Bob’s 20×32 triple track main

“Hi Al,

I’m in the process of building my dream model railroad similar to dangerous Dave’s.

The room is 20ft x 32ft feet with a triple track main.

Two of which run around twice and one that runs around once. All the rail is in and the wiring half done.

I have a long long way to go and other things keep getting in the way. But I will keep at it.

I will send a few pictures that I have under separate cover.

Best Regards


model train track

model railroad 20x32 track

train track bridges

train tunnel area

model train bridges

passenger model train

Now on to something completely different.

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43 Responses to Bob’s 20×32 triple track main

  1. James Davis (Jim) says:

    Al, I absolutely love the site. Certain conditions prevent me from enjoying my own layout, lack of room to set it up being the biggest problem. Consequently, I enjoy vicariously running every one else.

  2. Chuck Bolner says:

    Hi Al.
    Great blog.
    I learn something new every time I check it out.
    I love John’s how tos and Dangerous Dave’s updates. Some great and talented modelers contribute here.
    I am proud to be among you all, though I do not have the skills that many of you do.
    Seing all of the posts is helping me to improve my modeling skills.

  3. Peter Briggs says:

    Hi Al, you provide so much entertainment, interest and usable skill material for us all. For myself I’d like to say how much we appreciate your input (God knows what your senior manangemen has to say!) Just know that in model railway world you make a lot of people really happy.
    Best regards
    Peter from Oz

  4. Harry says:

    Al. Your site is brilliant, The expertise, The genius ability of fellow travellers to think out side the
    Box to invent, solve challenges and achieve results.

    But in the last 2 years as the world has so dramatically changed. Here in Victoria Australia we have the inevitable record of being the “Lock Down” capital of the globe – you blog has helped us retain our sanity and ensured we focused on constructive pursuits rather than succumbing to other negative thoughts.

    Alas I do not require any further buildings so I will resist buying the beginners guide yet again. DONT WEAKEN. Your site dishes out sound , practical positive advice for one to not only improve their model railway skills but to shore up one’s mental health.

    Job well well done

  5. Greg Marples says:

    I read your blog every morning with my coffee and just can’t seem to start my day without it. I don’t always get to work on my trains, but at least I can have it in mind all day! Just order your special deal, even though I already have the Beginners Guide. Always wanted to try your buildings! Love the new secure payment setup, I had trouble before.

  6. Hi Al ..your `Blog and our inputs are something we all look forward to seeing each day , as we all have noticed prices have shot up this last few months , so nice to see that you are giving all a chance to buy some of your products at very reasonable prices , keep up the good work …Dangerous Dave

  7. Greg says:

    Al, I look forward to your website posts every day. I am amazed about how many different modeling themes and tips are provided. I also enjoy the videos. Keep them coming.

  8. Jim Hodgson says:

    I love the blog and give full credit to the Beginner’s Guide for motivating me to make a start. The printed buildings that I have purchased in the past have been invaluable in planning details of my layout, and have also been utilized in many of my grandsons’ playtime scenarios beyond model railroading. The ideas and creativity of the blog participants are certainly stimulating to my own imagination and sense of what can be done. Seeing the great work of others challenges me to do more myself! Great work, great product, and a good community of model railroaders!

  9. Greg G in MO USA says:

    Hi Al. I enjoy the blog, and I think the beginner’s guide is excellent. Lots of great information. I’ve purchased some of your buildings, several of which I find to be quite cool, although I’ve yet to complete any (but someday!). Please do keep up the good work!

  10. Chris O'Reilley says:

    Hi Al,
    I love both your site and the Beginner’s Guide. I look forward to it every morning. It is one of the first things I look at, after getting my coffee. The Beginners Guide. The Beginners Guide is an amazing tool and was part of my motivation to begin planning a layout. I have been out of the hobby since the early 1980s and am now just beginning the benchwork on a 10×4 layout. The information in the Guide and the posts are inspiring, thought provoking, and challenges me to improve my hobby – craft. . Thank you for all of the time and effort you provide to the hobby.


  11. val says:

    I just want everyone to know that I’ve enjoyed all of the tips and pics throughly. I’m still along way out from sending any pics or descriptions of my layout. though it’s small in size from others,but it will be surprisingly unique . thanks al for providing this blog, it’s truly very wonderful and great. thanks again. val in Utah;

  12. George Zaky says:

    To All
    When Big Al- the kiddies pal- says ” things are a tad tight” it means more than that. It takes a lot of money and time to give you something-which could be for free- and whose value is priceless. We must support this site! Buy this ( even if you dont use it) or make some contribution to keep this going. Every morning I wake up to joy and enlightenment from the Greats to us common folk and this site is mental medicine. Everyone should make some effort to reward Big Al for his hard work. Or look at it this way-The costs of drugs to keep Crazy John at bay have sky-rocketed so Help out.
    What scale? I am jealous, jealous. I guess there is at least 300 feet of track, Lord knows how many switches and then will come the scenery- WOW.

