Model train track plans – Charlie’s

Charlie has been in touch with some more model train track plans:

“Design, redesign, and building layouts are interrelated in that you should always keep a basic plan in mind as you start a build.

Try to stick to it as long as everything fits, but be ready to make changes as you run into snags.

You can work out changes on your original design (redesign), or just keep building!

I find that as you make something work or look better it is very handy to put those changes into your basic plan before you tear something out you didn’t mean to.

I use AnyRail. Others use various other track planning software packages, pencil and paper, or markers on the baseboard.

Which method doesn’t matter, but I really recommend using one of them because as layouts get more complicated, you can lose track of your original ideas.

It can be very upsetting as you complete a detailed diorama (scene) to discover that it needs to be moved because your mainline coming from another table has to pass right through the middle of it.

These layouts are here for you to use for your layout. AnyRail files or just the bills of material are available for all of them.

Enjoy, play, build, and share our hobby with future railroading addicts!


Double loop with sidings:

double loop track plan with sidings

L shaped track plan:

L shaped track plan

Shelf layout track plan:

shelf layout track plan

Shelf layout:

shelf layout

Expanding a shelf layout:

expanding shelf layout track plan

Track plan to keep you busy:

model train track plan running trains sidings

8×3 track plan:

8x3 track plan

Expanding shelf layout 2:

Folded 8 track plan:

folded 8 track plan

Double oval with sidings:

double oval sidings

Double oval with sidings:

double oval with sidings track plan

Double yard:

double yard track plan

Simple N scale

simple N scale track plan

4×6 track Layout:

Charlie has recreated a popular layout on the blog for us – Bob’s 4×6 layout:

4x6 track layout

A big thanks to Charlie for sharing his model train track plans.

I shall keep adding to the page whenever Charlie sends some more.

And do you know what you need to know after you’ve chosen a track plan for your layout?

It’s how to build a tunnel out of styrofoam.



3 Responses to Model train track plans – Charlie’s

  1. Reggie Blakely says:

    I need track layouts for lionel 036 gauge fasttrack

  2. Nicholas Tsamparlis says:

    I need 4 x 12 HO track plan..dont seem there are any except 4×8.

    Thank you

  3. Thomas Lenton says:

    I like your plan for a L shaped table. My table is open grid work that is 12′ by 16′. Can you provide any additional information that may assist me. (i.e. red line?, your intended dimensions)

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