Old Taz – from the start to the ‘finish’ of his layout

You all know how much I love an update.

There’s only one thing better – and that’s making a start.

And while I was going through some posts yesterday to welcome Little Rich into the Hall of Fame, I kept running into Old Taz’s posts.

And no wonder, because when it comes to all things trains, they are inseparable.

And what a start OLd Taz made.

His back story (below), never fails to make me smile.

It rather made me feel that putting Little Rich in the Hall of fame on his own, was like putting half of a double act in there.

So today I am putting that wrong right.

I’m very pleased to welcome Old Taz into the Hall of Fame, next to his pal, Little Rich.

What’s more, I think it’s a wonderful example of how this hobby is so much more than making models and laying tracks.

Here’s Old Taz’s fab back story:

“Hi AL

I live down the street from the Zephyr. Dick and I met several years ago and have been close friends ever since.

I was restoring cars at that time. My health went south and I had to quit and sell everything that had a stick shift.

I’m no spring chicken either Al. Some new parts some rebuilt, some added, some removed and some we are watching.

My dad and my wife’s dad both worked as switchmen dowering the WW2. One in Minnesota and in Montana.

When my dad was building the trains longer, to come across the plains, her Dad was taking them Apart to make up shorter trains over the divides. Then vice a versa.

I have been following Al and the rest of you for about five years or more trying to absorb what I can.

The first train I can Remember having, Dad and I had to save five box tops off a chocolate drink mix and send them in with a Dollar. You could order a “A” unit (no motor). Then five box tops and a dollar baggage car and so on. I drank a lot of chocolate that summer. I got the motor for my birthday! No track! That came At Christmas.

That was it for trains till I went to work at The Toy Chest (age 22). Engines passenger cars, box cars, Buildings, track, all N GAGE. My first wife said I was nuts. It all got packed away.

Around 70 I decided I could not restore cars any more. When you can’t feel with your fingers you need to see what your touching.

I met Dick down the block and seen what he had as a hobby. Dick is a close friend we bounce ideas off each other all the time. Mine are better!

Here are some pix of my start.

It started in the garage on a pace of cardboard.

Then to the basement, gluing down my first piece of blue board I dislocated my new right hip.

It all went down hill from there!

Richard from Montana (Old Taz)”

model railroad start

You know how I’m always banging on about making a start?

I think Dick’s pictures above show in spades all layouts start with a single step. Look at how his finished. Amazing.

So make that start!

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5 Responses to Old Taz – from the start to the ‘finish’ of his layout

  1. Richard H Chapple Sr says:

    I am so pleased to see my good buddy included in the Hall of Fame.
    To see what he builds in person is phenomenal.
    I am the first to admit we always have a pool full of ideas and a lot of Dick’s ideas do float to the top. We enjoy brainstorming and my buddy is a master at transforming “stuff” into amazing final products.
    Lord willing, we hope to share more of what we each have done while enjoying the greatest hobby on Earth.

  2. George Zaky says:

    Congrats on the two of you into the ” Hall”. It should be mandatory formation that you keep us updated, and please leave no detail out. First always list the scale and since you been placed into high ranks, and can do no wrong, describe what went wrong and how you fixed it.
    I assume you are in N scale which presents challenges for us old folk so let the secrets out.
    Best to you both

  3. Erick says:

    Just Goods.

  4. Ramsey R Arnold says:

    About Old Taz, and N scale: So great to hear/see the evolution to “Whiskey Run”. N scale, too. I’m always looking for N scale layout ideas (home layout), even though my club is HO.
    I really listened to Taz’ comment: “…like lots of ups and downs to get depth…”
    Looking forward, as a new octogenarian, modeling in N scale, to all great layouts like Taz
    Thank you 😊.

  5. Mr. Ron from So Mississippi via San Francisco / New York City says:

    It’s great that two model railroaders are close friends sharing a common interest. All my old friends have departed this planet and I hope they are in a better place. As a model railroader, I must carry on alone.

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