More stunning train pics


Thought you might enjoy some pictures from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania located with the Strasburg Railroad just outside Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Truly a day-long adventure at a very modest admission. Lots of historical exhibits and information; even a “hands-on” for the little ones.


(All images are clickable.)

railroad museum

railroad museum

railroa museum

railroad museum

railroad museum

railroad museum

What stunning pics – looks like a fantastic day out to me.

I’m very keen to hear more about the engine in the last pic. If anyone knows please do leave a comment below.

And now for Jon. He’s got in touch after seeing a ‘how-to’ from another John:

“Thank you for the post.

I decided to use John’s idea and make my own railroad switch machine. I added a light system to it.

I’ve attached pictures.

If you would like more information just let me know.

Thank you,


model railroad switch machine

model railroad switch machine

model railroad switch machine

My word – clever stuff – all I can say is yes, please do send more info Jon, look fantastic.

” HI Al, part 3 of my re build, showing how I add Plaster cloth and Grass to the layout, actually got a loco to run at the end… long way to go yet, but starting to take shape.



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here. Still going strong. Updated everyday.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming – it’s all getting rather sparse in my inbox.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to take the first step on your model railroad journey.



18 Responses to More stunning train pics

  1. Derek Stocker says:

    Visited this museum on 3 occasions when visiting family in Baltimore, it’s a great museum with plenty to see and of course you get to ride the railroad as well.

  2. Peter Martin says:

    The locomtive is a replica of Camden & Amboy Railroad’s “John Bull” steam locomotive 2
    This is a replica of a 4-2-0 wood-burning steam locomotive that was originally built in the early 1830s – the original still exists. This replica was built in the late 1930s and is on display at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in the town of Strasburg.
    (Information from Google)
    Kind regards,
    Pete (In Dorset,UK)

  3. John N Frye says:

    HI, John from Baltimore here. I like Jon’s version of the switch machine! Good job and nice mods!
    Also, I’ve been to the Pennsylvania Strasburg museum, and it’s one of the best in the USA. I had the opportunity to actually ride in a GG-1 locomotive, boarding it as it brought a freight across the Potomac river from Washington DC into Potomac Yards in Alexandria, Virginia when I worked there. The one I was on was sooty-black with a fading Penn-Central logo, not the shiny waxed Tuscan Red like in the one in the museum photo.
    As always, good work on this site Alistair, please know there are many out here who really appreciate your efforts, and pop open the emails as soon as they come in.

  4. Bill Holt says:

    amazing, good job!!!

  5. Robert Brady says:

    Dave if you had a 2 hour viewing of your work in progress I would certainly watch.Carry on Sir.

  6. Kevin McArdle says:

    Lot of work for a switch machine. I find it easier to just purchase, I guess that makes me pedestrian.

  7. Was there 2 years ago and had a wonderful time exploring all the RR memorabilia. They have a stunning model RR set up as well. Not far from the museum is a motel made of cabooses you can stay in.Haven’t tried it yet but maybe on another trip.
    Bob G

  8. From info from local York city sources the John bull ran the earliest track lines in and around this area before the Northern Central and the Maryland and Pennsylvania (the “ma and Pa”) railroads were formed. Apparently the “John Bull” locomotive mad the run from Baltimore, MD to York, PA from what I was told.

    Norm from York, PA

  9. Gregory Oliver says:

    Thanks Dick:

    I found the Hornby suspension bridge on eBay, for $54 US including shipping. They do make It again from the company. I’ve been looking for this bridge for a long time.

    I always enjoy your videos and modeling tips.

  10. A few small comments…
    While I have not been to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (as I live about 3000 miles away as the crow lies… A bit of a drive one might say. It is next to the Strasbourg Railroad which I did ride on when I was young… The Strasbourg is interesting in that they do occasionally run freight trains (as proper trains with a purpose) but they pull them with steam locomotives as that is their most available motive power…
    As to the John Bull… It is actually a 2-4-0 and not a 4-2-0 as mentioned in a comment above….(I occasionally get dyslexic fingers so this is merely to correct the record). The locomotive was originally built in England as an 0-4-0 (hence its name “John Bull”). The pilot truck was added specifically for the “cattle deflector” (now often called a “Cow Catcher”.) Unlike many locomotives its age, the original still exists but the one at the Railway Museum is a copy.
    Then there is “Dangerous Dave”… I really love the changes that I am seeing. The older version was “a bit busy” from my perspective… Lots of track on the old one which was great for displaying trains… The new version looks like it has a better track to scenery ratio….. More like a model of a railway than a model railway. Really excellent work!

  11. Bruce says:

    Jon, More info on the motor is needed.

  12. Richard B. Walter says:

    Dave; would you be kind enough to provide the source for your dackdrop scenes? They’re very nice. Always a pleasure to watch you work!

  13. Rossco says:

    Thanks for your Photos of the Railway Museum Dick. I was there in October 2003 and had a few great hours looking around. Since that was 15 years ago, I know they have built a model railway as well. Did you take any photos of that layout? Thanks again! Cheers Rossco

  14. Bruce@30 says:

    Excellent switch motor. Just what I’ve been looking for. Please more information, wireing diagram? Diode spec? I don’t want to assume. Thank you Sir

  15. Joe Wright says:

    Thanks for the pics. Been to the Pa. Railroa museum. Fantastic collection and so well preserved. A must see for anyone traveling to the area. While your at it stay overnight at the caboose motel. Right down rge road. A collection of about 30 real caboose’s from all different Railroads. Fitted out as motel rooms.

  16. Seeing the comment about the Hornby Suspension bridge – I’ve got one that’s free to a good home if someone can collect from Reading (UK).

  17. ANDREW SCHYHOL says:

    While at the museum just down the road is the CHOO CHOO BARN with a HUGE O gauge layout and hobby store. If you drive down the road from the RED CABOOSE MOTEL you will arrive at the TRAIN COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION MUSEUM another must see! The Lancaster county area is home to hundreds of antique and collectible shops and auctions for your train hunting. All this surrounding the Strasburg Railroad. And don’t forget the Penn Dutch attractions. Spent many vacations there years ago, schedule at least a week!

    ANDY (not living nearby anymore, I miss visiting)

  18. mike says:

    Dave, you make it look easy. I’m watching your videos and they are very helpful. I’m saving them and watching. I’m saving the money up to start. I have a lot of your videos. It’s very nice of you to share. KUDOS you do nice work. I would love to work with you your methods look easy. Thank you.

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