N scale suitcase layout – Simon’s

Simon has been in touch with his N scale suitcase layout:

“Hi Al,

Winter German themed case layout

Have been taking lots of notes from your emails and bits from gaming blog sites and have spent a lot of time building and adding bits and people (birthday and Christmas presents) to my layout in a tool box, it is an n gauge oval made from 2 bits of flexi track, with a bit of bending to fit within the case.

The station and platform are scratch built from card and match sticks with some jewellery wire for the rails. The base snow was made from bicarbonate of soda mixed with pva which over time has turned yellow (may need to paint with a wash of white) the tunnel and hills are just polystyrene carved to shape. Winter trees were off eBay

Hope you like the layout.

Like to hear everybody’s thoughts.



n scale suitcase layout

n scale suitcase layout

n scale suitcase layout

n scale suitcase layout

model train

small model train layout

N scale suitcase layout:


Dangerous Dave mailed me this – he has been busy with his camera again, this time filming the Flying Scotsman when it was in his neck of the woods.

(If you want to know whether the Scotsman was / wasn’t the fastest steam train recorded, have a look at the bottom of this post).)

“Hi Al , not sure if you are interested but managed to film the Flying Scotsman to day up on the NYMR…

She sure performed good.


Latest ebay cheat sheet here.

And lastly, this came in from Jane. Can anyone help? Who knows, fingers crossed they’ll send in pics of their train themed office:

“Hi Alastair,

I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. I am an interior designer currently designing an office space, and my clients would like to turn their office/room into a 1950/60s train carriage. They suggested that I get in touch with you for advice. Would you happen to know where we could source any train salvage parts like seats, luggage rail etc in the UK?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


Thanks to Simon for his N scale suitcase layout layout – I ‘ll add it to the collection. Embarrassingly, it’s been sitting in my inbox for an age. I stumbled over it this morning when I was doing some ‘house keeping’.

That’s all this time folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to get off the side lines.



34 Responses to N scale suitcase layout – Simon’s

  1. Ben Hawkins says:

    Very Neat and Compack

  2. steve says:

    Simon , thanks for the inspiration , I’m a trucker and have built houses and rail cars on the road in my free time and have been thinking of doing some thing like this to keep me busy and out of trouble in my free time

  3. Tom says:

    Awesome little display!

    Tom, North Central, Maryland, USA

  4. Pete says:

    This is really cool. What was used to make the snow?

  5. GeneC says:

    My compliments to Simon on his layout. It has just enough detail and is very well done. Is it possible the town has a lot of St Bernard’s running loose giving that unusual cast to the snow? GeneC

  6. Mike Pettruzzelli says:

    Cute little layout….Mike

  7. Shlack says:

    Great stuff. as ALWAYS. I would suggest, however, that when abbreviations
    are used, they be defined at some point. Your contributions are sent worldwide
    and not everyone knows what the NYM Railroad is, for example. Keep up the
    good work!!!

  8. Lee Barry, CEO LZPMRR says:

    back in 1994 a Z scaled “case layout” was what I wanted, but became sidetracked at a hobby shop when the owner asked me a simple question. He had an oval , about 8 ‘ x 3’ of N scale Kato track and on the track was a Kato, either SD40 or GP engine, and several MTL (Micro Trains Cars) cars behind it. He ran it in reverse as fast as he could, he was using a MRC “Sound & Power” power pack. He then asked me if I could do that with what I had?. SOLD !!! So I went into the N Scale business, never did get around to making that briefcase Z scale layout. Probably won’t have time as I have been diagnosed, three times, with pancreatic cancer stage 4. Hell I’ve been given only 6 months to live, don’t think I can come up with the funds to build one, and I’d rather have it in N scale as in Z there are no good makers of engines, not AZL,not MTL. They only build junk, after being in Z since 2009 I should know.

  9. john richardson says:

    thanks Dave for his flying scotsman video . best ive seen plus his layout shots great keep stuff coming regards

  10. great novelty I imagine always a hit on the festive table with visitors! well done

  11. david howarth says:

    Hi Simon , thats a gem layout , something I would like to try for , think I would ned some better glasses though …Dangerous dave

  12. great stuff that small stuff
    gotta have a lotta patience to work with that scale
    keep em runnin fellas
    stjohn in long beach calif

  13. paul Otway says:

    I like that little railway. as regarding getting old train carriage parts try any scrap yards and railway workshops in your area, or E Bay.