  13. Marklin ed says:

    Ai , i have enjoy your site for many years now. I have the beginners guide.(sorry to say started my small Marklin layout but not much progress as of yet) I enjoy your site and all the model railroaders on it.
    From Cairo New York USA

  14. Red says:

    That UP set up in the back ground is the exact same one that I gave my grandson! I bought it piece by piece back in the 60’s and absolutely love it!
    Mine has powered “A, B, A” units because of the massive length of the train! I actually built a track at the ceiling of my den in Buena Park (1/4 mile from Knotts Berry Farm) in southern CaliforniMexico in the 80’s!

  15. Bill Frotscher says:

    I enjoy checking out your blog and do so almost every day. At the age of 88 and with a stroke behind me I have lost most of my abilities to do many physical things and some mental. Yet, I was stimulated to rebuilding and expanding my layout during the last year as a result of seeing what others are doing on your blog. Someday I hope to send you some pictures of my layout which I call. “A Railroad of Memorys”. Most of it contains toy trains of the ;30s, ’40s. and ’50s which I have collected over the years and restored,

  16. Erick says:

    Good workmanship.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope comes mine out that good.

  17. Mike Balog says:

    Hi Al, Dangerous Dave and ALL the Other Fellow Model RR Travelers from around the World. Model Railroading Hobby, is a Universal Hobby that Unites us all in this one theme in such confusing times. I look forward each morning to John’s Blog to read about all the interesting ideas, and layouts each of you have. From the beginner to the Hall Of Famers like Dangerous Dave.. If John didn’t take the time and effort to produce such a unifying Blog. I would never have met many of our fellow Hobbyists… Local Railroad Club Friends and others lament on this is a Dying Hobby.. not enough young men ( and women) are taking up this long standing Hobby in appearance. Blog’s like Your’s John contributed to the continuation and advancement of the Hobby to Future Generations. One of the Only things I wish you would do personally, in your Beginners Basic Printable Buildings Kit Package or other packages is to PLEASE include Line Drawings of those Buildings… like the Ones you Showed in today’s blog… and past ones. I had purchased the Basic Kit.. but would like to build the large Warehouse Building, the Large Apartment Building background fronts.. and entire buildings.. BUT there are No Plans included with your print out kit. At least with a basic to scale drawing plan I would have a place to start with something that looks accurate. John, Could you do that for us? Draw Plans, even Simple Line Drawings of the buildings so we can follow them using your printable walls, windows, doors and roof pieces to complete a realistic building? You and Personal Email me if you like as you have my email address. AND for us fellow Yanks… Wishing You all a Happy 4th Of July.. Remember, All gave some, While Some Gave Their All…. *S*A*L*U*T*E* ~ Mike In N.H. U.S.A. July 1, 2022.

  18. Paul from NY says:

    I have been a faithful, follower for years (ongoing 6 years). I look so forward to each e-mail and learn something new every day. As I have the creativity of a “Cinder block”, you helpful hints and responses from others have gone a long way to keeping me involved,. Thanks for everything.

  19. Bill K says:

    Hey Al,
    I too look forward to your blog daily and have for many years. I believe I was checking in the first day “Dangerous Dave” posted his layout – I was stunned!
    Since then, I purchased your beginners guide (very useful) and one of your printed building packages. Unless – or until – I decide to completely redo my layout, I really don’t have room for more buildings so I will pass on your latest bundle but thanks again for all you do for model railroading.

  20. Duts in Oregon says:

    To all of Al’s followers:
    I will be buying his new sale offer for $9. It’s without question the best value in model railroading to be found anywhere. Not sure if I will use the printouts, but that’s just a bonus on top of all the value his site provides every day. I read it to see the amazing variety of how modelers from around the world create their own layouts. You can’t find that in any other source … either printed or on-line. I myself find the long list of “tips and tricks” an invaluable resource. I consider this an annual subscription that only costs about 2 ½ cents/day!!

  21. Michael Dowling says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog every day. It’s inspirational and reassuring to read about and see what other modelers are doing.. the layouts I see and the efforts made, make me smile because those modelers are having FUN!! Thank you Al, for your diligence and persistence in making this blog happen for all of us..

