I really love the idea of having a train go j to a mountain and a different scale version of the same train comes out the other side. If I ever move and have a larger place than half the garage I’m in I will try to do just that. Until then I have s Tuskegee been picking up some equipment do I can run close to the same trains on both layouts. On the HO I can make up a train and run it to staging and on the N scale run close to the same train there as though it’s off scene from the HO layout. It’s fun to do that as I can operate one layout for a while and shift to the other

  11. Harley Schlinger says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful train layouts it makes my day to see all the Beautiful layouts that all you guys have created, Question how do you keep the layout clean? Many years ago when my children were young I built a 16ft X 3ft HO slot car racing track I had glass doors on the front that I razed up like a garage doors but there was always the dust problem and you had to wipe the track down every time you used it and regular cleaning of the rails, and the pit area where the hauler and other cars set began to all look like a Barn Find from all the Dust that collected over time, I can’t keep my coffee table from collecting Dust and the rest of the house needs a good dusting every so often.

  12. What a great idea for making asphalt roads. Rolling it out just like the real thing. Ideas like this is what makes this blog so valuable.

  13. Richard H Chapple Sr says:

    Always a pleasure to read and watch what Bill has to offer us. Anxiously watching how his On30 layout is coming along.

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