    Paul From Ozzie

  14. Rod Mackay says:

    Jane, try the carriage and wagon department at the Severn Valley Railway in Kidderminster. Real interior fittings are like gold dust but they have sources and patterns for most and the moquette fabrics for seats etc and might be interested in a contract job, if it contributes to the expense of running their preserved carriage fleet. Nigel Hanson is in charge I think, Google svr.co

  15. Ian Mc Donald says:

    That is an unbelievable suitcase layout, that under my xmas tree would look great, the detail truly wonderful it goes in the library for a project. Dave that was magical to watch and to see so many other people with the same interest was great thankyou.

  16. Lee Hirsch says:

    Hi Simon, What a marvelous little layout! Not overdone, just the right amount of detail. Does not look toy-like at all. Love how you added the 3-D backdrop into the lid. [Maybe you could replace the black case liner with white?] In regards to the yellow snow, you could use some of the poly that you used for the hills, grate it on a metal rasp, and top a layer of still wet white paint with it? That should tie in to the hills nicely. Keep up the great work!


  17. Geoff von Wollenberg says:

    Mallard was and holds world record of 126 mph. Believe it is on display in York.
    Geoff, Dallas Texas

  18. Jim says:

    Really a neat job Simon!
    I really like the way you built the mountain & trees in the cover !
    I was concerned about using too many people on my set, but you made it work!
    From Jim

  19. David Murray says:

    This suitcase layout PROVES that everyone has room for a model railway. I know I am extremely fortunate to have a former attic bedroom in my cottage that houses a Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout (using Wrenn track) 25′ x 15′. However, I’ve been building this for 28 years and I’m 64 next. If I ever have to go into an old peoples bungalow or (perish the thought) a care home, my mates got a big old polycarbonate suitcase in his outhouse that I’ve asked him not to throw away.
    N? Z? 009? Well time yet to decide!

  20. john ortis says:

    Neat little train i’ve seen this at a train show in MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN last year 2015. John from Milwaukee Wisconsin U S A

  21. arthur bedford says:

    In answer to Jane’s request.
    If you go to the Mid Norfolk Railway’s website, you may be able get some information there

  22. Bob From Towson says:

    Good Golly Miss Molly how can you see those tiny little people!!!??? My eyes only allow me to work with 1:48 figures and, even then with a magnifier with light!! More power to you brother !!!

  23. tomass says:

    Bet the locking briefcase cost more then the layout, just sayn.

  24. Boz says:


  25. Bob Amling says:

    What a great layout! Your imagination and attention to detail surely comes through.
    Bob in Colts Neck Crossing NJ

  26. Carl Flowers says:

    Thanks, Simon, for your Tool Box layout pics — incredible detail in such a small space!

  27. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Dave Thanks for the video of the Flying Scotsman. It brought back fond memories of when as a child in the fifties I was a passenger her from Edinburgh to London and back at least twice a year. The old girl looks to be working hard – Its hard to tell if there is an incline she is climbing or the engineer is just letting steam up the chimney for good effect for you and your fellow enthusiasts. Keep them coming Dave Your videos are always a please to watch

  28. Ken From OC says:

    My gosh what a great tiny layout! And it shows what can be done when space is very limited. And I love the German Christmas scene of course!
    I’d love to see more and what it looks like with the case closed (if it does) or a “behind the scenes” of the wiring, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Rob Schweitzer says:

    Dave, a thousand thanks for the wonderful Scotsman video. It’s something we can’t get in America.
    Rob Schweitzer
    St. Goar & Murren Scenic Railroad
    Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

  30. Erick says:

    Awesome work.!!!!!

  31. Andrew Aves says:

    A big THANK YOU to Dave – I just love the sound of steam locomotives, such a happy rhythm.
    Andrew in Oz

  32. Mr Ron from South Mississippi says:

    To Lee Barry, I’m so sorry to hear of your cancer. Not much more to do given the time limit. If you subscribe to a religion, this would be a good time to make peace with the man up there. I’ll include you in my prayers tonight.

  33. Mr. Ron in South Mississippi says:

    Hi Simon, Your N gauge layout is fantastic. I especially like the painted figures and the musicians at the church. I’ll bet that briefcase would be the hit at any board meeting.

  34. JIM HUNTER says:

    these pop up every once in a while and one just has to stop and look at it…………………work of art…….

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