  22. John Cunningham says:

    Love the site lots of information look at it every day

  23. Ken Stauffer says:

    I really enjoy the site and have gotten great information from the site and the beginners guide. Thank you for all you do for this hobby. I have bought printouts from you before but today when I tried to buy the silly sale, my card was denied. Have you thought of using Pay Pal as a payment option?
    Ken from PA, USA

  24. Bruce says:

    I have been following the blog for over a year and I look forward to it every morning. I have recently retired, and I am trying to design a model railroad. I am constrained by space and so I am looking at a 4″x8″ sheet of plywood for an N scale layout. I have your beginner’s guide and it is of some help.

  25. Peter Farrington says:

    Hi Al, I have been enjoying your blog for some time now, I did purchase your beginner’s guide and it has given me plenty of information, tips and ideas for my railway, I admit it is progressing slowly due to many factures including inclement weather which has this year forced me to rebuild the outer wall of my carport and it’s adjoining 50ft fence. Still I have been able to continue the construction of semaphore signals for my 1930’s GWR/LMS layout, not easy now arthritis has got my right hand in it’s grip, bloody mindedness and plenty of strong coffee helps.
    Your blog is always looked for when I check my e-mails as it proves that no matter what problems we encounter, usually someone has been there before and come up with a work-around for them. I do have some photo’s of the construction method I have used, initially, with welcome help of my daughters boyfriend, now son-in-law, I will put together some of the photo’s to give a rough idea of what I have so far managed to get done.
    Many thanks for your sanity maintaining blog for this OAP.

  26. Thanks for all the brilliant ideas and helpful suggestions that are part of your everyday postings. Out of the hobby for 50 years, but so enjoying being able to plan/develop the layout I have long envisioned. feeling like a complete “newby,” I have greatly benefited from seeing what others are doing with current materials and ideas. Thanks for all you do to encourage new/old guys like me!

  27. Barton Comstock says:

    I began an HO layout as a teen. Went ot college and the rest of life. Now I am old, unable to resume the hobby. I do enjoy seeing other rail-roader’s progress. Thank you for continuing the Blog.

  28. Kelvin Bland says:

    Hi Al and thank you for keeping me in touch with Railway Modelers around the world. Reading your emails with their tips gives me the confidence to keep going. I bought your Beginners Guide after I had restarted and it not only confirmed the bits I thought I had done wrong but helped me to put them right. I am about to build a turntable but was not sure how to control it. All I did was check through your emails and there was the answer: genius in its simplicity. You should be really proud that you have created a truly International club that freely gives out assistance to anyone and everyone, which is very rare in this negative materialistic world we live in. Thank you for all your help and inspiration. Cheers Kelvin.

  29. David Toll says:

    I have enjoyed your blog for a number of years, and have saved quite a few of your articles (mainly technical ones).

    I bought one of your big bundles a year or so ago. So far I have not had time to make any of them (I have not had time to work on my railway for more than a year). Hopefully that will, change soon.

    Please keep up the good work.

  30. John Schuster says:

    This blog is awesome. I have learned so much from all you “expert model railroad guys”. To be very honest, I don’t think my layout would be where it is today if it weren’t for the helpful hints and experiences I read about in the blog. It’s great! Don’t stop.

  31. Andrew Aves says:

    It is a pleasure to read Alistair’s Blog. Great ideas and instructions to improve our modelling skills every day
    Andrew in Oz

  32. Ray Martin says:

    I look forward to seeing what shows up each day, whether tinplate or superdetailed scale. All have provided ideas and clues to how to construct my own layout. I’m designing number 7 or 8 if one counts the various Christmas layouts over the years. The range of construction materials and results has been fascinating as well as the range of equipment and themes. Seeing them in practice has helped with my own design work. Each day is something different. Many thanks for the blog. Ray

  33. Roger Clark says:

    Hey Al.
    I’ve been reading your posts for several years now and have ordered “deals” a couple of times. Not being very tech savvy, I have them stashed somewhere that I may never be able to find again. I’ve printed a number of them out to use in kit bashing.
    Thinking about buying again just to help keep this freebie going.
    Thanks for doing it.

  34. paul w bossert says:

    my day would not be complete with out reading your blog!!!! please keep it comming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Bob Compton says:

