Dominic’s HO layout update

Dominic’s been back in touch.

You’ll remember his last post – what a church! (You can see it here.)

“I recently found a used school building at a hobby store. I don’t know why I bought it, but I did.

After studying it I knew this would become Saint Isidore School and be part of the Saints Peter and Paul Parish, along with the Basilian Fathers Monastery.

Then I thought: “where’s the convent?” So I totally scratch built the convent named Blessed Josaphata Hordashevska Convent for the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate.

This order of Ukrainian Catholic nuns ran the hospital and the orphanage in Mundare, Alberta. which is where I lived for two years back in the 1950’s.

They were just a great bunch of God-dedicated women. Among them was Sister Isidore. She was a friend to me and I’ve never forgotten her. This is why my school is named for Saint Isidore.

I need to remodel a small portion of the layout just north of the big church and monastery to accommodate the school and convent.

I still owe some refinements to both buildings such as rain gutters, electric and gas metres, some nice benches for sitting, and a bevy of nuns and children.

I also need to install LED lighting in both buildings, which are divided into floors and rooms.

The little Siamese cat in front of the school is my George Frederick!


HO scale buildings

HO scale buildings

HO scale buildings

“Hi Alastair,

I have been sending photos periodically of the progress on my East London harbour rebuild on my South African railways layout.

Here is a youtube video of the completed rebuild.

Regards from Sunny South Africa

Henry in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal”

You can see Henry’s last post here (it’s at the bottom).

That’s all for this time, folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here it today is the day you start your own model railroad journey.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

6 Responses to Dominic’s HO layout update

  1. george zaky says:

    Would love to see these buildings in their spot on your layout. Great job!
    Awesome work.
    George from NY

  2. Robert Brady says:

    Interesting layout, alot of company’s and industries.thought i saw a rat on the trash pile,lol,good job

  3. Dan Hulitt says:

    I like what you have done there, Dominic. Maybe the Sisters would like a roof garden.

    Henry, thank you for the most interesting tour.

    Mn Dan⁹

  4. Dominic Joseph Radanovich says:

    Dan Hulitt:
    I agree the good sisters should have a roof garden atop the school. So, I think they will get one. Maybe they should raise bees also and sell the honey. I really appreciate Alistair’s posting my stuff, and the wonderful comments from viewers and readers, and fellow modelers. I didn’t want to push the ‘religious’ aspect of the layout, but my church experience was and still is very important to me. And I’ve never seen Ukrainian or Russian Churches on anyone else’s layouts. They are somewhat uncommon in the western world. Now my nuns have arrived from Ebay. One is from Preiser the rest from Noch. I have to repaint their habits to the SSMI navy blue, Thanks everyone so much!

  5. RalphBerry says:

    Great to see a model with a personal back story like that.

  6. RalphBerry says:

    What a wonderful harbour layout. Some great ideas there to make it interesting. I better take another look at my couple of Dapol cranes.

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