The printable buildings bundled with the Beginner’s Guide

Here’s what you get bundled with the Beginner’s Guide – there are 33 downloads:

printable buildings

Scroll down to see pics of these buildings on layouts.

Nothing makes my day more than when I open my inbox and see the buildings on a layout.

Here’s a pic of John with some of them:

Just click to enlarge the pics.

Flag side building

Flag shed

Warehouse – low relief / backdrop

John was lazy with this one – if he’d done 3 more sides it would have been a fab warehouse. Anyhow, it shows how all the buildings can be low relief.

printable buildings

Here’s what the latest editions look like when they are put together.

The buildings can be swapped to suit your layout and you can make as many as you please…

storage shed card building

Siding storage shed

Green shack

Red Brick factory

White brick factory

White brick factory

printable building red abrn

Red barn

printable buiding wooden barn

Wooden barn

Stone tunnel entrance

printable building engine house

Engine House

Perhaps the most overlooked part of the printable buildings is they are perfect for scratch building.

John made the below engine shed, from the above engine shed print.

printable building engine shed

See how John scratch built this engine.

I’ve had quite a few emails asking about the printable buildings.

Mostly people want to know if anyone can make them look as good as John.

The answer is yes!

So I thought I’d put together a gallery of some of your creations, so just you know I’m not full of hot air.

Just so we’re clear, some of the buildings below are not included with Beginner’s Guide (every building above is included).

“Al, like you I have been retired for some time now.

I have gone back to my American Flyer, s Guage boyhood train.

I have had “n guage, HO, G scale”, and this American Flyer has been the most fun of all. I guess it takes me back to my parents basement where my 4 x 8 foot layout was back in the early 50’s.

I resized your wonderful old barn and had so much fun building it. Here are some pics. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have.

Jerry from Illinois, USA.”


Great project and a lot of fun. The barn is on it’s way to the Railroad Club.


model railroad printable building


I have enjoyed your site for a long time, since I have retired had to find something to fill the spare time, I purchased one of your bundles and printed out one of the Engine sheds among many others.

I have created my own version of the Engine shed as shown in the pictures.

Side walls have ventilation fan vents.

I have dreamed to set up a model railroad layout for a long time and when I started to make it a reality one thing came up after another, like kids, education, weddings and now I have time and room to finish the dream, but not much of a budget.

Best to all talented people like Hall of Fame Dave, talented hobbyists and their many beautiful layouts.


And of course, there’s lots of the printable buildings on your layouts.

Here some pictures of them:

Mike has used a lot of the houses and grain elevators (not featured in the bundle – just using a print out example).

You can see his post here.

Rick’s has also made quite a bit of the printable buildings for his layout:

Here’s Rick’s post.

Rob has also created quite a few of the houses:

You can see his post here.

Cecil did a fab job on the Church:

Again, the church doesn’t feature in this bundle but you get the idea.

printable buildings N scale

Lita has started the scenery with the houses.

More from Mike.

printable building bridge base

Here Glyn has used the viaduct print for a bridge base.

printable building engine shed

Gene adds a light to his engine shed and houses.

Rob’s barn looks fab.

Bob’s low relief engine shed.

tunnel printable building

Rob adds a tunnel to his layout.

printable buildings houses

Nick’s simple layout looks fantastic.

printable building engine shed

Fred’s engine sheds

ho scale train layouts 16 x 8 depot

Lawrence’s barn.

printable buildings

Dana’s engine house (It’s on the bottom one of this one).

model train scenery

Peter’s Viaduct (it’s on the bottom of this post).

N scale

Richard’s layout has lots of the printable buildings!


Mike’s layout also has lots of the printable building on.

HO scale pick up truck

Stephen’s layout is another one with the Engine House.

Michael has done a great job on the houses.

Build model train engine house

Larry’s engine house

Ken’s house.

lionel engine shed

Rob’s engine house.

HO scale cardstock barn

Stan’s barn

Printable house models N scale

Bill’s layout

n scale 2x5 layout

Robert’s N scale.

HO scale cardstock farm barn

Don’s barn.

printable building

Andrew’s corn silo.

HO scale sidings expansion

Lots of the printable buildings on Bob’s HO scale

n scael house

Bill’s houses.

John’s printable building street.

The printable buildings are fun!

They are easy to make too.

And once you them, you can print and make as many as you like – there is no limit.

That’s how John was able to make a whole town:

So, of course I’m biased, but buying the Beginner’s Guide and having fun with the printable buildings is a great way to dip your toe back in the water.