    Like so many others I read your blog every day and really appreciate the information supplied by you, your contributors and the comments on the articles. About 32 years ago I decided to get back into model railroading and started my bench work. As we had recently moved into our first (starter) home, I built the bench work in modules incase we moved. Our youngest child was about 6 months old while this was going on and my management complained about the noise of the saws and drills etc. so I separated the modules stacked them in a pile and hoisted the whole works up to the ceiling.
    About 9 years ago I discovered your blog, subscribed to the email and enjoyed reading and learning. I purchased the Beginner’s guide and some of the buildings over the years and stated dreaming about the new layout and doing some mental Track layouts. So here we are … retired now for 5 years, that youngest child has moved out on his own and I started on my layout (Still in our starter home and the old bench work still hanging from the ceiling. Then the youngest child moved back in! I had to shuffle every thing around but kept the train room for myself. (And all the junk that was stored in the room)
    The good part about all this time waiting to build my empire is that I was able to read all the articles in your blog, Al, and review the Beginners Guide. And don’t forget Johns building techniques. I learned some things like issues with reaching the back of the layout, min radius curves, types of rail and max slope on any hills. My first bench work did not take any of these into consideration so I have had to redesign the layout and do some cutting on the old bench work. Still lots do do and consider. Lay track, wiring, scenery … lots of info on this site.
    Oops hold on I have to redo a bathroom next to the train room so during the construction I will need some of the floor space where the layout will be. Oh well at least I have the tables mostly set up for now.
    So to sum up, this blog has been a great source of inspiration and entertainment over the years and has already solved some of the problems I would have had if I had blindly continued as I started 32 years ago.
    Thank you Al and all the contributors to the blog.
    Just imagine where I’d be without you.

  36. JoeS- inME says:

    Like many others, I’ve been reading Al’s blog for more than a few years. I think I have purchased at least 3 copies of the Beginners Guide and multiple building downloads; whenever you give the word that you could use some much-needed monetary support – I’ll be there. I have found this site to be very valuable, inspiring, and entertaining. I sincerely hope you continue for many years to come.

  37. Jerry Treich says:

    Hi Al. I really enjoy this site. I’m preparing a post with photos to send you in the next couple of days. Cheers – Jerry

  38. Brian Rockey says:

    Hi Al
    Have followed your blog since it began and look forward to it every day.
    Your blog has encouraged me to send in videos and pictures of my layouts as you include everyone’s contribution from beginners to experienced modellers.
    Lots of brilliant ideas and layouts from modellers all over the world.
    Keep it coming Al – you and John are legends.
    Best to all
    Brian, Wokingham UK

  39. jay f. smith says:

    Hi AL, Really like the site. Watch and learn to get some new ideas when I finally get too build my new plan. Have not been able to run any trains for over 4 years. Purchased the beginners guild last year, but still have not downloaded yet , hopefully in the near future as all the projects of the move south are coming to an end.

  40. Dennis mason says:

    Really enjoy your posts every Day as I am getting ready to start building an HO scale layout . I have a lot of your printouts already but am going to order the $9.00 deal to get the new buildings.Thanks to all for your help and keep the ideas coming. Dennis

  41. Dave Karper says:

    i can’t say your blog is the first thing in the morning, but my day would not be complete without. it I, too, have been away for too many years. My son, an Amtrak Northeast Corridor engineer found your site and put me on to it several years ago. I purchased the Big Kahuna and Beginner’s Guide when you had one of your :”silly sales.” This affirmed My belief that even old hands aren’t above learning from “chickens fresh out of the egg.” I don’t need a push to get started, as I have been chomping at the bit to get going. My problem right of way acquisition, which I hope will be soon. I haven’ built any Big Kahunas, or any others that I have bought, I have spent many an enjoyable hour mentally building converting,and bashing residences, business, and industries for my future empire. I enjoy seeing the Arnies and Bryans are doing plus all the new and fresh thoughts from all the first timers.

  42. Ed Eggers says:

    Al I sure enjoy reading your blog every morning my layout is small and by no means worthy of sending pictures but keep up the good work
    Thank You
    Ed Eggers

  43. Steven F Bullmer says:

    Hi Al,
    Like so many of your readers, I, too, started as a child of the 50s and the 60s with the O gauge Lionel and Marx trains that my father bought for us. He built a layout in the basement that had two tracks and a slot car road in the middle. He was an electrical engineer and didn’t share the secrets of building and maintaining a model railroad with his young son who had no aptitude for building things, but I loved running the trains! Eventually I grew up and got interested in other things, and the train layout went into boxes. When my parents moved out of their home to an assisted living apartment, my brother got the train set. At the time I was fine with that for I was working a lot of hours and my job required me to move frequently. But when I retired, I kept thinking about the train set, and how much I enjoyed it, and how my brother just had it in storage. So when he called me and asked if I would like the train set, I jumped at the chance. That was two years ago. I still had no aptitude for building things and knew I needed a lot of help. That’s when, surfing the web, I found your website. The Beginner’s Guide and all the amazing knowledge from your Hall of Famers and regular contributors has been invaluable to me. I’m still running on DC — compatible with the old Lionel and Marx trains, and I’ve learned to I love running the trains, solving problems, learning how to wire and landscape. It’s a whole new world for me, thanks to you and your blog and your family of train enthusiasts. Thank you for that gift! Regards, Steve Bullmer

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