N scale 6×4 layout

“Hi Alistair,

Here are some thoughts and pic’s on my N Gauge endeavours.

Having been 00 gauge in my youth and switched to N in my 20’s after marrying, I’ve now returned to modelling N in retirement.

I got ‘permission’ to have a fold-up 6’x4′ layout in a bedroom and started with a sketch of a twin figure of 8 folded back on itself with an inner ring and shunt yard.

I wanted to be able to run lots of loco’s as well as shunt, so I compromised on scenery to some extent.

I also chose to go DC as it was small and manageable. Having grandchildren, I wanted the station along the front edge for maximum ‘wow’.

I constructed a frame of 2x1s with a 5mm ply base covered in 8mm softboard (old school) as I love the ease with which it grips railway track nails! I’ve use Peco flex track everywhere other than points.

Build was going well until I got to testing track and realised a mega rooky mistake in choosing an incline which was too steep for some of my locomotives to pull long trains!

After carefully pulling up the inclines and extending them, I got something which worked fine and the rest is history as they say.

I’m now into scenery and telling the stories along the track, but I have a couple of tips which may be of use to others?

I encountered problems with the Peco linear motor surface levers jumping over the spigots on Peco points. I’ve used 2mm copper tubing cut to 4mm lengths and then slotted into the lever holes over the top of the point spigots.

I use Ultraviolet activated glue to fix collars in place, which also works very well to fill in small gaps in cut track (which is incredibly difficult to get exactly right lengths!) Just file gently any lumps – it works a treat.

Control is via Guagemaster 4 way controller and a points box also containing my 3v lighting supply for houses and all track lights.

Quick release connectors prevent me having to lift the controller up against the wall!”


6x4 n scale track plan

folding model train bench

laying n scale track

laying n scale track

n scale track incline

n scale track and tunnel

n scale model train control panel

n scale turnouts points

n scale starting scenery

A big thank to Alan – he’s made a strong start there.

I know what he means when it comes to inclines, which is there are quite a few posts on the site about inclines. Bruce’s springs to mind:

How steep is too steep for your inclines

Also, I have no idea why but Alan’s layout reminded me of one of Bill’s posts simply because it’s all about making that start:

“Hi Al

I’ve taken some vacation and have been having fun adding more to my N scale layout.

Progress is being made and I’m having a lot of fun bringing it to life 😀 since my last submission I’ve gotten quite a bit more done.

I’ve added more trees and ground cover as well as taking some cheap eBay buildings I purchased and giving them new life with paint and weathering.

Take care and keep doing all the wonderful things you do for our hobby!


In Virginia”

N scale mill

n scale turntable turnouts

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you make that start just like Alan, the Beginner’s Guide is here.

Remember, it’s the start the stops most people… join in, you’ll have fun, I promise.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

3 Responses to N scale 6×4 layout

  1. C Willard Webster says:

    I enjoy. looking at all the different layouts and instruction that are given..

  2. Ken from PA in the USA says:

    Hi Alan. Your layout looks great and will be lots of fun to operate. I never had a problem with the Peco switch (point) motors.
    Bill your N scale looks very nice. Looking forward to the finished product.

  3. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Alan……. great work …..follow youyr plan and send more pics.

    Bill…..I love those long runs………nice detail on your yard.

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