HO backdrops

A while ago I added some HO backdrops to the blog.

Frank has added one to his layout – of course, I’m biased but I think it looks great:

“Al it’s been a long time that I have corresponded with you.

You can be sure I look forward every day for your Email.

The Back Drop Scenery I bought from you was finally added to my humble and simple HO layout.

Only two ovals running in opposite directions is all I have but gives me pleasure and relaxation.

Keep up the good work!

Frank Cortese from Florida near Mickey Mouse.”

HO backdrops

HO backdrops

HO backdrops

HO backdrops

A big thanks to Frank – I shall continue to add to the HO backdrops. And the other scales too!

The backdrops are at the bottom of this post

“Hello folks,

I am now 76 and I have slowed down quite a bit.

Fourteen years ago I built this modified 2-8-8-2 Mallet engine.

Fortunately I have this video of it.

It has a feedwater heater installed and a snow plough added. I bought it on eBay and it was a powerhouse model. It is not solid brass but was made with more economical customers in mind.

The railroad layout is a double track dogbone and the part with the bridge is on casters so it can roll away.

I hope some people enjoy it.


That’s all for today folks.

A big thanks to Bob and Frank.

Please do keep ’em coming, it’s all very quiet this end at the mo.

And if you want to stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

20 Responses to HO backdrops

  1. Stephen Dean says:

    Fantastic! What a great backdrop. It really enlarges the whole layout just right.

  2. Big Shug says:

    Wow! What a beast.

  3. Makes for a nice backdrop that Frank, and Bob atr 76 you are still a youngster , never too old in this Hobby (except when it comes to working under the baseboard ) keep on with the good work …Dangerous Dave

  4. Ken Bruns says:

    Frank says: “The Back Drop Scenery I bought from you was finally added to my humble and simple HO layout.” Is this backdrop still available for sale? Can you provide particulars?

  5. Robert Brady says:

    Well Frank Ur near Mickey Mouse and I’m Near Don Garlits Drag racing museum
    Love the Quaint old town and the 1955 automobiles. Great job. would love to see a vid of the trains running.. People must walk to church like back in the 1800’s.lol.
    The Critic.

  6. Chuck Walls says:

    Whose backdrop? Looks great!

  7. Charles Eyster says:

    Looks great! Is that locomotive having trouble negotiating the curves? I have one too, still in a kit form, but now I’m worried that I won’t have wide enough curves for it. It almost appeared that the front wheels and back set slipped until the back cleared the curve. Did I imagine that to be the case?

  8. Erick says:

    Pretty Neat; I going to do something like that on my Train board.

  9. Douglas Palmeri says:

    Frank; beautifully done track platforms and layout !

  10. Michael Glass says:

    I’m 66 I collect HO & N Scale of Amtrak & Union Pacific, your video and pictures are beautiful, my man cave is my Train room 😊👍🚉

  11. This back drop looks great.
    Please let us know if its still available to purchase.

    Thanks Manny

  12. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Frank……beautiful layout……enjoy it.

    Bob…… what a great looking engine……I am jealous of your skills building an engine like that. Video also shows a great looking layout. Nice work.

  13. Frank R Juhasz says:

    Add me to the list of people looking to buy the backgrond. I would need 10 feet of it. Thanks

  14. You can get the back drop scenery through Al.

  15. Harold Plucienik says:

    Franks layout looks okay except the rail cars are bigger then the church, house, ect. Scale is off here someplace.

  16. Frank says:

    Another guy in Florida. I’m in East Orlando and the only place to buy model railroading merchandise was in Winter Park, but there is nothing here except for those Christmas train sets, but no real model railroading shops.

  17. Robert Brady says:

    Frank , There’s always the internet , EBAY! lol
    I’m in Dunellen, FL.

  18. Stu Bran says:

    Alastair, I always enjoy your posts. In fact, it’s often the first thing I look at in the morning. I’ve learned so much from them. Please add yet another person interested in getting the background. It’s exactly what I need.

  19. Gloria says:

    To the Central Florida Guys
    We live in Orlando and drove toHR Trains in Pinellas Park (near Tampa) to get our Christmas train.
    The owner is very knowledgeable. We were looking for a train that would be the right scale for our large Christmas village (Dept 56 Christmas in the City) and he knew a lot about that subject,
    We were very happy with what we bought.
    Gloria and Dave

  20. That’s one of the best backdrops I have seen in a long time. The way you blended the two senses together is just beautiful and looks so real! Great job!

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