Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2

Jim’s been back in touch with his Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2

Unfortunately his mail was languishing in the blizzard that is my inbox for the last week or so.

How I missed it is beyond me. Anyhow:

“Greetings, Alastair. Hope all is well with you and yours.

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything any where. I have been busy adding a few things to my layout and weathering several rail cars.

However, I recently purchased a new Broadway Limited 2-8-2 ATSF steam locomotive with oil tender, sound and smoke.

The B&B Depot needed additional equipment for their excursion train rides.

Business is good, so more cars plus a buffer car were needed.

Hope you and your subscribers enjoy the video.

Jim AZ”

Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2 steam train

Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2 with freight

Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2 with freight

Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2 rockface

Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2 engine shed

steam train freight

steam train

Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2 baggage car

Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2 passengers

passenger carriage

Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2 rock face

Love what Jim has done with his Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2. It really looks he’s ejoying every minute of his layout.

Jim’s last post is here:

Jim’s stunning cab ride video

And the one before that:

Jim’s video update

A big thanks to Jim.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you pick the hobby back up, the model train Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

32 Responses to Santa Fe Broadway 2-8-2

  1. How large is your fine layout ?
    Do you have a Track plan to share ?

  2. Stunning work, Jim. Good look at the roiling stock too. I especially like the turnbuckles on the passenger cars. Nice effort.

  3. Looks great Jim

  4. Robert Brady says:

    Nice ride, great scenery, great layout.
    The Critic

  5. Jim says:

    Could you identify the scale of the Trains in your posts, I can’t tell HO from N

  6. Bruce Benson says:

    Very nice layout, Jim….with super backdrop scenery !

  7. Boz says:

    Beautiful scenery – well dome.

  8. Neal J Perry says:



  9. Dwight in Toronto says:

    I have observed and concluded that a carefully constructed and presented fascia USUALLY accompanies an above average layout. My theory proves itself here once again with Jim’s wonderful work.

    Alastair – just an aside … is it my imagination, or are those blue and red tabs on the left of the page (for Facebook and Pinterest, I believe) recent arrivals? They are a bit annoying mate, since they scroll alongside all the posts, and constantly obscure just enough of the text to be a bit of a pain in the neck! Just sayin’.

  10. TJK says:

    Nice layout…..great scenery…

  11. Bill Holt says:


  12. Neil Simpson says:

    Great photos and video . . . enjoyed both . . . very nice layout

  13. Erick says:

    Looks pretty kool.!!!!

  14. Gerry Falls says:

    very nice not junked out like some

  15. Ruben Simon says:

    Mmm-mmm GOOD!

  16. David Schaffner says:

    Wow! I have one word. STUNNING! Love your layout with the wonderful video (you seem to have a natural talent for being a videographer as well as landscaping. I love the ridge in photo 4 and wonder how you did that. Awesome detail and creative in track detail and like the weathering on the box car and tanker, also the passenger cars and touring car.
    I was wondering how long it took to finish this wonderful display of craftmanship,
    and I did notice a bump in the tails near the weathered tanker, but that’s an easy fix. Love the slow motion of your trains and it adds a sense of realism. I’ll be looking for a Broadway limited 2-82. Is your layout HO, I hope?

  17. Robert D. Bouskill says:


  18. Nice video of very nice engine and rolling stock.

  19. Ben Olson says:

    Wow Jim, this is really cool! I love the train cars with the passengers. The amount of detail is simply incredible. And that steam engine….what a beauty! Thanks for posting the video, it made my day. Wonderful work!!!

  20. Bill Robinson says:

    Stunning layout for sure. The tall backdrop is excellent and the way he has sculpted the lower level side to match the scenery is also noteworthy.
    It would indeed be nice to see the track plan!

  21. Mr. Ron says:

    Nice running loco. I like the excursion train.

  22. ScenicsRme says:

    Great work! I especially liked seeing correctly modeled tar and graveled flat roofs (the tan ones).

  23. robert tiemann says:

    i like it. good layout.

  24. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Nice looking layout Jim like the weathering job on the boxcar.

  25. Jim AZ says:

    Great thanks for all your wonderful comments. So the layout is 4’ x 14’. It’s HO scale and is a simple dog bone with a grade elevation into a tunnel. It’s DCC. It features the B&B Depot where folks can stay overnight in either the main building or in one of the converted cabooses, an old time train excursion operation, a Main Street with restaurants, bakeries and other businesses and a converted coal company into a diesel service facility and lumber yard. The hard scape landscaping is done with mostly ceiling tile and some foam sections. Hydrocal and plaster were used to allow for texturing, staining and dusting powders.
    Again, I truly appreciate all your comments.

    Jim AZ

  26. Tom Appel says:

    Hi Jim AZ,
    Great job on everything. One question: where did you purchase the wall scenery?


  27. Bob with N scale in MI and AZ says:

    Great job overall, esp. the backdrop and the way you flowed your landscaping In to it!

  28. Jim AZ says:

    Just to follow up regarding some questions, although one’s layout is never finished, I’ve been working on mine off and on since 2006. But in earnest, only the last 6 years kinda full time. The backdrop was a problem early on as I tried to draw and paint one. I was a terrible artist and accordingly so was the backdrop. So I decided to purchase one. The company was called Backdrop Junction. Dave Burgess was most helpful in accommodating my specific needs regarding a location, size and definition. I m not sure if he is still in business. But I’m sure there are others.

    Jim AZ

  29. Jim AZ says:

    Just a follow up with regarding some questions previously asked. It’s HO scale, 4’x14’ set in my garage, a simple modified dog bone with a grade rising up to a tunnel, a section for the B&B Depot where folks can stay overnight in the main building or in a caboose and an old time excursion train ride. There is a main street with restaurants, bakeries and small businesses. And there’s a modified coal yard converted to a diesel service facility and a lumber yard. I began this layout in 2006, working off and on but mostly off. But for the last seven plus years, I spent more and more time. But as with most layouts, we’re never finished.
    The backdrop was my most difficult and time consuming feature. I tried to draw and paint one but I’m not a very good artist and the results were not very good either. So opted to buy one. The company I went with was Backdrop Junction. They had the area location I needed and Dave Burgess worked with me to accommodate my special needs, size and depth of field. I’m not sure if he is still in business but I’m sure there are other companies that can help.

    Again, thanks for all your interest and compliments. It’s a great hobby and great thanks to Alastair for providing his platform.

    Jim AZ

  30. David Schaffner says:

    My second post since I cannot get over the fantastic job Jim has done with track laying, landscaping (love the long ridge) ant the Topeka & Santa Fe, Pinkerton and Wells Fargo passenger cars with passengers and the slow-moving Broadway Limited. Also like the weathering on a couple cars on the wheels and the video is well done to perfection…
    Just getting started on another layout after being out of it for thirty years and need tips on track laying. Glue, adhesive or whatever?

  31. mike tate says:

    Very nice, your layout is very nice. also nice locomotive.

  32. Brian Rockey says:

    Amaxing modelling Jim, and a very professional video.
    Brian, Wokingham, UK

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